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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 25 2013 9:35 a.m. MDT

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Utes home for the holidays
Sandy, UT

I have no problem with Hadley being held accountable if he broke the honor code. I just find the hypocrisy a little nauseating, knowing had a BYU fan tattled on a ute there would be screams of self righteousness from anyone wearing red. Hypocrites?

And was there truly any reason to believe there was an NCAA violation? Or was that just the pathetic excuse to send the information to BYU, because even if it was against the honor code, it certainly was not illegal what he did. So why do ute "fans" suddenly feel a need to be the enforcers of BYU's honor code?

Holier than thou indeed.


Nice article, Sounds like Spencer Hadley is trying to work on some of his struggles and become better. Everyone has been there or will be there at some time or another. Best of luck to you Mr. Hadley and hope to see you back on the field later this year.

St. George, UT

Jeff Benedict has written some impressive articles recently (Kyle Van Noy), however this one takes the cake as it where. Thanks to him for these insightful stories, and his recent contributions to the Deseret News. They are inspiring! I appreciate having a perspective which the outside world does not see, and I hope we have more stories like these. Thanks Jeff!

Girlse State
Midvale, UT

Can you imagine if all schools backed up their talk like BYU did? There would be no more slaps on the wrist one game suspensions for serious illegal offenses like DUI's(as local coaches have done). Gone would be the case of coaches looking the other way as kids fail multiple drug tests before suspending them(as local coaches have done).

Having a few cold ones in Vegas is much less serious than a DUI or doing illegal drugs.

Orem, UT

Great article Jeff.

It's sad that some fans have grown so mean and vindictive, that they would stoop to spreading outright lies about a player from an opposing team just to gain an edge in a rivalry game. I feel sorry for those who rejoice in the mistakes of others.

Wishing Spencer success in meeting the requirements Bronco has set to return to the
BYU football program.

Sports Are Great
Salt Lake City, UT

From the SI article:

"I attended my first BYU-Utah game. At the time I had no intention of mentioning the game in the book, but the extreme profanity and vile abuse I witnessed that night caught me off guard. Utah fans spit on BYU players and taunted BYU fans by mocking the school's honor code"

But the author is probably making this up, just like Max Hall did, right ute "fans"?

Bloomington, IN

As much as I want Anae gone, and as frustrated as I am with the word "execution", these are the reasons I still pull as hard as ever for BYU. It's about more than wins and losses, and it's even more than just the young men on this team. I wasn't in the room last Friday night, but if what Mr Benedict said was correct, there were dozens of people positively influenced by what Bronco has done with this team. ChrisB can insult the firesides all he wants, but one of these firesides probably pulled a young Kyle Van Noy from a self-destructive path, and who knows what else has been done.

strate taukr
Bountiful, UT

To rally around and support when improper action has occurred is meritorious. Caution should be used in admiration of violators when non-violators have been true to their principles.

Hayden, ID

I have heard this "holier than thou" and "self righteous" phrase hurled frequently at BYU players and students but never at anyone else. I wonder what do those phrases mean, really? Can a Ute or an Aggie or anyone else be "holier than thou" or "self righteous" or are those phrases reserved exclusively for BYU? If a Ute does something wrong or does not live up to a higher standard, what of it? No one calls him "holier than thou". But, if heaven forbid, a BYU player or student fails, then that is front page news and the insults from up North begin! My advise: consider the beam in your own eye before complaining about the mote in your brother's eye!

Utes home for the holidays
Sandy, UT

"All the alleged NCAA violations, Hadley said, were baseless. BYU verified that by checking out so-called booster Jacob Stocking. His name appeared in no BYU athletics databases. Turns out he's a family friend of Hadley. The family said that Stocking has never attended a BYU football game, much less supported the program financially."

So you're telling me this ute "fan" made up the booster part just as a lame excuse to send it off to byu? I'm "shocked" ute fans would stoop so low. Or have ute "fans" given themselves the title of "BYU honor code enforcers?"

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

This may come as a shock to most, but I seriously dislike what this Utah fan did. We have no problem beating byu on the field, no need to get involved in something that doesn't impact him at all.

I frankly couldn't care less if byu players break parts of the honor code that are specific to BYU. If they are breaking the law that is another story, but this was a low move by this guy who took and sent the pictures.

West Jordan, UT

I am a Ute "fan," as several as you like to refer to us as, but I agree with you that it was pretty lame of that person to do what they did.

Please do not throw the blame at the fan-base simply because of one idiot.

And if Hadley can take it like a man and own up to his mistakes without throwing blame around, maybe you should not do it for him? Just an thought.

Orem, UT

Thanks Chris B for your honest and candid response.

kaysville, UT

It is a good story but I have witnessed a BYU Fan spitting on a Utah Fan in 2012. It was disgusting and security was contacted. I find it interesting that Mr. Benedict just mentions one side of it. When BYU suspends players, they should just say it was a violation of team rules, not clarify if it is honor code or not as that is embarrassing to the player. Hadley or not, Utes still win as they were in control of the whole game.

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

Chris B,
Thanks for your comments! Congrats to the Utes for continuing the streak! This hurt worse then the Virginia loss! I think the Cougs can still right their ship and have a good season and go bowling!!! Good luck to the Utes in their quest to win the South and go to the PAC12 championship game and possible the Rose Bowl!!!

Go Cougs!!!
Go Utes!!!
Go Aggies!!! except against BYU!!!

UoU 1991
Park City, UT

As a long-time Utah fan I was very disappointed to hear that a fellow Utah fan had ratted out a BYU player for what now appears to be nothing more than an Honor Code violation. The fact that he totally made up the supposed NCAA violations just so he could get Utah's compliance office to forward his pictures and bogus email to BYU is disgusting.

Sports Are Great
Salt Lake City, UT


Isn't it interesting what an unbiased reporter found when witnessing the game first hand? He reported what he saw. You can't fault him for not seeing what he didn't see. I'll just say I'm not the least bit surprised and what he did and didn't see.

The Solution
Las Cruces, NM

While the intent of the supposed "Die hard Utah Utes fan" (I'm not sold on that one either) is in question, he may have saved Spender Hadley's life (spiritually and otherwise).

I don't think Spencer is at this point upset for being turned in. He is probably reflecting on why he did it. Higher than the BYU Honor Code is the covenants that LDS Church members make. Hadley being a returned missionary, knows he should do better.

Now he has a real opportunity to learn, repent, and teach by example. I am sure Spencer regrets his mistake, but I'm optimistic it is for the right reasons, not so much for football implications.

Let's continue to pray for him and support the institution that cares more for the individual than "The System."

Washington, UT

Almost 50 years ago, two zone leaders from the Florida Mission decided to drive to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. New Orleans was not that long of a drive, but it was two missions away from the one they were serving in. These two very foolish missionaries had hardly gotten out of their car in NO when their Mission President in Winter Park, Florida got a call from a priesthood leader in Louisiana telling him two of his missionaries were out of their mission. Somebody is always watching, there is no hiding, especially in today's world. Hadley was a fool to think he could get away with something--especially in Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas DOES NOT stay in Vegas, somebody always knows.


Utah fan here.

I know Hadley very well. He's a great guy and I could not be more impressed with how he's handled this situation. No matter what team you cheer for, this story is inspiring.

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