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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 24 2013 11:55 a.m. MDT

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St. George, UT

Although I am intrigued by the OrdainWomen movement, I cannot support it. IMHO any woman that would demand ordination doesn't truly understand the gospel.

Riverton, UT

Thank you KonaGirl45.

Mount Pleasant, UT

If the Lord thought it necessary that women become priesthood holders it would be that way - But It Is Not!!! Satan has a hold on these confused women. It's unfortunate they can't see the light on this issue.

Lake Havasu City, AZ

I am an older woman, and I have been a member of the LDS Church since I was 8. I think that the majority of my Sisters in the gospel will agree with me that we have plenty of opportunities to serve, without holding the priesthood. We can be teachers, Primary, YW, and Relief Society presidents or counselors. We can Teach in these same organizations, to both young women and young men. Does that group really want the responsibility of holding the priesthood, or are they just wanting attention. I have personally held positions in all of these organizations, I have prayed in Sacrament meeting, and given talks there, I enjoy the blessings of the priesthood through my Husband, sons, grandsons, and great grandsons. I do not need to be have to be responsible for holding the priesthood. Sisters I will pray for you.

cincinnati, OH

Could the Lord one day give the PH to women? Sure, why not, he's God he can do what he wants. He hasn't done that in the 6000+ years this earth has been around but who says that couldn't change. I personally don't think he will because as has been said women are NEEDED in the home. And men as well IMA but women do have, in general (not always) an ability to nurture children that I myself and most men, I believe, just lack. For example, my son scrapes his knee and I say oh it's ok, it's not really bleeding. My wife runs to his aid giving him a hug and a band aid. I'm thankful for the different abilities that men and women have.


She can just go to any stake center and watch it or watch it on the internet or even in her own basement.

Taylorsville, UT

If it weren't for women, we would not be here. It seems that there is fear in letting women attend, it could be that they may take over the church priesthood. God has instructed them to take this journey to be included or participate in the priesthood, but God on their side does not approve. Whose god incorrect? I am confused.


This thread is old and there are over 17 pages of comments, but maybe this will help someone in some way? In my experience - as a victim of a male "priesthood" holder - it made all the difference what the male priesthood leaders said and did - not the female leadership. The perpetrator had no respect for women, so if you think female "priesthood" would have worked him to repentance, think again. And my question - as a victim - was, ARE there any righteous priesthood men? Yes - the perpetrator was punished and reported to police by them! I had the reassurance that I needed. So sorry sisters, but holding the priesthood won't make bad men respect you - good men will whether you hold the priesthood or not. I know the Lord's way is for women and men to be co-dependent; we serve each other in unique ways. It's the world saying we aren't equal just because of priesthood ordination - or that women's accomplishments aren't good enough unless they copy everything men do... or that motherhood is somehow "inferior" to priesthood. Those messages aren't from the Lord. Some responsibilities are unique to us and us alone.

i am me
Hesperia, CA

I don't really understand the "ordain women" stance. It is hard for me to comprehend why these women feel unequal to men because they have the priesthood and we as women do not. I have never felt that way, nor have I felt that my access to the power of the priesthood is in any way limited because I am a women. Putting that aside, I also do not understand the manner in which these women are petitioning for what they want. It is so public. It seems much more similar to a worldly political petition than a humble petition to a loving Father in Heaven. I have learned that when I have questions or desires I want to express to my Father, getting on my knees, studying the scriptures, pondering, and asking leaders questions in private is a much more effective way to appeal to God. God's ways are not men's ways.

One American
West Jordan, UT

To Kate Kelly and followers,

Why set your sites so low. Why not just demand that you all be ordained Prophets and Apostles... Go for the gold!!! (To be read with much sarcasm...)

Salt Lake City, UT

To the Ordain Women Representatives-YOU DO NOT REPRESENT ALL WOMEN OF THE LDS CHURCH. So quit assuming so much. Go start your own church and continue to receive your own revelation, it seems to work for you. It seems like you have a handy side business selling jewelry too. That will help fund your endeavors. Also, nice try building a website to mimic the feeling of LDS websites. It is a attempt to align your thoughts with mainstream LDS.

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