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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 24 2013 11:55 a.m. MDT

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Elyria, OH

These tactics put me in mind of Korihor. This movement is designed to be divisive and draw souls away from the firm foundation of the gospel, IMO. Very sad to see it.

Farr West, Utah

Women expecting to be ordained to the priesthood are like men expecting to bear children - in both cases one would be questioning God's plan. "Male and female created He them." Distinct roles do not imply discrimination - should men accuse the Creator of discrimination because men cannot become pregnant? As the Bible says, "My ways are not your ways, and my thoughts are not your thoughts. For, as high as the heavens are above the earth so are my thoughts higher than yours, and my ways higher than your ways.”


1.96 Standard Deviations

I have to respond here, as I think you are somewhat off on what you said.

"Prophetesses in the Bible never held Priesthood keys of authority as well"

How would you know that? You state it as absolute fact. Even if you believe the bible doesn't mention it, that doesn't mean it didn't happen. Try not to speak in absolutes.

"Don't mistake the laying of hands as the priesthood -- the women never received it then and never did priesthood ordinances or priesthood blessings"

Again, even if you believe that it didn't happen, despite all of the quotes and evidence for it, you can't say for %100 that it didn't. If you look at your statement, women were allowed to give blessings and the laying on of hands.. Well don't you have to have the AUTHORITY to do that? What is authority?? Priesthood. If not, why don't women still give blessings today by the laying on of hands, but without using the priesthood?

Brent Garner
Idaho Falls, ID

To Sister Kelly,

Remember Sonia Johnson and her fate!

Las Vegas, NV

@MisterDivot and Mint Julip: Okay, not an endowment. And what you are referring to is something that anyone who has been a part would not speak of. Anyone else is just guessing. You don't really know exactly what happens, regardless of your "research."

I won't attempt to school you on your religion (or non-religion) if you won't pretend to know more about mine than I do.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

@2 bits
We might have trouble calling the handbook of instructions revelation. They don't even call the Family Proclamation a revelation.
It is a policy book.
And the scriptures aren't as clear as what is called for by this group.
The church as an institution doesn't like to say "no." We've seen that displayed recently.
A definitive declaration is what's needed, but it would not sit well with the institutional church.

Kjirstin Youngberg
Mapleton, UT

Dictating anything to the apostles of God and making a spectacle for media consumption puts light in the wrong place. Our faithful members do so much good. It's a shame there is no room on CNN for those actions. Still, I see opportunities for change and exploration of these avenues.

When the Episcopal Church admitted women to the priesthood, it was more a wrinkle than a wave. Now heads don't turn at all when liturgies are carried out there by women rather than men. I can see a day when women will take over some of the more tedious LDS priesthood roles, such as marriages for time, that bring the men to tears. After all-it's not as if any of us is paid for performing priesthood functions.

At the time of Christ, women were of less value than the beasts. Had the priesthood been given to them then, it may have been too revolutionary for the early church to succeed.

All in the Lord's time, people. He directs the Prophet. If you believe that, follow him. Force is a tool of the adversary, and accomplishes nothing.



correction: there have been several people who have fallen away that have previously had the second endowment. so no, it isn't guessing. There are several published stories from very credible people including dates and the apostles that were there to perform it. There is little disputing this fact, if you choose to debate it that is up to you. I am a member, and you claim to be too. So nobody is trying to school you on your religion, just give you a piece of information that you are missing.

Mesa, AZ


"Hmmmm... Maybe you missed it. There are several scriptural references from the old testament where women used or held the priesthood,"

Please cite those references. If you are thinking of Deborah she was a judge in Israel. Only the Levites were permitted to function in the priesthood.

"But the Levites have no part among you; for the priesthood of the Lord is their inheritance;"(JST Josh 18:7)

"All that were numbered of the Levites, which Moses and Aaron numbered at the commandment of the LORD, throughout their families, all the males from a month old and upward, [were] twenty and two thousand." (Num 3:39)

I do not find any mention of women being part of this census.

