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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 25 2013 7:10 p.m. MDT

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Sweater In Rafters
Franklin, IN

I'm ready for this season...

Semi Finals of P12 tourney last year!! Young and big this year, but by this years tourney the younger guys will have a lot more experience...

Glad Larry is at the helm

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Guess who had the top 5 rpi wins among all Utah schools last year?


That right, Utah had five wins better than any win byu had all year

Yes there were bad losses, mostly at beginning of year

But I will take a team that has proven it can win big games over a team that doesn't have a single top 100 rpi win all season, any day.

Coach k will have us in the tournament within two years.

Go utes!

Onward and upward.

Cedar Hills, UT

Met Jordan briefly at the fan fest. Really humble and approachable kid. Noticed the weight loss as well. That fist step will be even faster this year!

Nice work coach. Keep it up.

Go Utes!

Farmington, UT

Stick to football, Chris B. Your predictions (Utah being 4 - 0 and nationally ranked this week) are more accurate (and hilarious).

Go Utes!
Springville, UT

I bought my first Utah season tickets this year! Cannot wait for this season to start, with the schedule we have i expect to have at least 20 wins and perhaps more, i expect 7-8 regular season pac-12 wins.

MUSSing with U
Baltimore, MD


7 in a row, 11 of the last 12, 12 of 15 during the Dave Rose era, 149-145 overall

BYU owns U in basketball.

Salt Lake City, UT

Go Utes!

"with the schedule we have i expect to have at least 20 wins"

With the schedule you have, it would be an embarrassment if the Utes didn't win at least 10 OOC games.

Any half decent team that plays nothing but patsies at home for the first two months of the season should have a decent chance of winning 20 games.

Except for BYU and Boise St, did any of Utah's OOC opponents even have a winning record or finish in the Top 200 RPI last year?

vs. Saint Martin's (exhibition)
vs. Evergreen State
vs. UC Davis
vs. Grand Canyon
vs. Lamar
vs. Savannah State
vs. Ball State
at Boise State
vs. Fresno State
vs. Idaho State
vs. BYU
vs. Texas State
vs. St. Katherine

Unfortunately, that pathetically weak pre-conference schedule won't do much to prepare U to face the rigors of playing a PAC 12 schedule, especially on the road.

West Jordan, UT

So excited for basketball since the Majeras era. Team has stacked so much talent now just have to put it together. Should be the best team in the state this year.

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT

LOL @ "Mussing wtih U"

obsessed much?

Go Utes!
Springville, UT


Soooo, you agree with me? thank you for your confirmation of what i just stated.


@MUSSing with U

An advantage of 149-145 is hardly grounds to declare ownership of your rivals. True, you have done better recently, but according to your fellow BYU fans, what the team has done recently has no relevance. I mean, in football we are 4 in a row, 5 of 6, and 9 of 12, yet we still have BYU fans come onto our articles and trash our team and program.

As far as your BYU basketball team's recent success, I guess we should be constantly reminding you of the 1990's and our glory years with all of the awards, high draft picks, etc. that we had and when we owned you (you know, kind of like BYU's 1980's in football that we get reminded of on a daily basis by your fan base).

It goes both ways. (By the way, it's interesting you would honor us with your choice of your monicker.)

Omaha, NE

I'm so excited for this years team. I am especially hopeful for the next few years under Coach K3. We are heading in the right direction and I think that the PAC12 affiliation is helping to build depth that wasn't available to us under the MWC per se. Will we ever be so spoiled to see the Majerus seasons? I hope so.


Las Vegas, NV


A byU fan perhaps?

By the end of the year, Utah's SOS will be far greater than byU's, just like last year and just like football. So, you go ahead and cheer on byU in the junior high school gymnasiums against those patsy in conference foes, we'll cheer on our school against real conference foes at the end of the season. Of course, that is exactly what byU is used to in football too, right? Patsies at the end of the year!

In summation - SOS for entire year U>Y. Twenty wins by a rebuilding program in a power conference will certainly be seen as a greater accomplishment than a third place finish in a second or third tier conference. Face it, that is where byU is headed again!

Go Utes!!

Onward and Upward!!

Las Vegas, NV

Can't wait to see the new Utes this year under Coach K! The future looks bright!

Love the byU trollers on yet another Ute story. Glad to see that they are as obsessed about Ute basketball as they are about Ute football. They really are "die hard Utah Ute fan(s)" We really do appreciate your continued and ever-present support.

Can you imagine the melt down this year when Utah beats byU? Epic!!

Go Utes!!

Onward and Upward!!

PAC man
Anaheim, CA


It's funny how the "recent accomplishments" argument is completely dismissed by Utah fans as soon as we switch to basketball.

In order to feel good about themselves, the Utes have established this strange timeline where nothing before 2004 counts in football and nothing since 2005 counts in basketball.

Fortunately for BYU, the Cougars have a rich tradition in both:

- a perennial Top 25 football program for the last four decades (18 Top 25 finishes since 1977), with a National Championship, a Heisman Trophy winner, 15 national individual awards, 6 national hall of fame players, and 29 bowl appearances

- a strong basketball program with two NIT championships, two John Wooden Award winners, and 27 NCAA tournament appearances (same number as the Utes)

by comparison,

- the Utes didn't even crack the AP Top 25 in football until 1994, have only five AP Top 25 finishes, no national individual or team awards, and only 17 bowl appearance

- the Utes have had better overall basketball success, but their program has been a train wreck for almost a decade

7 in a row, 11 of the last 12

Park City, UT


"By the end of the year, Utah's SOS will be far greater than BYU's, just like last year"

Better dust off another shelf for your SOS trophies.

Unfortunately for U, you're ignoring the other half of the equation:

SOS is meaningless unless you WIN.

You need to recalibrate from BCS mode to NCAA tournament mode:

Getting an at-large NCAA tournament bid from the WCC is considered just as much of an accomplishment as getting one from the PAC 12.

A conference championship from the PAC 12 might mean more, usually, but that comparison is irrelevant since the Utes are years away from being a PAC 12 championship contender.

*BYU(23-12) #69 RPI, #58 SOS > Utah(13-18) #212 RPI, #159 SOS
*only wins versus D1 opponents counted

btw, current basketball SOS projections for 2013-14 (see ESPN):

#118 BYU
#120 Utah

ooops, no SOS trophy for U; now what?

Olympus Cove, Utah

If the Utes breeze through their pre-conference schedule and then face plant when the conference season begins, Larry has only himself to blame for not properly preparing his team.

Luckily, the Utes open conference play at home versus Oregon, one of the few conference opponents the Utes beat at home last year.

Bountiful, UT

Mussin with u....
Whatever you need.....it's been a tough week

Orem, UT


It's been an even rougher 8 years and counting for Utah basketball:

116-137 (46%), 6 losing seasons, 1 embarrassing loss in the NCAA

3 of 15 versus BYU

Syracuse, UT


And yet the University of Utah is still ranked the 20th best basketball program in the country over the last 50 years per ESPN. The past few years have been rough but we have bright days immediately ahead of us. The last two recruiting classes, especially the current class, have been very strong.

We have a great coach in place and some terrific recruits. Our worst days are behind us.

Enjoy kicking the premier program of the state of Utah while it's down.

To all the Ute haters posting comments, shouldn't you be posting on Gonzaga boards? St. Mary's boards? FYI, Utah is in the PAC-12, BYU is in the WCC.

Good luck to the Utes and all the instate programs.

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