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Published: Thursday, Sept. 26 2013 1:35 p.m. MDT

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Rocket Science
Brigham City, UT

Perhaps some of you have not lived outside UT in an area where some have to drive an hour to get to the Stake Center. Think about those who may be home-bound or sick or have a disability This now makes it possible for some to participate and relieves a burden for others so they can participate. For those of us who live close to a Chapel as most Utahns do is it too much to ask to continue to go to the Stake Center.

Brahmabull said "And if anybody misses it they can just think back to last conference... Odds are it will be the same things that they say every priesthood session." When I recognize the repetitive themes I pay all the more attention and get the idea that they are trying to tell me something. Henry B Eyring said in conference in 1997 "When the words of the prophets seem repetitive, that should rivet our attention . . ."

Los Angeles, CA

#rd try (the DN censorship is ridiculous)

Maybe some men aren't excited by the idea of hanging out with a bunch of other men.

Provo, UT

Traditionally the priesthood session has always been my favorite...It always seems the talks are especially interesting. I like taking my sons ... It is a good bonding time. I think we will continue to go to the stake center for the priesthood session.

From Ted's Head
Orem, UT

I've discussed it with my 30, 27, and 16 year old sons and we are gathering at my house to watch together instead of going to the stake center 2 blocks away. I was actually a bit surprised that my older sons wanted to continue to watch together, so that tradition lives on, just at a different location.

This situation highlights how at times we create traditions for tradition's sake and while there is some benefit to tradition there is also the downside that we can't accept change--even beneficial change--due to our traditions. I'm guessing the GAs figure that if left to exercise their agency without any "encouragement" or "urging" from Church Headquarters that some of the priesthood will stop watching entirely without the structure of a suit, white shirt, tie and local meetinghouse to act as training wheels on their spiritual journey. As such I am glad that the option of watching at the meetinghouse is still going to be available for those that need said assistance, and for those whose worshiping is enhanced by being surrounded by a priesthood throng.

But for me and my house...we're ordering pizza and creating our newest tradition.

Mike Johnson
Stafford, VA

I now have a choice--drive 40 minutes to the Stake Center or stay home and watch the Priesthood Session online. My wife does not have that choice. She will be going to the Relief Society Meeting at the Stake Center because it isn't broadcast at home.

A priesthood quorum is about three things. It is a service organization, an instructional class, and a brotherhood. A relief society is a service organization, an instructional class, and a sisterhood. While the general sessions of conference have long been available real time on radio, TV, and online live, the Church has held off on the priesthood sessions and the Relief Society (October)/ Young Women's (April) sessions of conference to help foster that brotherhood or sisterhood.

Of course, not long after conference is over all 6 sessions of conference will be available for download in their entirety and as I usually do, I will download all six and listen to them on my 1 to 1.5 hour commute each way to work each day. 12 hours will be listened to completely again within a week.

I have occasionally seen women in stake centers watching the priesthood session throughout my life.

Cinci Man

I'm excited that now a lot of disabled or financially challenged men who travel great distance can enjoy Priesthood Meeting. The same is true for single parent fathers who have to tend children. I'm equally grateful that the men in my family can choose to attend. What a great choice! Thanks Brethren.

City, Ut

You silly naysayers and complainers.

Can't you see this new option is great and needful for people who are in the middle of nowhere? (like the American man I know working on oil well sites in interior China.)

Or the very older man I know who lives two doors down from his Stake Center--but can't get out of bed?

And for 'non believer' and those snickering and wondering if it is so there are no seats open for the ladies who are coming to try to crash the party at the Conference Center and try to get the Prophet to loosen up and see sense....if there were 20,000 seats open, the ladies would still be politely refused.

Netun Yahoo
Burley, ID

A carefully crafted and maybe even spiritually confirmed appeasing of the zealots as well as the progressive women's movement.

Bounti, UT

I believe if groups or mobs of angry people can generate conflict against even the Messiah Himself and hang Him on a cross, then the self righteous spinsters of today can easily gather in modern mobs and find fault with today's mortal leaders. As for me...I will do as my priesthood requests because they have not failed me, my family, the church and the world. Stay close to the prophet brethren.

