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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 24 2013 11:55 a.m. MDT

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San Diego, CA

IF these women truly believe in the gospel, why on earth would they ask to go to the priesthood session. Let them join the RLDS church, seems to fit them better.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

How about this response?
President Monson gets up on Saturday afternoon, announces the new temples, then says: "After witnessing the dedicated service of sisters throughout the world I have spent many hours of prayer and fasting in the upper rooms of the temple, inquiring about ordaining women to the priesthood. The answer was no."
Now THAT would be a test of faith for this group.

Mcallen, TX

For those people who do not believe in the church.

Please go somewhere else, and quit whining.

I'm sure, there are other things, these people want to change as well.

There are many other churches to fill your wants.

John Simpson

There are any number of churches where women are pastors, priests, deacons and bishops, such as the Episcopal Church, the Unitarian-Universalist Association, the United Church of Christ, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), the United Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church (USA), Christian Science, the American Baptist Churches, Unity, and the Church of Religious Science. Indeed, in the Church of Religious Science, practically the entire ministerial corps consists of women. As a former member of one of the foregoing, I can attest that women pastors can be lovely people, gracious and devoted to good works. The problem is that none of these organizations, praiseworthy though they be, possesses priesthood authority like that which Jesus conferred on his apostles.

Any woman who is uncomfortable with the male-only priesthood of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints should join one of those other churches. Just do not be surprised at the paucity of men in the pews, or at the shortage of manifestations of the transcendent power of God in their work.

Henderson, NV

John, John, John. Don't you realize that women like Kate aren't interested in joining another church? They want their church to, how shall I say it, enlarge the tent, so that they can remain culturally in the same comfortable place they've always been. It's not about desiring new revelation from God, or even about pushing the prophet to inquire of Him. They don't really care WHAT God wants. It's all about what THEY want.

Greenway, AR

Perhaps the men would like to petition for the right to bear (give birth) to children. Now that's equality. As an LDS woman, I am quite happy with my supporting role; I would not want to change places with a man and I don't want the responsibility of the priesthood. I am grateful to know that Our Father in Heaven is in charge here and we won't be bowing to political or other pressures.

mesa, AZ

I would like us all to remember that the priesthood is a sacred power--Even in discussions and opinions as being offered it should not be done so in a flippant or casual manner-But remembering it is God' Power --And that is sacred

provo, UT

Just a political stunt to try to tear at the church, nothing more.


Portland, Oregon

While I can understand some people feeling "left out" because they don't believe they have an equal share of the power or blessings or authority in the church, we must remember that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is not a democracy. Nor are its policies, ordinances or doctrine made or swayed by public opinion, but rather revealed to the members of that church by their Prophet, Seer and Revelator as directed by the Lord.

The decision of who is and is not to be ordained into the Melchizedek priesthood is not up for public discussion. The belief of these women that by appealing to a public forum the Church will change its sacred ordinances simply demonstrates their intentions are based on nothing more than selfish desires and not what is good for the church or the Plan of Salvation. It is for the Lord alone to decide who will and who will not hold that holy priesthood.


""We operate on the Lord's time," she said. "We are not demanding anything. We are respectfully requesting that the brethren petition the Lord and ask if it is time that women are given the priesthood."

The group is asking leaders to petition the Lord, acknowledging the change will come from God. I see no harm in raising the question.

My experience in the Church is that there no avenue for lay members to take concerns "up the chain." It is a big problem especially when local leaders lack proper judgement in carrying out their duties. Those who are wronged have no recourse because attempts to go "up the chain" are rebuffed. If leaders were more available for dialogue and addressing concerns perhaps the Ordain Women group would've availed themselves of those avenues.

I can imagine many benefits to women if the priesthood were extended. It would be nice for women to be able to administer blessings to those they visit teach, to give blessings to their children in partnership with their husbands, or alone if no priesthood holder was in the home.

I'm guessing most LDS women have given little thought to potential benefits.


Men are required to obtain the priesthood and to magnify their callings in it in order to receive exaltation. Women are not. I guess if I were a woman I would count it a blessing and move on.

Salt Lake City, UT

Um... it's the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints right? Well, if they have a problem with it, bring it up with Jesus Christ - it's His church.

Protesting to get a God to change His mind due to religious beliefs based in progressive politics seems silly.

