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Published: Thursday, Sept. 26 2013 1:35 p.m. MDT

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non believer

I imagine this is so that there are no tickets remaining for the woman's group that wants to attend?

Provo, UT

Trying to have it both ways, I suspect. What is the point of priesthood meeting on TV if a man cannot gather his wife, sons, and daughters about him to watch it at home on TV and then discuss it?

Arlington, va

It's a great tradition for the men to come together and watch the Priesthood Session. I can understand the Church leaders encouraging the men to physically go to their buildings to watch the Priesthood Session. Here is my next question: With satellite, Internet, Roku, etc. how many people actually go to their local Stake Center to watch all the General Conference sessions? Has this ever been an expectation in your ward or stake? If so, why?

Spider Rico
Greeley, CO

It's to build a sense of unity among the Priesthood. It is also more of a sacrifice which makes everything more worthwhile. I am glad for this clarification.

Springville, UT

It's a tradition that I have no problem with if someone wants to follow it, but to me there really isn't all that special. It's just a tradition. I'll watch at home.

sandy, ut

And if anybody misses it they can just think back to last conference... Odds are it will be the same things that they say every priesthood session.

Reno, NV

nonbeliever, your imagination fails you here. No one is going to stay home and watch if they were planning to go to the Conference Center. Most priesthood holders who were going to attend in their stake centers will now do so as well. So, as I see it, this is an effort to keep Priesthood Meeting much the same for those who hold the Priesthood, and to open up a new venue for viewing (live) by those who do not.

Mom of 8
Hyrum, UT

The General Relief Society broadcast has been available online and later on BYU-TV for years. Yet still many women gather at the stake center to watch it together. (It helps when they bribe us with dinner before, too.) There's a marvelous sense of unity in watching it together.

There's also the wonderful compromise of being able to watch it at home, too, which I did one year shortly after I gave birth and wasn't about to drag a newborn to the stake center.

Priesthood sessions can be the same way. With such a large population, with so many divergent needs, it's helpful for men to view the session in whichever way works best for them that year.

It's all good.

Brent T. Aurora CO
Aurora, CO

Watching conference sessions at home is a convenience that has gained some great traditions in LDS homes. On the other hand, the General RS Meeting is this Saturday -- including the annual accompanying dinner for the sisters served by the brethren in supporting them in this opportunity to be together, united in fellowship. They could watch at home. For some this is the only option. For many, like myself, this is the first session of General Conference (as is a similar event with similar support in April for YW) listened to/viewed repeatedly/read online and in the conference report. Likewise the General Priesthood meetings can be watched or listened to online (before now, after the fact), as well as studied at home in the same manner. But also, there is the chance to unite in fellowship together, eat ice cream and go out to dinner with my son (and very soon, my grandson). It would be a shame to stay at home.

Madison, WI

Tough choice...nod off on my couch at home, or nod off on a metal chair in a dark gym. I wonder if my wife will still let me go out for ice cream after the session if I stay home.

Orem, UT

Is this to try and counter act priesthood session turning into a spending holiday by the ladies? :)

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I am sorry about the attitude problems of so many on this topic. We have two stake centers within a half-mile and they each have greater than 400 in attendance each General Priesthood meeting. I don't see that changing

Danbury, CT

I feel really sorry for the people (all 8 of them) who fail to catch the vision of what this meeting represents. I have always gotten a lot out of these meetings, and have appreciated the chance to take my sons or go with my dad. Priesthood in our church is all about service and building up other people. When I don't have that mindset, yes, it is just another meeting and a boring one at that, sitting in a dimly lit chapel. When I have my heart in it, I am warmed by the Spirit and feeling of brotherhood.

I feel the love of the leaders, appreciate their wisdom and am inspired by their reaching out to all of us to lift us up. If all the world had fathers and sons who had the vision of the priesthood, with love in their heart, we would have no broken families, no one would be neglected, young men would have the mentorship to help them succeed and all would feel the love of God.

I invite you to get more involved. There is someone out there who needs you.

Virginia Beach, VA

I was thinking about going out of brotherhood, instead of watching from home. Now I'll go.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

My natural thought is that I would rather watch at home. However, I know that I will pay more attention at the stake center vs another two hours on the couch. It is a good experience for the young men to gather with their dads, brothers, leaders and friends.

Of course the frozen custard afterwards makes it all worth while. My wife picks it up during priesthood so that we can avoid the crowds after the meeting. Leads to good family discussions about what was said in the meeting.

Richmond, VA

The Priesthood session is always my most favorite session of every general conference. I'm not sure if opening it up to the general audience is a good thing or not. I feel like the Church has capitulated to that small minority of women who insist on being ordained to the priesthood too. And now that the decision is made, I think Church leaders are now worried that a large number of men would just opt to stay home and watch it with their families. Not necessarily a bad thing but it sure takes away from the specialness of that meeting. Hope most fathers and their sons will continue to go to the Conference Center and their local chapels. I know I will with my own son.


>What is the point of priesthood meeting on TV if a man cannot gather his wife, sons, and daughters about him to watch it at home on TV and then discuss it?

Oh, I don't know, maybe more immediate availability to the multitude of members of the Church who live in areas of the world that don't have Comcast or Dish, etc., and don't have the luxury of a satellite feed at a local meetinghouse, but do have Internet access?

Remember: Worldwide Church

Centerville, UT

I love going to the conference center for any of the sessions. There is a tremendous spirit of unity, and a tremendous spirit of strength. The priesthood session is always a favorite as I get to go with my sons. Though it is now going to be broadcast directly into homes, I will still choose to take my sons with me and go to either the conference center or to our stake center. It provides me an opportunity to continue a righteous tradition, to be more focuses, and to go out for icecream afterwards:).

Cache county, USA

Love the fact it's on TV now.
There's a reason.
And it's not just convenient.
Wives want to hear what there's husband need to be doing better.
Works for me.
I need it.

newhall, CA

Why? I would prefer to watch it at home.

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