Netun Yahoo
Burley, ID

It's kind of nice to hear from the wheat and the tares as well as everywhere in between. More fascinating is how each have their own definition of where the lines draw between the two. I listened to last conference in my undies in the recliner. I fell asleep through Elder Holland's talk making me a "tare". However, I've listened to it over and over and over again through my headphones since. Does that make me "wheat" enough now? I'll watch General Priesthood Meeting with all my family and at home now and enjoy every minute of it. And my wife doesn't even have a hankering for ordination! I wish revelation would come to give them the Priesthood. It's hard to get enough non-complacent, non-lazy, non-opinionated grumpy old men to do any more than listen to the clacking few for a minute, then fall asleep the rest of time. But certainly don't give me the option to go to Relief Society. I don't want to make doilies and gossip during the week.

Layton, UT

The Genie is officially out of the bottle, my friends. I'm watching Priesthood in my PJs!!!

Provo, UT

I wonder how many of the women who are hoping to attend the priesthood session will plan on attending the General Relief Society meeting as well.

Tremonton, UT

I'm sorry but I'm going to stay home and watch it along with my wife and daughters. Just like I watch the General Relief SOciety broadcast with them.

The idea of "sacrifice" is so overblown by some in the church and creating sacrifice scenarios when it's so unnecessary. There's enough sacrifice involved on a day to day basis with modern life and demands, and $4 a gallon Obama gas to run back and forth to the church all of the time.

Leave the choice to each brother to make without laying such a big guilt trip on them that, somehow, they'll be less blessed if they happen to stay home, with their family, and watch it.

I welcome this change. It's about time in my opinion.

City, Ut

Mike Johnson: "My wife does not have that choice. She will be going to the Relief Society Meeting at the Stake Center because it isn't broadcast at home.'

Sure it is--have watched it on-line for 2 years.

Great boon for Moms who can't leave little kids or babies.

As the Priesthood Session will now be a great option for those who, for whatever reason may not be able to leave home.

Jace the Ace
Stratford, CA

Since we do not have a meeting house in my town nor has it ever been a tradition in my family with a non member father and no sons of Priesthood age I will welcome not driving in and sitting with a bunch of other men I have little in common with and who I only talk with on Sunday and the occasional service project. For me it has never built any unity and eating stale store bought pie afterwards or half melted ice cream has never been enough of an incentive to make me want to make that long drive. I welcome this change wholeheartedly!

Mapleton, UT

It's still amazing to me the number of Utah-centric people there are here. As has been pointed out once or twice, we do not ALL live in a bubble within driving distance of the Conference Center. Those who ARE close enough to walk, however, may want to do so this year. Who knows if something of substance, say, instruction on preparation for the Second Coming, or an explanation for those stadium-sized, dark, triangular-shaped spacecraft so many of us have seen hovering silently in the skies from South Salt Lake to Payson? Are they really reverse-engineered extraterrestrial aircraft being manufactured as part of a 2.3 trillion dollar USAP at a hidden facility so far under Flat-Top Mountain roads aren't even used to access it? Might be good to go this year. Just sayin'. Maybe Senator Hatch will be there, and we can ask him if none of the speakers are forthcoming about where our tax dollars are being spent, or why. Surely the Prophet knows.

Medical Lake, Washington

For us, General Conference is a family tradition. We watch the general sessions at home, and always have fresh cinnamon rolls, deviled eggs and juice (odd menu, but it's a tradition). And we DO watch each and ever session. When it comes to the priesthood session, I put on my suit and head to the stake center, and will this time too - even though it's nearly twenty miles; this too is tradition.

Following the October Priesthood session, a few families congregate at our home for home made chilly, scones and pies. This too is tradition. Conference for us is not a vacation from church, it is a time to listen to the prophets and gain renewed strength to face another six months in this corrupt world.

If the messages keep sounding the same, perhaps we haven't quite gotten the point yet and still need to get it right before church leaders can move on.

Once in a great while, we make the 700 mile drive to Utah and if possible, we love to be in the Conference Center even though it is much easier to stay at home. We love to be with the Brethren.

Branson, MO

What I would like to see is the women's session being held on the same weekend as general conference.

Los Angeles, CA

What we've learned so far on this board:

Men were commanded to earn their living by the sweat of their brow and women were commanded to bear children in pain.
Men were given the priesthood and women, well ... get to bear children in pain.

The moderators are men. Evidence of this: There is no problem calling women spinsters who knit dollies and gossip, but if you mention that you're more happier and comfortable when some women are around (rather than only men), it gets censored.

chicago, IL

Traditions are nice, but eventually they need to end. Too much Tradition has become Pseudo Doctrine in the Church (dress codes,etc). This is 2013, not 1913. The Church no longer has a "Patriarch" in the sense that Hyrum was one. Perhaps in time the Presiding Bishopric will also cease to exist. It's real purpose this day is more for Construction and building maintenance--the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve handle the matters of salvation.

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