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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 25 2013 4:15 p.m. MDT

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Huntsville, UT

'The rules issued last week by the Archdioces of Military Services also prohibit chaplains from acknowledging a spouse of the same gender at a retirement or promotion ceremony, or from assisting at a funeral if it would "give the impression that the Church approves of same-sex 'marital' relationships."

'Pastor and author Stephen Arterburn writes..."By attending, we are supporting real people who are of tremendous value to God. By attending, we are imitating Christ and allowing his love and grace to flow through us — rather than worrying what is right and proper in the sight of our religious buddies."

Simple solution; have Pastor Stephen Arterburn officiate and ignore the bigots.

BYU Track Star
Los Angeles, CA

I also hear rumour that Jesus Christ associated with Sinners and Publicans. I wonder if these folks have a problem with that too?

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

My earlier understanding of the Constitutional right of freedom of religion was that it applied to individuals and that it was improper to force a religious doctrine upon others. Currently it seems that the Constitutional right of freedom of religion not only applies to churches and their actions but also that churches have preference over the rights of individuals.

I do not support the current interpretation of the Constitutional right of freedom of religion.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

Church is for the sinners.

So, that should mean ALL of us.

casual observer
Salt Lake City, UT

Freedom of religion extends to individuals as well as organizations. All can attend church, but it does not mean that a particular church is obligated to adopt the latest doctrine in vogue, i.e. Martin Luther v. Roman Catholicism, et al.

Mission Viejo, CA

Perhaps it's time for military chaplains to follow the example of LDS Seminaries if they insist of imposing their sectarian beliefs on the troops. The religions can build their own buildings just off base instead of using taxpayer-funded facilities. Chaplains on base should remember that they are there to serve the troops, not themselves.

Dr. Thom
Long Beach, CA

Asking the question "what would Christ do" is a mute point since the answer has already been answered scripturally in that we should hate the sin, but not the sinner. Child molesters and serial killer being the exception.

As for some Christian churches that don't condone same sex relationships as natural or normal but have members who still want to retain their membership in a church, you can still be a homosexual and be a member of this church, just not a practicing homosexual one.

Layton, UT

It's a very confusing time we live in. Where can one go for truth?

Few religions teach that clearly and they continue to struggle as a result.

Fortunately, the LDS faith has had a clear answer on that process since its founder received his first spiritual prompting.


Support our troops - unless they are gay.

And there is no separation of church and state - unless the churches want it to be there because it benefits them - but prayer at public meetings, crosses on public property, and God in the Pledge of Allegiance - those are all okay because separation of church and state doesn't apply if it doesn't benefit religion.

Alexandria, VA

It is far past time when all should be treated equally. That includes same sex couples who are maried. Religions do not have to accept it, but they do have to respect it. That means military chaplains or anyone else in the public service needs to treat same sex couples the same as opposite sex couples.

Buena Vista, VA

to BYU Track Star,
Christ did indeed associate with sinners, as do ministers of all faiths that I know of. In fact, ministers have no choice since we're all sinners. But associating with them does not mean condoning their sin. He told the adultress, go and sin no more, not to keep doing it.

layton, UT

RE: Dr. Thom "what would Christ do" is a mute point since the answer has already been answered scripturally. True,

Matthew 19:5. (Jesus ) said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’. Marriage= Man and woman.

Ephesians 6:2,3. (Paul) “Honor your Father and Mother”[not significant other],which is the first commandment with a promise”.

God distinguishes father and mother from all other persons on earth, chooses them and sets them next to Himself, occupying the highest place in our lives next to God..


@ donn: Matthew 22:34-40
New International Version (NIV)

"34 Hearing that Jesus had silenced the Sadducees, the Pharisees got together. 35 One of them, an expert in the law, tested him with this question: 36 "Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?";

37 Jesus replied: "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.'[a] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'[b] 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.'"

Here, UT


How does recognizing that something is a certain way "condone it"? Recognizing a spouse during a funeral is not "condoning" the marriage, it is simply recognizing that it is how it is.

You keep calling us "sinners". I think you need to remove a beam from your own eye before trying to pick the mote from ours.

Lafayette, IN

If chaplains are to be forced to not have any scruples, then they don't really have a purpose. Remove chaplains from the military.

USS Enterprise, UT

I think the liberals here didn't understand what the Catholic Church, and other churches are telling their Chaplains.

As the article pointed out. Their Chaplains are supposed to be there to support people in need, but are to be cautious about engaging in activities that would make it appear that their church supports gay marriage.

So, in the case of a funeral, the chaplain could do everything from comforting friends and family of the deceased to even officiating, as long as it was clear that gay marriage is not endorsed.

Glendale, CA

...retirement or promotion ceremony, or from assisting at a funeral if it would "give the impression that the Church approves of same-sex 'marital' relationships."

I am not sure where I stand on military chaplains conducting same sex marriages. But when you talk about funerals of a spouse..that is a different story. Jesus wanted ministers to minister, console, and help people in the worst times of their lives. No matter what you believe this must be one of those times with a member of your flock. If you follow this guidance I am most certain you will be harshly judged by our creator. Just how low will these foolish people go? Please someone help me understand.

Morgan Hill, CA

Moral standards, by definition, are discriminatory - differentiating between courses of action and behavior as distinguished from other courses of action and behavior. Individuals are within their rights to make judgments based on those standards, and religious denominations are within their rights to advocate such judgments publicly. The LGBT crowd has confused "love" or "tolerance" with relativism. By so doing, they have demonstrated the shallowness and moral bankruptcy of their own position, not the homophobia of anybody else's. It is not the job of religious leaders or military chaplains just to dispense a lot of wishywashy fluff about "diversity."


It is sad that Pastor Arterburn is choosing the world and it's opinion over God. His comment does not show the "love the sinner but hate the sin" requirement Christ followed in His own earthly ministry. God does love all of His children, but those who turn from him an practice sin face those penalties.

Too many clergy are selling their birthright for a "mess of pottage"...

Spider Rico
Greeley, CO

Shocker, they didn't post my message even though there were no cuss words, vulgarity, or anything of the like. All I said was we should stand up to sin. Even DN has to be politically correct on this issue. Unbelievable. "Sin is a vice, so evil and mean, that to be hated need only be seen. But seen to oft, familiar with its face, at first we endure, then pity, then embrace."

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