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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 24 2013 11:25 p.m. MDT

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Beverly Hills, CA

Bronco needs to have a lifetime contract as of right now.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Ok, I like Taysom, I really do, but he should be playing receiver or safety. Just like Reily, BYU coaches are now rallying around their choice... Taysom Hill. Of course the article says they are not "Planning" on making any changes so they've left some wiggle room for themselves.

Idaho Falls, ID

Now is not the time to replace the QB. I agree with the coaches on this one. Right now there are a lot more problems with the passing game than just the QB's accuracy. Let's work on all facets of the passing game to make it better. The only thing I would add that the coaches didn't mention--which I believe is a huge part of the problem--is improving the whole passing scheme and offensive play calling. There is plenty of room for improvement there.
I still believe Taysom can be a very efficient passer because I have seen it--both last year and in high school. With this new system and the new coaching, it is unwise, and unfair, to bench Taysom after only 3 games.
I still believe he will get better, as long as the coaches do their part.


It's unbelievable to me that the coaches are choosing now to teach fundamentals. The receivers should have been coached up on technique back in the spring. This whole staff is woefully incapable; fire them all.

Mcallen, TX

The problem might be more with receivers getting open, than who'se throwing it.

meridian, idaho

Worst offensive coordinator in football. There should be change now. Do not wait!!!!! Poor coaching all around. I don't think BYU puts enough time in to the program. Everybody they play is better coached and better prepared. Passing routes are horrible and play calling is the same. You can't keep running straight up the middle 10 or more times like they did against Utah. When you do this someone is going to get punished and he did. The offensive coordinator should be in the press box where he can see watch is going on.

Provo, UT

BYU fans wouldn't be happy with Jim McMahon leading the offense. Can't be pleased. I've read the calls to make changes as long as I can remember.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

BYU is going to smash MTSU; and all will be well in Provo again.

UC Baller
Salt Lake City, UT

I knew we should have signed the Timpview QB and big WR from last year. They both would be starting for us.

C'mon Cougs- get it together! We aren't Oregon! Think about the plays you are calling and execute them. No more 15 yard over thier head throws and drops!

St George, Utah

Everyone just needs to calm down.

2 weeks ago this "struggling" BYU offense put up 550 yds against Texas. Granted, this Texas team is not great, but It was still Texas!! The longhorns were not prepared for Taysom Hill and it showed. Utah was able to study the film from Texas and create a great game plan and contained the BYU running game beautifully, as bad as it pains me to say it. Taysom Hill has a great arm and is a smart and strong competitor and has elite speed in the open. I do not hold him responsible for the offensive struggles. The offensive line has been inconsistent (gave up 6 sacks to Utah) and the timing between Taysom and the receivers is a big problem. Then there is the play calling... Robert Anae seems to be too stubborn to make necessary adjustments to his game-plan. The defense consistently keeps BYU in the game, but the offense is always falling short. Something needs to change.

The sad truth is BYU will never be a top program with the coaching staff it currently has. But I guess we should be grateful for consistent mediocrity? It could be worse.

ET Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Timing... You're talking about timing. What were they doing all spring and summer?

Alpharetta, GA

It's fine. Change nothing. Remain constant and consistent. Lose another 4-5 games. Then, you'll become, in the words of Coach Mendenhall, "irrelevant."

Coach M is a good man. I'd want my kids to serve as missionaries under his leadership. Call him as mission president.Then hire someone who can hire a Grade "A" staff; Someone who has a fire in the belly for wins and beating Utah; someone who can win, attract talent and is a good guy.

Sheesh. Please make a pitch to Andy Reid.

east of utah
Saint Joseph, MO

What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Beaver, UT

"BYU football: Despite recent struggles, Cougars don't plan to make any changes on offense."

Excellent! See you in 3 years, now we can pick up where we left off.

Bronco and crew, the gift that keeps on giving year after year.

Provo, UT

As trite as it sounds, I agree with Bronco: the offense needs to work on execution. The offensive scheme worked well against Texas, and it would have worked against Utah if players would have executed. That simply means catching those passes rather than dropping them, and Hill not overthrowing so many receivers. Fix those issues and the game would have been a win for the Cougars.

BTW, I still hate "independence"!

Lehi, UT

Every year under Bronco, the Cougars begin the season with their pants down around their ankles!
Continual improvement
More consistency
A work in progress
* a change in COACH. -> every excuse has now been used "BRONCO" your getting worse!!

Lehi, UT

Hill can only get better, it's the only choice!

Texans for BYU
Houston, TX

I get a real kick out of the comments here. It's as through you all think you know more than the coaches who are working with this group of student athletes. And yet, you are the ones with lousy jobs who live just to sit on your couch and watch a game.

This is a new offensive strategy and I expected it to have some wrinkles in it for the first couple games. The coaches will make adjustments and work with the boys to improve their weaknesses on the field. I have full faith and confidence in their abilities to work through this without the adjust of weekend couch potatoes like those posting above.


Lehi, UT

BYU Football has fallen " From Bronco Mediocracy to Bronco Bottom! "

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

Go fast - go hard - go lose. Forgive me, I'm just suffering from Bronco fatigue.

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