Tualatin, OR

I have no interest in holding the priesthood. I'm in the RS presidency in my ward and already that is more than enough work to do. Our ward cannot even get the priesthood holders to home teach regularly (the rate at which families are visited is below 15%), and there are so many women in the ward that are elderly or mentally handicapped that able sisters are given 5 or 6 sisters to visit at a time. Add to regular meetings and teaching the stewardship over compassionate service, welfare, Mutual and Primary - since our task is to strengthen Home AND Family - plus coordinating activities, temple worship, child care, play groups, ward activities in tandem with the men, literacy, caring for the missionaries, and our own families' needs, and we're wanting to add the PRIESTHOOD'S duties as well??? You've got to be kidding me, if only on a calendar/energy scale. (Add in the bordering-on-apostasy theme and I don't even know what to say.)

us, CA

Speaking as an outsider...this is where I think the LDS will be separated into two camps...the true believers who believe this is truly God's church that was restored to JS as opposed to those for whom this church is merely just a cultural activity with no real conversion to the truthfulness of this church. If you really believe the Prophet receives revelation from God then you have to see that agitation the Prophet or anyone else in the church for change is a lesson in futility. If you really want change instead of showing up outside the Priesthood meeting you should gather with your sisters and pray and petition God for change. If change comes, then your prayers were answered. If it doesn't come and you are a true believer then you have to accept it is His will that you not hold the priesthood. To do otherwise would be insulting to God to think a mere Prophet could overrule God. It really is as simple as that.

Third try screen name
Mapleton, UT

Once upon a time the chosen wanted a king. The prophet asked. God said no.
Then they said, "All the sophisticated countries have a king." We should have one, too. The prophet asked. God again said no.
Finally, the chosen people said, "This is getting embarrassing. We are looked upon as a backward people because we don't have kings." The prophet asked. God said, "Have it your way."
That turned out to be a bad move.
As did the showing of the manuscript pages.
Expect President Eyring to talk about the Samuel Principle again.


Perhaps women don't get the priesthood because Heavenly Father never intended women or men to be independent of each other. A man can not get to exaltation without hiw wife. It requires working together. In the world, more and more women are having children on their own, providing for themselves and honestly benefiting society. To Heavenly Father, however, what is of greatest value is to bring souls to Christ, starting with our own families. We women can do it all by ourselves, sort of. We can work, care for our homes, raise our children, and we can do it pretty well without men. But it does not achieve the ultimate goals of the gospel: learning to be a partner with someone of the opposite gender.

Manti, UT

I honestly don't believe these women want the priesthood as much as they want media attention. I believe that the priesthood should be given to women when men are given the power to give birth. That way we could have equality of the sexes in the LDS Church. Why are these women vying for the priesthood? For the glory it can give them of victory over men. It's like "Whatever you can do, I can do better". It has nothing to do with the glory of God or praising God or even being godlike. It has to do with pride and a false sense of personal aggrandizement. These women should open their eyes and understand their own wonderful worth in the eyes of their Creator; that it is He who has given men and women different roles in this family we call the human race. If they understood the sacred role they were given, they would be awed and thankful for the privilege of being a woman.

Barling, AR

When it comes to changing something within the church you do not need to go to Salt Lake City to change it. Get on your knee's and talk to the leader of the Church (GOD). IF Heavenly Father thinks it should happen he will tell his Prophet to make it happen. I don't care if it has to do with Gay marriages in the church or females gaining the priesthood or any other topic. Even if the opinion of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the twelve wanted to give females the priesthood they can't until GOD tells them too allow it. It is not our church, it is GODS church for us.


I have a question. In the Old Testament and at least once in the New Testament there is mention of prophetesses. Most of these were righteous women. What kind of role did a prophetess have? Did she operate under the authority of the priesthood or like Relief Society under the pattern of the priesthood? If such roles were held anciently, with the restoration of all things is it possible such roles may come again?

Orange County, CA


The general availability of the meetings doesn't change the nature of the meetings. Your "logical" conclusion is a stretch.

The priesthood session of General Conference is intended for men, just as the General Women's Meeting is intended for women. The only regular attendance by men at the General Women's Meeting is priesthood leadership because the women's organizations are auxiliary to the priesthood. That's not to say that other men have never attended a women's meeting or that women have never attended a priesthood meeting. I've seen both.

Two reasonable arguments for not allowing this group of women marching together to attend the meeting are (i) the meeting is in fact a meeting for the priesthood and other men and young men aged 12 and older being introduced to the priesthood, and (ii) their purpose for trying to attend is to voice and publicize their desire for a dramatic change in the way the Church is organized.

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