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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 24 2013 11:55 a.m. MDT

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Truth Fisherman
Atlanta, GA

I tried to join the Relief Society, but I couldn't pass the physical.

Mesa, AZ

Can anyone point out any examples from the scriptures where women held the priesthood?

Tooele, UT

I am not going to attempt to speak for the women of the LDS Church. It is simply not my place. The fact of the matter is, society demands more of women in many aspects. On top of that, even in 2013, women are still severely oppressed in many parts of the world. So for me to attempt to speak for women and girls would be totally foolish.

With that in mind, I will say I find the motivation of these women's group who want to be ordained to the priesthood as a bit suspect and here's why.

These women claim they simply want to be treated as equal. OK, great! But will they practice what they preach? Do public schools give boys the same opportunities they give to girls? Do TV shows portray wives, daughters and working women the same as they do fathers, sons and working men?

When was the last time our current President gave a speech praising the hard working and determined BOYS in our country? When was the last time you saw a TV news program talk about a boy who didn't beat up his girlfriend or get caught with drugs?

bountiful, ut

I would venture to present that this request, what these women are seeking, will be granted at precisely the same time that men are enabled to personally experience the joys and travail of pregnancy and childbirth. There are certain things that will not change, and no amount of pressure towards the contrary will ever change that. The best they can hope for is like revelation of new doctrine to help put this stuff to bed... So, I guess on the flip side, thank you for 'speeding' up the process. :)

bountiful, ut

One of the first comments mentioned that the Priesthood meeting is for all worthy Priesthood holders age 12 and up. I believe that is false. It is open to all males ages 12-up whether they currently hold the priesthood or are worthy of it. There is no worthiness interview to receive tickets. There is no flash your temple recommend at the doors. All boys and men are part of a quorum whether they are members or not... The neighborhoods they grow up in or presently live are their quorum according to the ward they live within the boundaries of. There is someone within the vicinity that can take any desiring of age participant to the meeting. I really wish activism like this would stop. however, it won't. It will I dare say only get worse with each passing year. Just hold strong to your testimony and don't sway because of the opinions of the wings.

Ant O
New Zealand, 00

I just wanted to thank you Sister Kelly,

I don't imagine more eyes will have ever been more interested in viewing a priesthood session! I hope that men & women all around the world, including Mormon or non-Mormon, have an opportunity to understand what Mormon men hope to become by living to the instructions that will be received. I hope more women outside the church because of you Sister Kelly realize what they deserve in a husband and father, I hope more women recognize the values a man must uphold to enable him rights to his priesthood authority and the blessings a family may receive. One request is that you refer more to The Family Proclamation to the World.


Bel Air, MD

Probably the best comment I have heard on this was that men need the priesthood to encourage us to be charitable and compassionate where women are naturally inclined to those attributes.

Alexandria, VA

Normally I am very liberal - but the LDS Church is a religion and within the religion - the Church is perfectly within is rights to set bounds and limits. The Priesthood is not for sale in a store on the street - so in my view - sorry sisters - not even a debatable point.

Harwich, MA

For all of you that keep trying to remind me that this is for "Men" only it's not the point. "Men" are not all that special. If women were given the Priesthood they would get everything accomplished and the men would sit on their duffs and let them. The Church decided to exclude women, not God.

Hays, KS

I have never felt excluded from the Priesthood Session. I can watch it online any time I want, just as the brethren can watch the Relief Socitey Broadcast any time they want. But, if a bunch of guys were gate crashing the Relief Society meeting, I would feel like they should be a bit less selfish. There's only so room, and it should be reserved for those the meeting was designed for, especially when a broadcast is availible for all. As to the other topic, women holding the priesthood, all I can say is that those who desire this don't seem to understand the priesthood. This idea that the world has to force everything to be the same, even things that are not the same, is a very destructive thing, indeed. I am not lessened by men having the priesthood, nor do I resent that it's a priveledge given to men. Blessings, in whatever form they may be, are gifts to us. What does it say of a child who just recieved a bike and turns around to covet the new telescope of their sibling? I'd hoped we were all better than this.

Cedar Rapids, IA

On Judgement Day, we will be judged for our actions and the intents of our hearts.

I personally would not want to stand before the Lord or one of his appointed servants to declare my stewardship and say, "Oh, by the way, I never supported that idea that only men should hold the priesthood."

These "old, fallible" men are directed by God. Having served in callings with some nearness to some of these "old" men, I can testify they are not operating under their own agendas.

If the Lord wants to change the order of things regarding the priesthood, He will. Until then, it behooves us all to accept what has been revealed and live that as well as we can, rather than agitate for personal agenda items.

Layton, UT

"This isn't really just about going to priesthood meeting." said activist Kate...

My response is, "Well it should be."

If the message doesn't matter then the point is lost, no matter the cause. It indicates there's more envy than actual understanding.

Are you kidding me
Fruit Heights, UT

Are you kidding me? Number one: Who would want to go to another meeting? Number two: These women really don't understand how the Lord works. If there were to be any change in procedure, it would come through Jesus Christ himself through his prophet, not through public opinion. These women need to search their feelings and decide if they are doing it for the glory of God, or the glory of themselves. This is God's power, not man's power. I for one enjoy the blessings of God's power without having the obligation of bearing that power. And I'm happy because that is the way the Lord set it up, and to Him I give all glory, power, and honor.

City, Ut

Guess we should just be glad these ladies will be using their time and energies trying to promote their agenda and pointlessly trying to get into priesthood meeting---instead of stripping down to join the Utah Undie Run the next day.

If you wanna talk about folks treading on thin ice.............


I would have just read this article and be interested in it, if it weren't for this part:

"They are taking the attention away from the reason we have general conference in the first place: to listen to what living prophets have to say to us. Instead, they are trying to get the living prophets to listen to them. That just seems wrong to me."

That seems to imply that it's wrong to want the prophets to listen to us. But why? Why is it wrong to want to have our concerns and feelings heard? Even if it's not with the expectation that we're going to change anyone's mind, why is simply wanting to be listened to such a bad thing?

orem, UT

Dennis, you do your gender a disservice. Men ARE special and God loves them dearly, just as women are. We each have different steengths, even the physical nature of our bodies speak to this.

I don't think you're going to convince many that this is not God's choice and men are so weak they would sit back and let the women do all the work if they could. I would submit you don't know many active LDS men, or your opinion blinds you. With or without the priesthood these men would be devoted and active because they love God and want to follow their Savior.

Saint George, UT

Hey men, get behind this movement. Give them the reigns of providing for a family, paying taxes, leading business, and raising those unruly boys. I've been wanting to do more hunting, fishing, and hiking.

Mcallen, TX

So many trouble makers.

Go find another church.

Just that simple!

Harlem, GA

From a visiting General Authority during our Stake Conference a coupe of years ago:

"God gave women the ability to bear children so they can learn to love and serve others. God gave men the ability to hold the priesthood so they can learn to love and serve others."

It's just that simple.


What happened to the Community of Christ (RLDS Church) when it started ordaining women? I'm told that fully one-third of its active membership left as a direct result, and additional doctrinal dilution has diminished the church even further. (An ongoing belief in modern revelation seems to be about the only thing now that distinguishes the C of C from a number of protestant churches.) One can argue about the objective merit of major doctrinal or policy changes in a church--I personally am happy the LDS Church no longer practices polygamy or bars persons of black African ancestry from the priesthood or temple ordinances--but diminution is a natural consequence thereof.

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