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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 24 2013 11:55 a.m. MDT

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Dr. Thom
Long Beach, CA

I was raised by a single Aunt, so when general priesthood session time came around, I just went with a male cousin or my scout leader. Not hard to do at all

Cedar Hills, UT

To our protesting sisters,
If you want something bad enough, try to go about it the old fashioned way. Humble yourselves and Pray.

West Point, ny

These women are so completely clueless. The Priesthood of God has NEVER been held by women and NEVER will. For this woman to try and say it has been "expanded" over time shows how she truly has NO idea WHAT the Priesthood is or the purpose of it in the Church of Jesus Christ.

Just like the supposed GAY man on here who is waiting for the opportunity to be sealed in the Temple to his "eternal" gay companion. Will NEVER happen. Not part of ETERNAL principles that will NOT change no matter how much SATAN tries to make right look wrong to those who have lost the Holy Ghost as their companion.

Atoka, TN

We already know that the Priesthood is for the men to hold. Why bother the Lord asking again. It reminds me of when Martin Harris asked Joseph to pray about getting the pages of the Book of Mormon. Our God is an unchanging God. Only because society changes doesn't mean the church or God will.

Kaysville, UT

Well, if I were God, and I had a church on earth, I would think that I might have the prerogative of directing the affairs of that church. Interesting that a very small part of the body would tell the Head of the church what to do. It's rare that a person would wake up and say, "I think I'll counsel God as to what He should do with His church today!"

If a person stopped to think about and respect what members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints actually believe- that God/Christ IS the head of the church, then maybe it being the way it is might make sense! Imagine that! If that IS true, then you're okay! If it is NOT true, then just go and start your own church and do with it as you please.

Honestly, if these women who are seeking priesthood ordination knew anything about what they believe, they would realize that they are really not missing out on anything, but would realize that the priesthood is the invitation for men to learn to be worthy of manhood- and ultimately worthy of the companionship of womanhood.

Pittsburgh, PA

Why in the world would anyone want to attend an extra meeting???!

Mesa, AZ

If you are an active Latter-Day Saint and frequently attended the temple then you should know how men and women relate to the priesthood. The endowment is all about the priesthood. It is a cumulative ceremony building up to the fullness with both men and women actively participating.

Springville, UT

Sorry, @Johnny Triumph. I'm with Ohio.

"I wish at times that I could have the same abilities to love, nurture, and bless lives like women have to offer."

Seriously? That is such a scapegoat and stereotype that you've bough into. I mean, what would you say about me? A man who is much more nurturing than my wife and someone who has learned to love like the Christ I have studied, loves.

Maybe try harder then?

Provo, UT

There are differences between males and females. I know that is a shock to some people. One is not better than the other ... I like the differences....I don't want to be a female and my wife doesn't want to be a male.

Boise, ID

Here's my little rant...
We women have been given gifts as equally great as the priesthood, as General Authorities have previously stated on many occasions. The reason priesthood is given to men is because they need it for their growth. Women do not need it for their growth- we've already got God-given gifts within. That should be enough.

We are no less than men. We each have individual gifts that are foreordained to have equal partnerships in our marriage, to strengthen each other and balance us as equals. What a gift it is to be a woman! We should be happy to be blessed with the inborn gifts God has given us!

Boise, ID

@Ohio-LDS: We each do have the ability to love; after all, we are here to become more like our Savior who has loving forever flowing for each of God's children. However, the roles of motherhood do not come natural to men as stated previously and in these talks. It is a God-given responsibility that each of us has individually to find the potential God sees in us. This potential is essentially found in our gender and the blessings we receive from being our own individual. The leaders of the church have stated that women's natural gifts and rights to motherhood were given to them in the premortal as was the priesthood to men. We were each bestowed with these gifts in order to benefit our homes and our preparation for the next life. There should be no question to why men have the priesthood and why women are blessed with their own set of gifts. There are used for equal purpose, not one higher than the other. The Lord knows best and He is the one who presented them and bestowed them upon us.

Boise, ID

@Dennis: Think about it, both partners should not be holding priesthood. It's quite a responsibility! There's a reason why men are given the priesthood- they do not have that nurturing form in their home. Instead, their blessing to the family is the priesthood.

Boise, ID

@NoCoolName_Tom: False: There are sources that given about the women's nature being equal to the priesthood of men in modern and recent times. Here are some examples for you. Enjoy. 1. Teaching the Doctrine of the Family by Sister Julie B. Beck; Relief Society General President.
2. "To the Mothers of Zion" by President Ezra Taft Besson Feb. 1987.

The roles of both male and female are evident and natural and have been since the start of man-kind. Mind you, this does not make the other unequal. Adam was to preside over the home, not rule. As LDS, we believe that both couples are equal in their responsibility in the home. One is not above the other. The ability for women to nurture is obvious. Most males do not have the same capability to nurture as naturally and as giving as most females. It's been proven in several studies and I do have resources for these as well. Here's one of many: "The State of Our Unions: The National Marriage Project." Search it.

Stafford, VA

Isn't it wisdom to not only allow, but actually encourage, the guys to have special guy-time focused on goodness with reverence?

Women, by natural ability, have so much responsibility already, it would be un-equal to also give us the duties of the Priesthood (we already have the blessings).

Most importantly, did they ask The Lord what He wants?

Springville, UT

How sad. A bright, articulate woman has questions and is seeking answers just as the religion she adopted has instructed her and whose founder employed the same exercise. Now, here come all the zealots pointing their fingers in stone-throwing fashion, telling her she is wrong, audacious, and deceived by "Satin".

Glad we can all play God here and dictate to one of his children the opinions of their own faith-based tenets. You'd think they've all seen God and know his absolute will or something.

Sister Kelly, God bless you. None of know all the answers—If we did, we'd all be transfigured by now.

Springville, UT

I could not help but remember Sonia Johnson when reading this article.

Making a media event out of this will serve no purpose but to quicken their journey to apostasy.


Idaho Falls, ID

I just don't understand how you can believe in the divinity of the Church on one hand but deny the divinity of the Prophet(s) on the other. But looking back on Church History I guess that is how most apostasies start.

I would ask Sister Kelly this question:
How does this protest show that you are supporting and sustaining the Prophet, the Quorum of the Twelve, the other general authorities and local leaders of the Church?

Please understand, Sis Kelly, your efforts, though noble, are misguided, and will only lead to heartache.

pocatello, ID

If Kate Kelly needs more to do in the church, have I got a list for her!

byu rugby
Crystal Lake, IL

If they give the women the priesthood then we men could stay home on Sunday and watch sports uninterrupted. Not a bad idea! They can handle everything themselves and stop nagging us to be an example! And, if we could get them to not shriek when they spot a bug or expect us to do inconvenient things because "we are men" life would be perfect. Just show up to the wedding, make a donation once in a while, and leave us alone other wise!

I don't need to be equal. let the women be in charge. I wonder what a "chick fight" would look like if they also ran all the countries?

Scott G.

So why do they think they have to be there when they can watch it on TV now?

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