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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 25 2013 6:40 p.m. MDT

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St.George, Utah

The next President? NOT a chance.
However, Lee is edging his way to #1 to receive the award for the largest ego on record. Tough competition this year with Ted Cruz running a close #2.
Only a very small amount of voters are enamored with Mike Lee. It is sad to see he is totally blind to this fact.
Where in the world is he coming from thinking he can pull off a Presidential campaign? Obviously, there will be few to none as far as financial backers for Mike Lee.
Hillary is as good as in as the next President of the United States in 2016.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Please, please let him run and get the nomination. Please.

Monroe, UT

And we are paying Senator Lee how much money to act this way???

South Jordan, UT

Senator Lee,

We want you to do something other than destroy... Make something, be constructive... show us all what can be accomplished. Leave more to your legacy than ... the extremist that hated everything that Obama did. I know these positions get you trips to Iowa and pats on the back from Tea partiers... BUT know this... until you find ways to appeal to the large independent middle ground American... you will never be good, let alone great as a Senator. Show us how you can reach across the aisle and work out something.. show us that politicians can compromise and get something done for all of Americans not just the few and radicalized on the fringe. THAT would be memorable and honorable!!!

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT


$174,000 +...

The big money will come as he ages...a la hatch.

The koch brothers are waiting in the wings to make lee a very wealthy public servant.

spring street

Funniest headline ever, I thought I was reading the onion for a minute.


I really like what Mike Lee has done so far,but I would not vote for him. The reason is simple not enough experience to lead this Nation. Look what we got with President Obama. He is not a leader and because of this he wants it his way or no way. He was inexperienced when he was elected and this Country has not improved over the last five years but has fallen so far with what has happened with the economy, our National Security has become a joke and this Country is so divided that it is sad. So No Mike Lee do not even go there please. I know this Grammy will not be voting for you sir.

Brad Peterson
South Ogden, UT

I'm usually a proud Republican, but Mike Lee has that knack to continually make me embarrassed to be one.

Corpus Christi, TX

Lee and Cruz don't stand even a remote chance for president, Lee is in ego crazy land, and Cruz lives in fiction land.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Coalition President Steve Scheffler said choosing Lee to speak at the fundraiser was a "no-brainer." No more needs to be said.

Taylorsville, 00

I'll shoe-horn this into this discussion, coming from one that reflected that the voting majority reelected Obama while knowing that the healthcare law was on the table:

"I think Rep Ryan put it best after the election, that this is how a democracy works. The majority of the voters spoke. It was this way in 2004 when there were groups creating such an uproar over Bush's re-election and it continues to work this way, at least if we don't want a ruling group like Syria where the only choices are to work with the dictator or die horribly or attempt to rebel (and still have hundreds of thousands die, with no guarantee that the revolution won't bring in something worse.)

We still have Majority Rule, Minority Rights, and we still have the right to speak against the decision, but, a year later, for our elected reps to repeatedly act as though the voting public doesn't matter indicates that they have influences that dictate that they can't always act as representatives of a democracy. "

Springville, UT

Please stop with the ridiculous talk of Lee running for President. Imagine another Republican race filled with clowns like 2012? All he is doing is going to a far right wing extremist fundraiser. If the GOP in Utah is smart, Lee will be a one term Senator.

Brigham City, UT

Senator Lee and his father and brother all love working for government, receiving paycheck from government and living their lives in big cities in the east.

Here, UT

"...he's trying to protect Americans from the Affordable Care Act..."

I guess he doesn't like "affordable care" (for others).

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

The charade in the senate exposes his interest in getting long term Sarah Palin contract with Fox. This means he will move even farther to the right. He will need to continue to make crazy statements to get attention.

Sugar City, ID

We need someone to sensibly look at the health care systems of other countries and develop a US national healthcare system.The profit motive does not work for healthcare nor education. The people who are doing the most squealing are those used to participating in the gravy train health insurance schemes. Margaret Thatcher supported England's system.

Bored to the point of THIS!
Ogden, UT

by virtue of the title of this story... even the DNEWS is acknowledging that Lee's actions are little more than political grandstanding.

It's too bad he'll be a 'career' Republican politician from Utah.

Van Buren, MO

I think Mike Lee would make a GREAT Republican candidate for the presidency. If he could get Sarah Palin to run as his VP, it would be a dream team....

Saint George, UT

I knew as a delegate that Mike Lee was the man for the job. Time will tell whether he succumbs to the corruption that has chained most of the other representatives. The Kingmen are in power, but perhaps there are enough patriots that are willing to defend family, the Constitution, and God still around to give liberty another chance. Most Americans, including most of those who support the Republican and Democratic leaders, don't understand liberty. Ask them, even on these comment sections, and they won't respond. Liberty is defined by the government's version of liberty, not individual liberty as defined in our Constitution. Harry Reid has been in the seat of power so long he is quite comfortable dictating his version of liberty! Thank God there is someone like Mike Lee willing to go against the kingmen.

salt lake city, utah

Ok bandersen I'll bite. Liberty; the state or condition of people who are able to act and speak freely
: the power to do or choose what you want to
: a political right

Here's another one for you. Anarchy; A situation of confusion and wild behavior where people in a country are not controlled by rules or law.

Which one describes your ideal world, or do you want laws, just laws you approve of and all other laws are despotic?

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