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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 25 2013 6:40 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

He cant take a tour, his farcical attempt to defund funded ACA has it closed. Maybe if he knows a Democratic congressman in a few years.

Washington, UT

I don't think most Americans understand the issues at hand with this abominable Obamacare thing. Obamacare will more or less nullify the Bill of Rights, it will definitely nullify freedom of religion. And Obamacare is a huge federal power grab, this bill will end up controlling virtually every aspect of our lives, our healthcare, our taxes, our businesses, our religious freedom, and a host of other individual liberties. This bill is not about healthcare, it's about individual liberty, it's about taking away large chunks of individual liberty and giving this little dictator huge amounts of power. Unemployment is still high because he wants it that way, it makes people dependent on the government, in 9 years he's done nothing to help the economy, nothing! He has done much to take away our freedoms, our income, our business freedom, our right to live and act as we choose. Make no mistake, coming generations will curse us if we allow this thing to live, it must be killed, and killed here and now.

2nd lantern
Payson, UT

How is Mike Lee acting? Or is he acting at all? Mike Lee is the real deal. He always has been. We can count on him, no matter if we are a fair weather friend or a blinded foe. Senator Lee's integrity and loyalty towards the Constitution and to his constituents is clear. That makes fair weather friends and enemies disgruntled. No discomfort for them. No blaring spotlight on the stage of moral fortitude will find the enemies of truth, integrity, and statesmanship. When the truth of the day is not popular the truly weak will flee to the comfort of the other side. Heroes rarely have a crowd of cheerleaders until the final success is won. Then set your timer to see how many are back to share the prize. This test of what is happening isn't about Mike Lee, it is about the citizens of America. What will they do to preserve the very principles upon which we were founded.

Sandy, UT

When Hatch was elected to the Senate the national debt was $653,000,000,000. During his tenure the federal government has overspent by more that $50,000.00 for every man, woman and child in America. While claiming to be a budget hawk, Hatch has been behind several entitlement programs. Thanks Orrin, but you have had 36 years to get the job done and we are in a far worse place than when we elected you. Move aside and let the Junior Senator from Utah lead.

Sen. Lee, please hold strong. Yes you have angered all those feeding at the government trough and those who think was can print or borrow money into prosperity. These same people would trash Washington, Jefferson and Franklin if they were serving today. You and a few other "radicals" are all we have left to keep this country from become another bankrupt welfare state.

Provo, UT

Taking a stand?

Is that why he won't respond to my phone calls and emails or any interviews from KSL? That's taking a stand???


Sen. Lee was one of the main instigators in causing the shutdown. Then he goes grandstanding at the war memorial outraged that it is shut down. Either he thinks we're stupid or he is stupid. Either way, I can never take him seriously anymore.

Boise, Idaho

What a great time to compare Utah Senators. Mike is working hard to have the country live within its means. He is not afraid to speak up, even though it may end his future.
CONSTRAST THAT WITH THE Drug pushing contributor to the high cost of medicine in America, thru the efforts of his son representing the Assoc of Drug Manufacturers, and Hatches help in letting them keep patents eternally, and allowing legislation for them to buy up Generic Companies, so they have no competition. He also aids the local "urbal industry" buy preventing any testing of testimonial drugs, so the public will not know how much alfalfa is in their Provo formulated vitamin "B".
I am proud of Lee and the way he is speaking out to save our economy. I welcome your comments BJ

Chandler, AZ

Mr.Lee is okay I guess? I just think that he should have asked the guys waving the Confederate flag at the WWII memorial to put it away. He would have shown leadership and courage to do so.
And he should ask people to tone down the anti-Muslim stuff.He should be more caring about religious tolerance
He came off as a "follower" that day.He has more potential to lead than Palin and or Cruz.

Salt Lake City, UT

If I lose my hard won social security benefits I will hold Senator Lee and the rest of Utah's delegation directly responsible, and so should you.


I appreciate and thank Senator Lee. Please do not cave in, Mike. You will have my support with funds in the next election. And by the way, you Lo info commenters, Senator Lee's honorable father, Rex Lee, has passed on.

sugarloaf, CA

So we see the only people who write on the DN are the liberals!

Bob K
porland, OR

Senator Lee wants to go to the WHITE House?

Many of us think he should go to the BIG House!!!!

Dear people of Utah: electing substandard representatives to Government may satisfy some of you, as a symbol of dissatisfaction, but how can it help the citizens of Utah?

For me, if I trust in God, I need to support the most capable people, not send in troublemakers who can only destroy our country, and have no ability to make it better.

boise, ID

Utah has one honorable senator and it isn't Hatch who has been there 36 years and is part of the problem we now face with looming national healthcare and impossible debt. I will vote for candidates who not only love the constitution, know why it was inspired, but understand it. Senator Lee is in DC to defend the constitution which was designed to protect us from an over reaching congress or administration or justice system, and in so doing is defending our liberty and freedom. You misunderstand intelligence, tenacity, courage, and ability, for ego. If you want ego defined, look no further than Hatch,Romney and Huntsman. They crave power, rubbing shoulders with others like them to keep power. Lee is one of us, he isn't wealthy but he is the most capable to understand middle America and the problems we face. Senator Lee is there to serve liberty, freedom and especially the people of Utah. May the self educated, free thinking people who love and understand the liberty of a republic give Mike Lee a 2nd term when the time comes. The left of center forces in Utah are marshaling against him even now. Counter their efforts!

Pat Henry
Holladay, UT

Lee? In the White House? I'm speechless.

Informed Voter
South Jordan, UT

Three cheers for Lee, a man who stands up and fights for important principles. Keep it up, Senator.


I am definitely embarrassed that anyone who would call themselves a Republican would criticize Senator Lee for standing up to the Leftist establishment and speaking out for true Patriotic conservatives who are trying to reign in the federal government and bring freedom back to the American people. He is a man of integrity, honest principles and courage to take on those who got us into this mess and strive every day to make matters worse. The lamestream media paints a false picture of what is going on and people are sucked into the black pit of debt and put in subjection to an out of control federal government. Our government was founded on the principles of states rights and minimal governing from Washington. Those controlling our current direction have only their own best interests at heart and operate from a pillar of domination. It should not be about how much they can do for us but about how little can we pay for the true support we need from them.
Take the handful of honest problem solvers such as Mike Lee and Ted Cruz and express appreciation for their efforts. Then throw the rest of the lemmings out.

Centerfield Sanpete, UT

I don`t know who would vote for him!

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

So now Utah taxpayers are paying Lee to campaign in Iowa?

How does this make sense?

Please, Lee, go away. I'm so tired of my hard earned tax dollars paying for your salary.

Eden, UT

Mike Lee as the republican candidate for president will give Hilary the Presidency. The Tea Party is following a bunch of conservative talk radio hosts off of a political cliff.

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