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Published: Thursday, Sept. 26 2013 6:10 p.m. MDT

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Ute in NV
Henderson, NV

Who? The Jazz signed who?

Hank Jr
Draper, UT

Never heard of them.

Syracuse, UT

Wow, how exciting. Yawn...

Ivins, UT

What did you think people, that they were going to sign Lebron and Kobe to fill out the training camp roster? The Jazz are taking a look at some guys that will more than likely not be around when the season starts. To make this another reason to critizise what the Jazz are doing is ridiculous. They're taking a look at a couple of guys which is exactly what they are supposed to do. Now you all go to your rooms and you're not getting your dinner!

Layton, UT

I think this is a sign that the Jazz are about to release the people acquired in the Warriors trade. I hope that this means that they are still looking to improve and not just settle for the youngest guys on the market. I know the Jazz are a low key rebuilding team. I just hope that they just sign wisely.

Ivins, UT

The Jazz won't release the Warrior players because they need their salaries in order to reach the minimum team salary requirement. So unless the Jazz trade the Warrior players for other players in the same salary range those guys will be around for the season until their contracts expire. Next year they will likely be gone unless a player like Rush proves to be back in the groove and over his injuries.

Bastrop, TX

The Jazz need more than 15 players to go into camp...If only 15 go, they will know they've all made it....
Purpose in signing these three is to instill some competition....Probability is that they will all be gone at the end of training camp; however, that's not a given....so everybody better be hustling!

Idaho Falls, ID

Ping pong balls. It's all about who can get the most ping pong balls. These three look like they can help managemennt grenache that goal.

sandy, ut

Wow. The least productive offseason in jazz history just got indescribably worse.

Wasatch Al
South Jordan, UT

I was fourth on their list. I hope to get a phone call later this week.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

re: Brahmabull

Seriously? Since when does adding filler for training camp roster constitute your offseason activity? These guys are nothing but somebody to practice against.

It astounds me with the clear direction the team has demonstrated of going young, giving minutes, developing chemistry/talent, and not keeping mediocre veterans to deliver more mediocrity that some fans still can't seem to grasp the concept that there is not going to be some big-money free agent showing up that will yet again deliver mediocrity.

The plan is to find out who is good and who isn't. Then you unload who isn't and then you add in some complementary free agents to flesh out the roster with whatever developing stars who have demonstrated progress and upside.

If you are not LA, NY, or Miami then you simply are not able to attract the biggest name free agents which are the only ones anyway that give you a shot in todays NBA. Outside of that the rest just make you "competitive". You have to find, draft, and develop some of your own stars/talent or you are toast.

Get on/off the train as it stands.

Salt Lake City, UT

This decision isn't unproductive, every team typically adds at least one player in this manner to try out at training camp. In the end they typically only play in garbage time anyway.

As for this offseason, the Jazz plan is obvious.
1. Develop the young core while filling out the team with expiring contracts (see: Golden State players) so that they can afford raises to those players getting off of rookie contracts.
2. Silently hope the young core isn't too good too fast since they want to tank this season.
3. Get a high draft pick in a loaded draft.

sandy, ut

Jazz Source

So the answer was to replace mediocre vertrans with mediocre youngsters? Right.

Ivins, UT

Everyone of the Jazz young players have shown promise. You don't get invited to play on the U.S. Select Olympic team (Favors,Hayward) unless you show great promise. When given a chance to play Kanter and Burks have made things happen on the court. Trey Burke was the best point guard in the draft this year and Ian Clark was the best player in summer league. These guys don't look mediocre to me at all but they do need time on the floor. That's what they will start to get now and I think you might soon get over your man crush on Jefferson and Millsap.

Bill Shakespeare
Salt Lake City, UT

I feel these three additions to the team will bolster our chances for a world championship.

Spider Rico
Greeley, CO

I don't think Bram is a Jazz fan. Just trying to stir us up.

Layton, UT

I think the problem I and other fans are having is that the Jazz have not even attempted to sign a decent free agent. You can not simply develop all your talent you must work on trading and signing names. Why must we settle on young bench players? Vets help young guys to work harder and teach them things. We do not have a good balance of good vets with a young core. I guess that is why I am only a fan and not a coach or manager.

Burley, ID

I am looking forward to watching the Jazz youngsters grow into the players I believe they can become.

The first 20 games of the upcoming season might be rough to watch, but I am not going to be overly critical of the Jazz players. They are going to make their mistakes; all I ask is that they learn from them.

My main concern this year isn't the players, but the coaching, specifically the Head Coach. I hope Tyrone Corbin has learned from the mistakes he made last year.

Tokyo, Japan

to the people commenting here...i think Brahmabull is just here to flame...obviously he doesnt watch or know his baskeball...thinking we could get a championship caliber lineup with the free agent pool this off season...if you get free agents from this off season...best you can get is probably within the top 5....or at 6th seed...and you won't reach the finals...he doesnt quite fully understand the reasons why going young is a good option at this point...most fans here...can see it...the brass wanted to know...if we really have something with this young group of guys...and the best possible way to know is to throw them the minutes...and let them play...trial by fire...the potential for the core four is there...and once we get to see what this kids are made of...then the brass can start to build from there....we have a ton of flexibility...and sometimes other management mismanage this luxury...and being patient...and looking first at what you got...is the most wisest decision Lindsey has made

Ivins, UT

It's just like in politics. Every decision you make will be supported by some and criticized by others. But from the posts I read it seems most people are excited for the season to begin, probably much more so than usual. With a good attitude I think people will really enjoy Jazz basketball and watching this team develop. I feel sorry for the critics because it seems they don't have anything to look forward to and for them it will be a long year. Hopefully they have something else to grab onto like hockey or something.

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