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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 24 2013 9:50 p.m. MDT

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Sports Are Great
Salt Lake City, UT

Is this the former Utah guy?

Somewhere in Time, UT

John Teuscher is a good guy and a good coach. He inherited a team with a lot of serious problems and it will take time to build a new program that will be successful. I know he will get things back on track soon and go forward with his team.

West Jordan, UT

From what I understand, Teuscher was merely defending his player from the taunting of an abusive referee. Any coach would have done the same. The principal clearly acted too hastily and I am sure regrets that he didn't get some facts first. The support for Teuscher and Cullen has been enormous from both the students and the parents. The principal should just admit he made a mistake (and everybody makes them) and rehire Cullen and take Teuscher off suspension.

South Jordan, UT

Hiker: Wow, you mean his own players and their parents support him still? Shocker! Continuing to argue with a referee over a call, or whatever it was after he's made his decision is just stupid. I've never once seen a referee back down or change his call based on the argument of a coach. At some point you just walk away and let it go. This guy has a difficult time as it is trying to change the mindset of that program into a winning program without getting into it so heatedly with a ref that he's suspended. I highly doubt being suspended and his team having to play without their head coach will really make much of a difference with that team in the coming 2 games.

West Jordan, UT

The problem with CHHS Football is not the coaching staff but with all the interference from volunteers and the administration. It is my understanding the principal has really started to work with the program, but is receiving information from people who want it to fail. These people are the ones he should be able to trust, but outright lies and misinformation are what he receives. He needs to talk to everyone in the program, players, coaches, parents, and members of the community to see what they want. Not just make knee jerk reactions. As a mom, this frustrates me as I saw my son become excited for this years coaching staff to see what happens when the coach goes to bat for them.

Raleigh, NC

Two articles in the paper today about HS football programs that are about as opposite as they can be.
Union High School - coaches, parents, teachers and administrators working together to develop the character of their students.
Copper Hills High School - Not so much. Maybe the priorities here are mixed up. Case in point, why does a principal and HC hire someone as a hall monitor inorder to make him an assistant coach?

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