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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 24 2013 11:55 a.m. MDT

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Somewhere in the USA, UT

If you truly are interested in being a female preisthood holder then the LDS church is not the church for you.It goes against most everything you are taught. You can not believe in the church and think men and women should be the same.This does not make women unequal, it means we have different God given roles.There are many churches that offer "priesthood type" roles for females, if that is truly want you feel is right why not go join one of them. If we want equality, that means letting others run things the way the see fit even when we disagree. There is a place in the world for all kinds. That's why there is more than one religon. I don't think you can believe the church true, and still demand to be like the males, it just doesn't work. I for one relish my role as a woman amd mother in the church that is why I belong to the LDS church, if I wanted to be a female preist or pastor I would join a church that offered me that. Get a grip people!!!

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

You are really REALLY stretching to find an issue. I think the confused look on your face is more pretend than real.

Young men don't have to attend with their father. They don't have to attend at the Conference Center. They can attend in their local meeting house. They can watch at home. Many young men attend and sit with their friends even though their father is also there. They can attend alone, they can attend with their friends and their fathers, they can attend with their home teacher. If he wants to attend at his local meeting house and watch the live broadcast I presume he could bring his mother (if he needs a chaperone to sit with him and nobody else will do).

If his father died I don't think there would be any REAL shortage of opportunity for him to attend. Many 12 year olds attend weekly meetings without either of their parents. It's not that big a deal.

If he really can't attend... he can read the talks in the church magazines, or download the video or audio from the AppleStore and watch it on his phone.


@Johnny Triumph,

When it comes to my children, you are simply wrong. I love them in the same way and to the same degree that my wife does. My love and ability to nurture are not superior to hers. But they are not inferior either. She and I do have differences in parental approach, personal preferences, and personal strengths. But those differences are temporary and evolving. Our love and ability to nurture are eternal. And it is shared equally between us. Please stop demeaning me and other men who love their children by claiming that our love is inferior to that of women.

West Jordan, UT

This is the Lord's church, not man's, not woman's. The First President and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles have all the rights and keys to the priesthood. They exercise those rights and keys according to the will of the Lord, not of man/woman/interest group(s). The current organization of the priesthood is that worthy males may receive and exercise their respective priesthood office (e.g. a worthy 12 year-old boy can be ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood to the office of deacon). If there are questions and concerns in our testimonies regarding the organization of the Church or the doctrine of Christ as outline in the scriptures, we need to search out the answers from the Lord if what He has taught us is true and right or we may find ourselves wandering down strange roads away from the tree of life or the love of God. The road to apostasy begins when we attempt to make exceptions to the gospel standards or when we seek to push our own personal agendas. "Seek ye the kingdom of God" (see Luke 12:13-34).

San Francisco, CA

"To me, agitating on the issue is a question of self-respect," she (Kate Kelly, the activist) said.

"The ordination of women would put us all on equal spiritual footing with our brethren, and nothing less will suffice."

I am sorry she feels her spiritual footing to be inferior to the brothers' based on not having the priesthood. Where does that leave the people who always find their talents being put to use as a ward librarian, finance clerk, or PFR? Can they claim they are being denied the same spiritual footing as those called as Sunday school teachers? Isn't our spiritual footing based on our own relationship with the Lord?

Then she turns around and says it is God's priesthood & we operate on His timetable.

So which is it: have faith in His timetable or pray for greater faith in it if necessary, or agitate for Him to change it by publicly lobbying His prophets?

Bountiful, UT

"We consider ourselves to be prospective elders, and we want to go to priesthood meeting so we can learn to be good priesthood holders, because we believe that time is coming. That is our focus."

This is totally ridiculous...What comes next? Men pleading for the right of getting pregnant?

