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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 24 2013 4:15 p.m. MDT

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Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

@Open Minded,

If you want to "lean out" the DOD, turn in your resignation. Why should you fire others? Aren't their needs equal to yours? Don't their families count? Or, do you take satisfaction in giving out "pink slips"? Where's your compassion? I've never fired anyone in my life. When things got tough, we all worked together to rebuild the business. I took the same cut as those who worked with me.

As to how I voted, were you in the booth with me? Not even my wife knows how I voted, nor would I ever ask her how she voted. It's none of my business and it's none of your business. It's called a "private ballot" for a reason.

Just what do I have to do with AutoDesk or AutoCAD? Is that another incorrect assumption that you made?

You and Hatch have a lot in common. Take that anyway that you want.

Provo, UT

Hatch is operating in the realm of reality while Lee is operating in the land of what he wishes reality was. If Cruz and Lee had succeeded, the government would end up in a shut-down. Poll after poll show that the Republicans would take a hit in the 2014 mid-term elections which would make it more difficult to change any portion of the health care law. Hatch knows what can and cannot be accomplished when you are a minority party in the Senate. If you read what he has said on the issue you will realize that he wants to dismantle Obamacare. He just understands that the Lee and Cruz approach doesn't have a good ending either in 2013, 2014 or in the Presidential election in 2016. Lets be real here - do you think Obama would sign any law that defunds his signature accomplishment and if he wouldn't sign it the Senate would need 67 votes to over-ride. At some point you have to say to yourself, "what can I do with this hand I've been dealt?' Lee has a pair of 3's and acts like he has a royal flush. The cards are not there.

Santa Clara, UT

Think of the money we could save if the govt. was shut down.

Ephraim, UT

I have always supported Hatch, but today I received an email from him that is the best example of doublespeak I have ever read. If he is so anxious to kill Obamacare, why did he vote to remove the best leverage the Republicans have to kill it?

His email:

"Dear Friend:

"The effort to defund Obamacare is at the forefront of the nation's attention as we fight to bring fiscal sanity back to an issue that will impact every single American. The Senate unanimously voted today to move forward with debate on the Continuing Resolution spending bill which funds all of government except Obamacare. As I said, the vote was unanimous: 100-0.

"I applaud the House for passing a government funding bill last week to fund all of the government except for the President's disastrous health law. Defunding Obamacare is the right thing to do, and that's why I voted to proceed to the House-passed bill that defunds the law.

"...The more Utahns and their fellow Americans learn about Obamacare the more they hate it, and by voting this way we move the ball forward in a way that impacts Obamacare the most...."

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Sign the petition and we can get rid of these ultra right(and left) wing candidates who are trying to ruin this great country.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

@Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

@Open Minded,

If you want to "lean out" the DOD, turn in your resignation. Why should you fire others? Or, do you take satisfaction in giving out "pink slips"?


Oh brother...here we go again.

1. I don't fire anybody.

2. I look over Engineering drawings from hundreds and thousands of DoD suppliers.
When I find one raking the United States taxpayer $17,000 for a bolt, or $5,000 for a washer, I find someone else meeting the same rigid Engineering criteria that is also a certified DoD supplier and change the part number to order the cheaper one -- NOT the ridiculously expensive Corporate one.
I'm authorized to do so.

The $BILLIONS I witness daily being wasted would make even YOU cringe,
and is one reason why I loathe the very Corporations you worship.

Sell a weapon system -- and hide in the contract, the supplies required [goops, glues, paint, nuts, bolts, washers, wiring -- stuff from HomeDepot] these Corporations are silently gutting taxpayers -- until guys like me catch them at it.

Makes the Mafia look like silly little chumps.
That's how they play in the BIG league.

Salt Lake City, UT

Orrin Hatch is a progressive Republican, meaning he isn't fit to represent normal people. Time for him to retire to the east coast with the rest of 'em. Obamacare is doing horrible damage to our budget and my wife needs to be covered for her disabilities.

I prefer to be free of him; regardless of his "clout" to save Hill AFB as his only method of re-election. I don't think it was really threatened after all.

Everett, 00

21 and 1/2 hours,

And not ONE new idea, solution, or alternative.


play by the rules

Thank you senator Lee. Those of us who have common sense applaud you!

