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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 24 2013 11:55 a.m. MDT

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West Valley, UT

There are things with the church that I have questioned in my lifetime. As I have prayed and studied, I have come to the conclusion over and over again that the church is true and those at its head will never lead us astray. I take that seriously. We all have questions and doubts, which is natural, and we are encouraged to sort those out. But as Elder Holland said last conference "In the church, what we know always trumps what we do not know." If you have issues or doubts about the church doctrine or leadership, when you are giving more attention to those doubts or criticism than to just living the gospel the way you should, you are on the road to losing your testimony.

Richard Cranium
Mesa, AZ

I agree with @NoCoolName_Tom about people using "non-doctirnal" excuses to back up a claim. We have all heard them, some of those excuses are used in these comments. The use of these excuses belittles us all, so please stop.

Where I disagree with this group is that the premise of their protest is that the church leaders have it wrong and need to plead with God to get a correction. I'm not suggesting that the prophets are infallible, just not wrong. I also take issue with the way this group is protesting. The appropriate channel for this would be to make requests with their local bishop and stake president, not to hold a press conference on the doorstep of the Conference center for all the world to see. As if popular opinion will force the Lord to change this.

"Cursed are all those that shall lift up the heel against mine anointed, saith the Lord, and cry they have sinned when they have not sinned before me, saith the Lord, but have done that which was meet in mine eyes, and which I commanded them." D&C 121:16

chubbuck, ID

Sorry Kate Kelly but I feel that you and your group are in the wrong. Don't do this. It's wrong to even ask for tickets. Are you kidding me? I'm all for girl power, but this is just wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I think you can focus your energy somewhere else.



Exactly! I've found that sisters who are all gung-ho about getting the Priesthood have absolutely NO idea what that entails. There's nothing glamorous about being a faithful Priesthood holder. It's a sacred privilege and an honor, yes, but if one is truly doing his duty, it's also a heavy, endless, thankless grind, even WITHOUT the enormous added burden of being an EQ president, HP Group leader, Bishop, Stake President, or General Authority.

Do you really want MORE meetings? MORE phone calls late at night? MORE time spent away from home and family after an already long, hard day? MORE responsibility to try to get slothful members to start carrying their weight? MORE experiences having your heart ripped out as you listen to a young man or woman confess serious sins? MORE time realizing that no matter what you say or do, somebody in the ward is going to be mad?

What I'm saying doesn't diminish the role and impact of the sisters in any way whatsoever. All I'm saying is, in the words of The Maestro, "Be careful what you wish for. You might find what you fear."

Whitehouse, OH

I personally feel that if these sisters truly believed that they will follow the will of the Lord in their request, the request would never have been made in the first place. The will of the Lord is plain. The blacks didn't stand on the temple grounds requesting to be let in. It happened in the Lord's time. There were no protests, no disobedience, and no forums, blogs, or other public media set up to publish their desires. If these sisters truly wanted to know the will of the Lord, they would not leave it up to the priesthood to tell them, they would go directly to the Lord and ask. He does still hear and answer prayers. I suppose next they will be wanting to allow the church to marry same sex couples. Just take a good look at the Community of Christ, formerly known as the Reorganized Church. They have women holding the priesthood and performing all priesthood duties and are now marrying same sex couples just to appease the masses. They are dwindling every day in membership. I personally do not need to hold the priesthood to feel whole.

Somewhere in the USA, UT

Utah Native "Our Grandmothers and many of our mothers never sat down for dinner until their husband was comfortable and well fed"

Just so you know, I love to feed my family and not sit down until they have all been cared for and in no was is that subservient. I also love when my gas tank has been filled, my lawns mowed, the weeds sprayed and the farming done by my boys.And I even work outside of my home and have my own money and credit cards, I do this not because I'm told but because I love my role, and they love theirs. This is the problem I have with this whole movement, how dare you think only your way to correct or "unsubservient". I live the role I live because I choose, you are free to live how you want but how dare you think it wrong because you don't agree. Bigotry works both ways.

Phoenix, AZ

If the LDS church incorporates prejudice and discrimination towards women then it should forfeit its nonprofit corporation tax exempt status. That is Gods and Americas way.

West Valley, UT

I am at the same time amused and annoyed by the comments of those who are obviously not members of the LDS church. They don't understand the structure or organization of the church at all. They don't even know what the Priesthood really is, but they are outraged that women don't have it. They try to be experts on a subject they know nothing about, assuming the church and the world can even come close to being a good comparison.

