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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 24 2013 4:55 p.m. MDT

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Alpine, UT

The Utes needed a time out so they would have a chance of playing in a bowl game some time in the next 4 years.

Sports Are Great
Salt Lake City, UT

Can you think of anything more holier than thou than tattling on the other team? Provo used to be known as a hot bed for self righteousness, but that title has since moved to salt lake.

Perhaps with this break ute "fans" will begin to pay more attention to their team than byu. But judging by the number of comments on byu vs Utah articles I would say that is not likely. What we all have in common is we pay more attention to BYU, cougars and utes alike.

Sandy, UT

I find it pretty sad and pathetic when a fan base tries to hide behind a lack of a specific honor code as an excuse for poor behavior. Right is right and wrong is wrong. I have a hard time believing the man upstairs has one set of rules for me and another for my friends in the red, be they Mormon, Catholic, baptist, or atheist. I get ashamed of my fellow Mormons when they think cheering for a particular team absolves them from doing what is right.

Girlse State
Midvale, UT

With each passing year Max's words, however harsh, were becoming more true.

Omaha, NE

I was hoping that the rivalry would end. The contention and silly actions is getting out of hand. Too bad for this fan that this rivalry will continue.


Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

Can I expect to see you back here in December if, which now appears very likely, BYU fails to become bowl eligible?

Didn't think so.

Be careful how you dish it out, when there is more than a decent chance BYU will be bowl-less this year.

You've won one game. Where are the other 5 coming from?

At least Utah is halfway there. So ya, your smack is pretty ridiculous.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT


You guys helped us get to bowl games.

Automatic win.


"I get ashamed of my fellow Mormons when they think cheering for a particular team absolves them from doing what is right."

Me, too. Seeing hundreds of members of my faith hurl things at referees because of the outcome of both a football game and a basketball game in less than 3 years is very embarrassing. When people ask me why so many people follow rules that are strictly for my faith, but fail to live up to principles of common decency, it saddens me to have no good answer.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

One person who I'm sure appreciated Max Hall's ill-advised victory speech was Lenny Gomez. The media used to replay his "you'll be pumping my gas" rant until Max came up with something more comprehensive. Its also interesting to note that the Cougar's haven't won since Max's tirade.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Here are the y "fans", early and often, eager to cast the first stone. Thanks for making Rock's point.

CO Ute

I do not like BYU and probably never will but you will never see me make a post using the word 'hate' or similar; there is just no need for that. I respect the accomplishments of BYU and the talent of players like Van Noy but that doesn't mean I will ever root for them to win.

Spent most of my life in Utah, am not LDS and don't see that the schools are all that similar. One is public, the other private. One is liberal and the other is conservative. About the only similarity I see is they are both located close to each other.

I'm glad to see a 2 year break and hope some of the fans grow up in that time span. Even better, I can rib my Mormon friends for at least 2 more years about our winning steak.

Salt Lake City, UT

I am super glad that the rivalry is taking a hiatus. It will make both sides sort of go back to their respective corners and be quiet. There is too much animosity in this whole affair.

Provo, UT

No it doesn't. Even if the Utes have won four in a row and 10 out of the last 13, the vast majority of the games have been dramatic, often coming down to the last possession or even the last play in regulation or overtime. These games are great. Whatever Utah football player said, "I hope that the A.D.'s pull their heads out.." was totally right on.

Cougar Cindy
Salt Lake City, UT

Well, these boards are proving Brad Rock is right this time. Cougars we've cried a river, now let's build a bridge and get over it. No more whining and blaming, please.

The game was oh so disappointing, but bad fan behavior is much worse. Heaven help us if the hiatus does not cure it.


East Salt Lake City, Utah


The Utes needed a time out so they would have a chance of playing in a bowl game some time in the next 4 years.


Yes and that is why we canceled the annual guaranteed win.

Utah is 9-3. So BYU has a better chance of Tysom Hill throwing a completion, then BYU has beating Utah.

I will let you decide what's more sad.

Orem, UT

Reading some of these comments convinces me that I'm glad there is a break from the rivalry and I wish it was permanent. It's not fun anymore. I can go watch a bunch of two year olds bicker and throw tantrums and get the same experience. Thanks but no.

Provo, UT

So the fans get a little emotional and sometimes even the players. But it's not like rabid fans are killing century old trees or anything. Let the games continue. As far as dramatic, close games, the last 20 years of BYU vs. Utah football have utterly spectacular. I for one is saddened by the two-year hiatus...

Salt Lake City, UT

Please read all the comments. Every story about BYU and Utah.

From a former college coach (D1 out of state), you guys sure think you are something.

You would think you are two Top 5 programs.

Reality check...both the Utes and Cougars are non factors and not relevant in the BCS picture anymore.

Utah will barely be bowl eligible; BYU pads it's schedule to be bowl eligible.

Fans from both sides should get a clue.


Cougar Cindy,

Your comments are far too reasonable for this crowd. Move along....

Danbury, CT

Lost in all of this pathetic hate talk is the fact these are just student athletes. That's one BIG thing the schools have in common. I'm a lifelong BYU fan but have family that have gone to the U, and have known several football players who were awesome kids. I also see how many of my Ute friends get stung by some of the more personal jibes. So yes, while neither side is perfect, we're just people and often from the same family on both sides.

I was visiting out there last week and when I revealed who I was cheering for, had someone tell me "we don't like you here". Now if someone I know tells me that, I can laugh at the comment, but coming from a stranger, that's just plain weird. Let's grow up people, and act like adults. For those of you with any moral compass, LDS or not, knock it off!

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