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

It was not a filibuster, it was a media show for the gullible.

Murray, UT

Mike Lee is quite a guy. Willing to make the majority suffer for the good of the few. Interesting that, for such a smart guy, he hasn't presented us with a real, workable health care plan. Maybe he, like many other Americans, knows so little about the Affordable Health Care act that he has no idea how to improve it. So shut down the government. That will show them.

New to Utah

Utah got snookered when they re elected Hatch. He has been in DC way too long. Mike Lee is intelligent, articulate and right in step with the majority of Utah voters. Ted Cruz performed a great service to the everyday citizen by exposing Obamacare for the train wreck,partisan piece of legislation enacted without one republican vote in either the house or senate. The lies, horsetrading,bribes and fraud used to get the votes in the senate were done during the Christmas Holiday to avoid the scrutiny it deserved.It is hurting businesses in Utah right now as they try to understand it and how it affects their employees.

Bob K
porland, OR

Hello, I am going to assume that most people reading this are members of the church of Jesus Christ of the latter day saints -- so you are Christians.

Hatch is intelligent, capable, and interested in what is best for Utah and right for America.
The other guy represents the worst in modern politics; the notion that anyone who is an opponent in any way should be buried by whatever means, whether true and honest or not.

The Affordable Care Act, according to all the studies, seems to benefit millions of Americans.
In fact, it was a republican idea, which ought to have been passed 40 years ago.

Rich hospital corporations, doctors, and pharmaceutical interests have spent many millions to make you think that universal health care is the work of socialist devils.

If you believe in Christ, how can you not see that His children deserve health care.

If you believe in fiscal responsibility, how can you not see that keeping folks from having to go bankrupt, or having to call 911 is good?

The unfortunately hateful side of the republican party, including one Utah senator, does not care who they hurt.

Beverly Hills, CA

(R Short Sale on his house) Lee and Cruz (R Canadian) both voted for this bill in the end. Nice political theater and no real substance.

Mind to Mind
St.Peters, MO

Really ?!........Senator Cruz.........GREEN EGGS AND HAM ?!

Really ?!

Senator Cruz YOU have just GAVANIZED the Independent & Democratic voters AGAINST the Republican Party even more than they were BEFORE YOUR FILABUSTER SPEECH !!!

Nice job of handing the next Presidential election.....AWAY FROM....your own Republican Party !

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

Something to ponder: would Cruz and/or Lee do this if the bill belonged to Romney?


Senator Hatch became conservative 2 years before the 2012 elections. I believed that he had truly changed. This has so far proved to be incorrect. More than once he has sided with his liberal buddies. He stated he would fight against OBAMACARE before his election. Where is the evidence he has done that? We need this fight to be more transparent so the American people can know the tricks being played to keep it alive. NO back room negotiations with Dirty HARRY.

I was a pretty active proponent of Senator Hatch in the caucus meetings. I regret that decision. In an interview I watch he was ask about the congressional staff getting a subsidy for Obamacare because they were left out. His response was that they should get the same benefits as congressional people they work for. He was very elitist in his response. I don’t know why congress should be on a different plan than the American people. Especially if we are being herded like cattle to the single payor plan.

SENATOR HATCH please help us to overturn OBAMACARE NOW. You promised that but I see no evidence of a promise being fulfilled.

Erda, Ut

Orrin Hatch is exactly what is wrong with Washington, career politicians. I was sick to my stomach when he was re elected. He cares nothing about us, afterall he is exempt from this. I love Mike Lee and Ted Cruz. Finally people who represent us people, not their own ideals. We don't want Obamacare and it's wrong to be forced on us.

Riverside, CA

Why is the DN fueling the civil war in the GOP?

Hatch's statement in the piece is subdued and reasonable (and correct in my opinion), but the headline that jumps out at you is "Orrin Hatch blasts Mike Lee." No, he made a statement in disagreement of Cruz's and Lee's approach -- which is perfectly fine.

Republicans need to stop attacking one another. Disagreement is fine, but save attacks for the opposing party.

Centerfield Sanpete, UT

I agee with Senator Hatch! Who I have great repect for!

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