Gilbert, AZ

Abiding the Lord's will and His timing is the essence of faith and testimony. This is His Church and he is at the head, if we are to doubt His ability to oversee His work then we must question all of our beliefs. There seems to be an equivocation being the priesthood authority and the priesthood holder the one coming from God the other one imperfect. This agitating of which they speak is the equivalent to a tamper tantrum. They certainly do not represent the majority of LDS women who, as it has been pointed out in the article “are at peace with how the Lord has chosen to establish his kingdom upon the earth” . The voiced discontent finds it seedbed in other issues of varying natures

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

@Ohio-LDS - I am in no way demeaning your parenting or how you love your children and have not said as much. If I speak with clear conscience and accurately and truthfully I must praise my wife for her God-given ability to love and to nurture. I seek to emulate that ability but it does not come naturally to me. You and I both seek to love and nurture our children, I'm sure, but women have an innate ability to do so. And it's not that men are 'inferior' to women in that regard, just very, very different in ability. Men and women both bring different talents to a home; when combined those talents produce amazing results. If we embrace the God-given abilities that we have we can look for ways to grow.

And please don't take offense at this, but for me to deny that women have a God-given ability to love and nurture is just demeaning to the most important people in my life. I refuse to demean my wife in such a way and rather choose to celebrate those abilities.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

I have no problems with it.

In fact,
I'm so old, I remember when Women couldn't even give opening or closing prayers in Sacrament meetings.

The one thing I love about living in a "Progressive" Church, is the progress we see from time to time.

Lehi, UT

I think it would be great to see women get the priesthood, but these women petitioning for it better be careful for what they wish for. You will now be expected to participate in the most time consuming and difficult callings in the church (bishopric, high council, stake presidency), be called on at any time to give a priesthood blessing, be commanded to serve a mission, and be commanded to lead your family in daily prayer, scripture study, FHE, and temple attendence.

Big 'D'
San Mateo, CA

Find me one man clamoring to attend the RS and YW conference meetings! LOL!!!
News flash-- no men attend these meetings (except for a couple of the speakers), and NONE CARE!
Perhaps to make things equal, they could invite a female to speak at the priesthood meeting.
That would actually break things up a bit and make it even more interesting and entertaining than it already is!



Thank you.

It is ridiculous that women who want to attend, would be turned away. Likewise, if men wanted to attend the women's conf/broadcast they should be allowed to do so as well.


Women cannot have the priesthood. Do not agree with it? ask God, he made it that way, no discussion. Do not attempt to change the order of thing and adjust to "modern life".


If there are doctrinal reason for such practices as excluding women from some meetings, not allowing them to be Sunday School Presidents, segregating men from women in the temple, etc., I'd like to hear them. Otherwise I'm inclined to think many of the practices currently observed are the result of arbitrary decisions of (fallible) old men (just as excluding blacks from holding the priesthood appears to have been). Therefore I welcome a certain amount of "agitation".

Salt Lake City, UT

It's hard to explain the LDS setup to my friends on the left outside of the church. There is a whole lot more "balance of power" between the genders in the church than is generally understood outside of it.

St.George, Utah

LDS males, again, year after year, decade after decade, repeat their statement......
"Woman and Mothers are just as important as the Priesthood". Quite the complement, eh?
Will there ever be more than just this very old, bland statement?
Women deserve a much more detailed explanation.
Other religions have had great success with women sharing the administrative duties.
Detailed information and a new, modern act of faith would speak much louder than these repetitive words.

Buena Vista, VA

I have long believed that men do not have certain roles in the Church because they have the priesthood; but rather,they are given the priesthood to fulfill their roles. Nor is priesthood a "consolation prize" to men who are otherwise less worthy than women, and also not able to bear children. Nor is priesthood given to men to shape them up to be as good as women already are. Jesus was a priesthood holder. Rather, the priesthood helps men fulfill their roles. Women have equally important roles. And the Lord wants all of our talents to be put to good use.

Aurora, CO

The Women of the church (18+) have General Relief Society meeting next Saturday (men and boys are not invited - except those who may be speaking). The Young Women (12-18) of the church have their General YW meeting in March (men and boys are not invited - except those who may be speaking). The men and boys (12+) will have their Priesthood meeting on April 6th --- WHY should women and girls feel they should be invited!!!! And, I personally do not have any desire to hold the Priesthood. I like benefiting from it, but feel no need to bare it.

Elmo, UT

What man wants to go to the general relief society meeting? You couldn't find 5 much less 150 wanting to go to another meeting.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Men pleading for the right of getting pregnant?"

There's a difference between a gender difference that is purely biological and something that current medical technology can't even deal with... and a gender difference set up that way through decisions of men.

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