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Published: Thursday, Sept. 26 2013 2:20 p.m. MDT

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Southern, UT

A win is a win so I'm not disputing that. However, they failed to mention that SJSU got kinda lucky to escape with that W against the Birds. This should be an easy win for the aggies. As should all but one WAC 2.0 game. Does anyone know what that game is?

Salt Lake City, UT

Actually Stang, I'm not sleeping on Wyoming. Brett Smith is a legit QB, and they seem to be much improved over last year as a whole.

So the Cowboys and the Broncos are the tough conference games left after this one. San Jose's QB is still VERY DANGEROUS.

Southern, UT

I was talking about Boise Sambone. It's still SJSU. You heard yourelf they only had one win a few yeaers ago. Allbeit against my team but it was only one W. Thanks for telling me what your team is thinking though. As if you really know.

West Valley, UT

Fresno will be tough in the conference championship game.

Salt Lake City, UT


Please stop trying to provoke me. I'm serious about being nicer.

I know you were talking about Boise. I mentioned the Broncos in my post, did you read it? The Broncos, the Cowboys, and the Spartans are the tough teams we face in-conference.

The Spartans' 2010 record isn't indicative of who they are now. They finished in the top 25 last season and won 11 games. And they return most of last year's offense, including potential 1st round NFL draft pick David Fales. He's a RIDICULOUSLY good quarterback, too. He routinely has 400+ yard games.

Southern, UT


Why are you afraid of me? I just don't get how a guy who know's all and says all about sports is afraid of me. It's quite funny but I need someone to explain how it's possible.

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