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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 25 2013 6:40 p.m. MDT

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Lehi, UT

Oh man, that would be the end of the GOP.

Omaha, NE

Time will tell.

If the Affordable Care act works, then he's a fool.
If it doesn't, he's a visionary.

Wasatch Al
South Jordan, UT

Is it April Fool's Day already?

heidi ho
Fort Collins, CO

How long are we going to sit back and let all our freedoms be trounced on? I have LOVED what Lee and Cruz are doing. They are brave, Captain Moroni's raising the Title of Liberty. I have started contributing to the TEA PARTY. If anyone wants to know what comes next, please, read the Book of Mormon. Who am I standing with? The few, the proud, the strong. Go, REAL MEN, GO!

AZ Cougar
Gilbert, AZ

Mike Lee is not doing this job for ego or for money. He took a big pay cut to become a senator. He is doing this because he believes it is best for the country. He ran on a platform of small constitutional government, including stopping the UNaffordable care act. Now he is trying to do exactly what the MAJORITY of you Utahans elected him to do. If you don't like it, don't reelect him. Send another Bennett/Hatch to Washington so we can continue to "compromise" our way to state controlled socialism and bankruptcy. The headline of this article is designed to spark controversy. Lee has made no indication that he has presidential aspirations, and even says as much in the article.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Mike Lee may be eyeing the White House????????????????

Thanks for a big laugh this morning. I almost choked on my oatmeal.

How much more ridiculous can this guy become? I guess we're in for some entertaining times ahead.

North Ogden, UT

Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee. The top 3 congressmen in America! Keep up the fight! Your support continues to grow as people become more educated and more people are waking up to the trainwreck course America is on all the time.

Black Knight
American Fork, UT

Neither Mike Lee nor Ted Cruz will be elected president in 2016. However, the next president will be a Republican, most likely a current governor of a blue or purple state. Lee and Cruz may possibly eventually become leaders of the Senate, but nothing more.

my two cents worth
Ridgefield, WA

@heidi ho, Captain Moroni had plans and solutions. What are Cruz and Lee's solutions to health care?

If it is just to go back to what it was before ACA then it's back to not getting coverage for pre-existing conditions, getting kicked off insurance when you max out coverage, children going off your insurance at 18, seniors stuck with the "donut hole" non-coverage, etc.

Do you know what their solutions are? And just defunding is not a solution.

slc, ut

I'll bite. If Mike Lee won the white house, would he short sell it?

Todd from Santa Ana
Encampment, WY

Another conservative hypocrite. How can someone say they are fiscally conservative and not afford the house they live in? And how can someone be moral and leave the creditors hanging dry while the tax payers bail out the banks?

Mike Lee is NOT what we need. Look at his actions and judge him accordingly

Salt Lake City, UT

Let's not even open the door on Lee 's House, unless you are willing to look into Obama and Tony Resco(convict)housing transaction......? He followed the rules......whereas Obama? Well Tony is in Jail while Obama is insulated by skewed liberal political correctness!

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

@heidi ho
Fort Collins, CO

"I have LOVED what Lee and Cruz are doing. They are brave, Captain Moroni's raising the Title of Liberty."

[I didn't know Captain Moroni was fighting for the poor, the sick, the elderly and the children, or anyone with a pre-existing medical condition to continue to be denied access to Healthcare.]


slc, ut

I'll bite. If Mike Lee won the white house, would he short sell it?
10:43 a.m. Sept. 26, 2013

[HaHaHa, Brilliant! Best comment of the day, week, month!]

Farmington, UT

Senator Hatch is so right about this one. Republicans are alienating so many of this own constituents with this grandstanding act, not to mention all the moderates out there that are the key to getting elected. What a joke and embarrassment.

Joan Watson

Perhaps many have not had to seek an insurance broker or a advisor in order to understand the Obama health care mandates. We did because our 16 year held supplemental medical insurance became too costly to maintain. As a result plan F will be replaced for one cheaper,(for now), and of much lesser value. There are major change for everyone and all need to be aware how these changes will impact their lives - especially those who's income is a mite over 30,000 yearly. As one ages, unless one has plan F, the options for major surgery will depend on how costly the procedure would be - or if an option at all.
Good luck to all who's income exceed a tad over 30,000 yearly. This governmental medical program will either prove to be a boon - or in the long run, a very hard pill to swallow. PS one can't but admire elected representatives who oppose and speak out against the governments mandated medical insurance, and who cross the Rubicon at their political risk.

Hooper, UT

Congress is broken. Mike is staking everything on the government not shutting down and basing it on what?
if a budget or continuing resolution isn't passed, it shuts down. The sad thing is that he won't feel the effects but many in Utah will.
He should take notice of the recall election in Colorado; it wasn't that they voted for gun control, but that they didn't listen to the people.
The majority don't want government shut down but what is he offering to do the ensure it won't??? Nothing! He is buying a lottery ticket, hoping it won't happen.
I for one will not vote for him or any others currently representing Utah in congress unless they work diligintly to pass a budget and avoid a shutdown.
As for President, niether him or Ted are ready or capable of leading this nation; they both have big heads and are full of themselves like our current President, and have no experience to run the nation, also like our current President.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

It's hard for me to imagine a person less prepared for office than Mike Lee. I don't think he'll win re-election in Utah.

Boston, MA

It's amazing to me that Utahans elected this guy over Bob Bennett. Change isn't always a good thing...this guy lacks sound judgement and reasoning skills, and isn't terribly effective at negotiating with people, all necessary characteristics of a good senator.

Salt Lake City, UT

drjazz83 writes...It's amazing to me that Utahans elected this guy over Bob Bennett.

Wow why am I not surprised......Chappaquidick Kennedy would have never been elected in Utah, that's the difference between people in Utah and Mass!


I can not understand how the GOP Representatives can make all these bad claims about the ACA when the LAW has not been fully implemented. January 1, 2014 is the effective start date. Also, rational people wait and try new things before condemning them. Read the book "Green Eggs and Ham" moral, which Sen. Cruz referenced in his senate speech, on 9/25/13, try it you might like it.

Sen. Lee supports the effort to kill the ACA but has no alternative to provide health care for the 40+ million uninsured Americans, not to mention the 100's of 1000s in Utah, he represents. He has a Govt. run health care policy but does not want to share it with others.

Why is he supported so? Why are intelligent people elected to only end up showing their ignorance of how Govt works. Example: The ACA is a LAW with mandatory spending. It can not be DE-FUNDED!! The smart path is to pass a new LAW or make it better with amendments - as SS and Medicare were after they were passed into law.

Think people - THINK please!!

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