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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 24 2013 11:55 a.m. MDT

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1.96 Standard Deviations


The Lord doesn't work in obscurity. There is no need for speculation on the matters of the priesthood for women using the Bible or quotes from past church members. If women were to hold the priesthood as men do, I believe it would be something already addressed by the first presidency and the twelve long ago.

Keep in mind that John the Baptist and Peter, James and John did not ask Joseph to go get his wife Emma when the priesthood was restored. They didn't ask Joseph to ordain his wife afterward as well.

Also note that President Hinckley mentioned that "Women do not hold the priesthood because the Lord has put it that way." You can see Gordon B Hinckley's entire words for yourself. The church has an FAQ section on Mormon dot org, and under the "women" section it has reference to why they don't hold the Priesthood. Click that and you will see the quote from the prophet.

(I believe this quote originated when President Hinckley was being interviewed by some well-known reporter/news person, I can't remember who)

Cinci Man

I think Ms. Kelly has clearly demonstrated what her goal is. If her energy was spent trying to magnify her calling and her role, perhaps this would not be necessary. She lacks confidence, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. I remember when President Uchdorf admonished us to "Lift where you stand". Perhaps Ms. Kelly should listen to the prophets and she, too, could find that she has all that is needed to bless those around her with value equal to the blessing of the priesthood. It's not the same, but truly equal, valued, and complete.

Saint George, UT

. . . And men should petition the Prophet to see if the Lord will now allow men to start giving birth, so that men can experience the benefits and responsibilities of motherhood. Equality goes both ways.

The ironic thing is, I'm betting 75% of these women won't attend or watch the conference sessions they are allowed to attend. This isn't about getting to view the Priesthood Session. This is about "self-esteem". If these women were given the priesthood, it would be "amen to the the priesthood or authority of that woman", because their priesthood would be for personal benefit, rather than to serve other.

West Jordan, Utah

I've always felt that women haven't needed the priesthood. The priesthood is given to men so they will have specific assignments to serve others, thereby learning to give of themselves unselfishly as Our Savior exemplified. Paul said the "natural man receiveth not the things of God". Contrast that with what Joseph Smith told the Female Relief Society. He said the Lord has "something better" for them "after the pattern of the priesthood" that would allow them to "act according to their benevolent natures, giving care to those in need". So the priesthood is given to man to help him "put off the natural man" and the Relief Society is given to women to help them do what comes naturally to women. I know its simplistic, but no more so than implying women are less important because they don't have priesthood. Maybe if the priesthood brethren used lace tablecloths and floral centerpieces they would visit the homes of members as well as the Relief Society sisters! Or maybe the women are just naturally more charitable.

Salt Lake City, UT

I am not really part of any religion right now, but I admire the many people that have influenced my life and many of them have been LDS. I have very fond memories attending events sponsored by the Relief Society with my mother. I know that the males in my life would not have been interested in attending them, and I was not interested in attending their meetings. I'm glad that everyone can now listen to the male conference if they want to (and have always been able to read it). I realize that the women mentioned just want to show their interest in becoming ordained, but I don't think this is the right way.


Why shouldn't women be ordained to the priesthood? We are Christians, aren't we? That is what Christians do. They ordain their women to Pastor churches, Evangelists, Bishops, etc, etc. My cousin is a Bishop in one of the other Christian churches.

We have chosen to be called Christians rather than Latter Day Saints, so, we must accept all that Christianity entails.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

It seems that some people don't understand that God is the head of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It seems that some people think that popular opinion dictates doctrine. It seems that some people would insult God just so that they could make a statement.

Don't they think that God understands how to run His church?

Do they think that God needs them to "fix" things?

No man would want to have the responsibility of being a mother in Zion if he understood the responsibility of being a mother in Zion. No woman would want to have the responsibility of the the Priesthood if she understood the responsibilities of the Priesthood.

Too many people are so set on correcting God that they don't have time to reflect on why they are here on earth or what God's plan is for them. They seem to think that they can order God around, as if he were subservient to them. But, as they say, pride cometh before the fall.

layton, UT

RE: 1.96 Standard Deviations ,Priesthood requirements.

A bishop [or elder] must be . . . the husband of one wife" (1 Timothy 3:2; Titus 1:6). These passages all use the same Greek word for "man" and "husband." It is not the generic term anthropos, from which the English word "anthropology" derives and which refers to human beings, male or female, without regard to gender.

Paul used the specific word aner, a term that means a male person in distinction from a woman (cf. Acts 8:12; 1 Timothy 2:12), one capable of being a husband (see Matthew 1:16; John 4:16; Romans 7:2; Titus 1:6). Why did Paul prohibit women from exercising the leadership role of elder . The husband of one wife would exclude polygamists. i.e..,

1. Justin Martyr (c.160) rebukes the Jews for allowing polygamy: "Your imprudent and blind masters [i.e., Jewish teachers] even until this time permit each man to have four or five wives.

2. Irenaeus (c.180) condemns the Gnostics for, polygamy: " following upon Basilides and Carpocrates, have introduced promiscuous intercourse and a plurality of wives..."