West Valley, UT

Almost every preisthood conference that I been to in a stake center there have been women in watching it. I know that some did it to watch it with their son's since maybe their father could not come or they did't have a father. I do not see any problem with women watching it.

scripture power
Herriman, UT

It is very important to me, when I am ill or need a special blessing, that I receive this action from my family members. I know their spiritual power. They hold the priesthood. They have the power to call upon the Lord for His will to be done in my life. When a grandson does not have his father available for attendance to a priesthood meeting, another priesthood holder steps up and accompanies him to the session. I wonder how Ms. Kelly can sing the beautiful songs that for years have testifies to the Lord's love and continuous guiding of our lives here on earth and then question the truthfulness of the plan of our church. It is laid out in the D&C very carefully if one but read it and prayed about it. Why would anyone think they know more than the Lord on how our church is governor? Does she think she is smarter than the Lord. What a responsibility she has taken on her shoulders to tell the Lord what to do. It isn't the leadership that is telling her no, it is the Lord.

Bounti, UT

I think that women forcing the prophet to ordain women to the priesthood will teach God that he is out of touch with today's feminist movement. When will Gd ever learn!@#


"we want to go to priesthood meeting so we can show our leaders that we are ready for both the benefits and responsibilities of the priesthood."

This statement alone shows that this person isn't ready for any Church calling. She lacks not only an understanding of priesthood leadership in the Church, she also lacks an appreciation of her role as a woman and/or mother. Actually, she is as close to apostate as it gets. She is ignoring true doctrine, as found in the scriptures, and is trying to supplant that with her own ideas and doctrine. The Savior clearly taught that contention is not of God but from the author of all sin. I would advise this lady, and her associates, to repent before it is too late.

Lafayette, CA

Thank, Richard. If I hear one more time how "Priesthood = motherhood" or how the current system is in place because it reflects the eternal differences between men and women I may just explode. There is NO PROOF for these assertions in anything official. FAIR has the following from in their pamphlet "What Is 'Official' Doctrine?":

Harold B. Lee expressed similar thoughts when he taught that any doctrine, advanced by anyone—regardless of position—that was not supported by the standard works, then “you may know that his statement is merely his private opinion.” He recognized that the Prophet could bring forth new doctrine, but “when he does, [he] will declare it as revelation from God,” after which it will be sustained by the body of Church. The Prophet can add to the scriptures, but such new additions are presented by the First Presidency to the body of the Church and are accepted by common consent (by sustaining vote) as binding doctrine of the Church (See D&C 26:2; 107:27-31).

Everyone needs to STOP repeating their own assumptions beyond the simple "I don't know why things are the way they are." Seriously.

chubbuck, ID

Sorry Kate Kelly but this is just wrong. Don't do this. Men and women are different and have different responsibilities. This is just wrong, wrong, wrong. I'm all for girl power, but this protest leaves me with a sick feeling in my stomach.

Sanpete, UT

This is getting ridiculous.

Look ladies. The meeting is for men. Do you have the priesthood? No. How would you like it if I went to the conference center for the Relief Society meeting and took a seat with my dad and brothers, and you were unable to attend?
There are a finite amount of seats. They are reserved for men--for whom the meeting is addressed. Stop proclaiming unfairness. I'd be super worried about this if I were you.
This is boarder line apostasy in my opinion.

orem, UT

This issue rolls around every so often with a new zealous group leading the charge. I guess we should be glad they have not chained themselves to the gates at Temple Square or shouted "no" during the sustaining of our current prophet like the group during the ERA movement did. I imagine this will go down in history having had the same results as other "well- intentioned" women demanding equality in the LDS church. (Will they wear pants to the Priesthood session?)

There are so many other ways for women to serve. Women having the priesthood is not the hill to die on if serving others, like men get to, is really the motivation.

Pleasanton, CA

Do those women go to priesthood meeting in their wards? I doubt it.


These women need to get a life!!!!!!!!

Provo, UT

To "Big D" and a couple others who commented on my first post...I did not say men were 'clamoring" to get into Women's and Young Women's conferences, etc. I said that there are those who want to and do attend (your "NO man goes to those" is bogus...I personally know of men who have gone/do go and have heard from plenty of others that they know of or have seen men attending). Why they want to go is beyond me...maybe they feel some sense of patriarchy or obligation as head of the family to know what's being said/taught to their wives/daughters (though they could also find out other ways, and after the fact, same as women can do re: priesthood session). The point is that they CAN go. No one's going to dare stop men from walking through the doors to one of the women's meetings. That's the difference here.

Provo, UT

Also, some said only men who are asked to speak at women's/young women's meetings go to them (though we know it's more than just those who go). And yet others even suggested maybe letting a woman or two speak at priesthood session would "suffice." Well, here again is a stark difference: women are not only not invited to speak or even give a prayer at priesthood session, they cannot even be in the building as part of the tech crew (cameras, audio, lights, ushers). That's how ridiculous the "no women at priesthood" practice/edict is. Please, someone, explain this, esp. since women (and even nonmembers) have been able to read about or watch the priesthood proceedings after the fact--and now they will be transmitted live)...so what has been, and continues to be, the problem with letting women into the meeting/building itself? It simply makes no sense.

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