Westland, MI

There is only one church on the face of the earth who has the Priesthood Authority after the order of the Son of God (Alma 13), and that group of people is The Church of Jesus Christ [WHQ: Mononghela, Pennsylvania].

By the way, we ordain women as Deaconesses according to the New Testament pattern (Romans 16:1-2).


i believe Miss Kelly and her followers have not been at the Temple. If they did, they should go more often in order to understand the true order of prayer and priesthood. Please repent beofre is too late.


1.96 Standard Deviations

first, yes it is worth discussing because it appears to have happened. Peter, James and John (even though Joseph smith said nothing about this visit for the first 5 years of the church) also didn't tell them to go get Hyrum, Sidney, David Whitmer, or any of the others. If that visitation of the 3 apostles really happened (doubtful) then it has nothing to do with Joseph ordaining women later on. Unless, of course, you think all of the testimonials and journals about women giving blessings were made up. People in that day would have no reason to make those things up. There are numerous accounts of it.

You mention a statement by president Hinckley.. I am sorry to say but that was only his opinion and isn't binding. You can't thrown in quotes by previous prophets and then disregard other quotes.. President Hinckley also said polygamy is "not doctrinal".. which we know it clearly was doctrinal. So his words aren't binding, only opinion.


@aggie1 and anyone else who criticize those "fallible old men"
Be very very careful you are on very shaky ground especially if you claim to be a member of the church. The scriptures are absolutely full of stories regarding those who found themselves at odds with the Lord's prophet. This is a top-down church. If you find yourself sympathizing with these women you need to reevaluate your standing before God and thus his prophet.


Wy the need for sisters to attend priesthood meeting? If The Lord has something specific for us as sisters in the church to know or give to us, wouldn't it it be more applicable to share those things with us in a General Relief Society meeting? Didn't "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" come out in a General Relief Society conference? If The Lord were to extend the authority of the priesthood to women, wouldn't it come through a General Relief Society meeting?

Herrmian, UT

Where in the scriptures does it say women cannot hold the priesthood?

Of course, I don't think there are any women priesthood holders in the scriptures either.

Does it really matter to God who holds the priesthood?

How would this help/hurt women in our church? How would it help/hurt men in our church?

I hold the priesthood and I would love the help. It seems like women get much more done in the church and take it more seriously... Compare home teaching with visiting teaching statistics.

I am not saying it is God's will, just that I wish it were so.

layton, UT

@1.96 Standard Deviations ,Priesthood requirements.
A bishop [or elder] must be . . . the husband of one wife" (1 Timothy 3:2; Titus 1:6). These passages all use the same Greek word for "man" and "husband." It is not the generic term anthropos, from which the English word "anthropology" derives and which refers to human beings, male or female, without regard to gender. , Paul used the specific word aner, a term that means a male person in distinction from a woman (cf. Acts 8:12; 1 Timothy 2:12), one capable of being a husband (see Matthew 1:16; John 4:16; Romans 7:2; Titus 1:6). Why did Paul prohibit women from exercising the leadership role of elder .

The husband of one wife would exclude polygamists .

Arlington, VA

This really should be a non-issue for every member. The Church is the Lord's church not ours to run. If he want's women in the priesthood, he will reveal that desire through the phrophet at his own time. Until then we members have coveneted to run the church according to the Lord's dictates. It's as simple as that!


Perhaps it's semantics, but to correct some of these comments...We have the Priesthood, but only men are ordained to hold the Priesthood and few are called to hold Priesthood keys.

Women have the Priesthood; but are not ordained to hold it. Women are set-apart by the Priesthood to lead in the Church. Women work in the temple by the Priesthood.
Women are sealed to their spouse without being ordained; however their husband must be ordained to receive the same privilege. We could not do this if WE didn't all have the Priesthood.

Highland, UT

It's amazing to me that anyone would want to attend another meeting. We have far to many meetings in this church, we are the meetingest bunch of people to ever grace this planet. I've actually been to a meeting to plan another meeting. I've been to meetings that appear to have the sole purpose of getting me to a meeting.

Of course doctrine is doctrine and these women are obviously at odds with Christ's doctrine, but I'm more than happy to let them attend some of my meetings for me. I'll gladly stay home and do almost anything else instead.

Cowboy Dude

As an Elder in the Priesthood I think I will petition to attend High Council meetings. But, I don't want another meeting.

Let's face it. There are some chauvinist Priesthood holders and there are some uppity High Priests that don't ever want to be Elders again. Vanity is not absent in the Priesthood, but it can be. Ordaining women will not change that.

In the end, "your calling doesn't mean the left over shot in a shotgun" - Legrand Richards, because the last will be first and the first will be last. Every valiant son and daughter will be welcomed to the Lord's House.



What part of "fallible old men" is not correct?
They have openly admitted their fallibility repeatedly.
They are objectively old.
And I believe they are indeed men.

In your zeal to be a "defender" (anybody think we have an authoritarian follower personality here?) I believe you are taking issue with indisputable facts. I love how some people are so quick to call other people to repentance!

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