CA Granny

Whenever I read or hear of someone who doesn't think women have a significant role in the Lord's plan of salvation unless they also have the priesthood, I feel that they are denigrating the maternal nature and significance of the woman's assignment to the success of the Lord's plan. We have been given the privilege of bringing all the spirits in the pre-existence into the world. Through the ordinances administered under the priesthood, we are prepared for eternity. The separate roles require cooperation of both the man and the woman and are of equal importance but they are not intended to be the same.

Arlington, VA

I'm curious to know whether there is a scripture anywhere in the standard works that explicitly states that women will never be able to hold the priesthood (even in eternity). If so, I want to know.

An interesting exercise is to ask yourself how you would react if the Church changed it's policy and allowed women to hold the priesthood. I, for one, would support our church leaders and be grateful that the Lord is the one that has to sort out these difficult matters and we don't have to worry.

My concern with the activists is that there seems to be a belief that holding a priesthood calling (such as bishop, stake president, etc.) increases ones eternal worth or contribution to building the kingdom.We all have the same calling, men and women alike. We are disciples of Christ.

Our universal calling is home/visiting teaching, parenting, missionary work, family history work, temple work, ministering, etc. Specific callings are temporary but the call to serve God's children is eternal and neither men nor women have exclusive rights to participation. Our concern should be our personal contribution to the kingdom, not the calling we hold.

blue springs, MO

why are so many thinking 'secret meetings' ? it is directed towards the priesthood holders. the women have general relief society meetings. those whom question the gospel, meetings, leadership need to look for their testimony and fire it up again.

Philippine Bonita
Sammamish, WA

I don't understand how a woman who is obviously endowed (I believe the article said she had served a mission) wants an ordination to the priesthood. What is it that she wants to do that she can not do now? Women can call upon the powers of heaven, women can preach, they can pray aloud in church and everywhere else, hold several of the highest positions in the church and can do pretty much everything men can do. There are many responsibilities carried out in the church that REQUIRE a WOMAN and NOT a man to carry them out. The Lord sees all these things. What is it that a woman would be seeking through priesthood ordination that she does not already have but a TITLE which has nothing to do with how God sees her, but with how the world sees her.

Gram Cracker
Price, UT

Oh my goodness. This makes me very sad. Men have their place. Women have their own place also. This group of malcontents do not represent me or the large majority of women in the church.

Lehi, UT

@cougarsare1 - don't know where you got the impression i'm not a member of your church. However, I stand by what I said: women are not ordained to the priesthood to participate in order to participate in ANY temple ordinance. Not saying I'm opposed to such an action, but it would come about if the Lord willed it, and not because a group petitioned for it.

@silverprospector - I agree with your response to cougarsare1


Women and men have different but equal roles. This is so hard for society today to understand. Equality does not mean being identical. My wife receives all ofthe blessings of the priesthood through me. I only receive those blessings because she and I are together.

I truly feel sad for Sister Kelly. Sometimes we put our personal opinions ahead of revealed doctrine because we want our opinion to be correct. It is a form of pride. I have caught myself doing it, too. I believe her intentions to be noble, but scripture and doctrine are clear on the separate but equal roles of the genders in the Church and in the eternities.

I don't understand how anyone can object to the Church holding a meeting for men and boys 12 and over. There is a separate meeting for all adult women, AND one for young women 12 and over. Besides, anyone can read everything that was said at these meetings online for free!!

BYU Track Star
Los Angeles, CA

The Community of Christ (formerly the Reorganized LDS Church) allows women to hold the Priesthood. I am sure the LDS women from the Utah Church seeking this privilege will be initally be welcome into the C of C Church.

Phoenix, AZ

Kate claims "Of course we believe it is God's priesthood ... If we didn't believe that, then why bother? But we all know the priesthood has been expanded over time. Christ expanded it to the Gentiles. In 1978 it was expanded to all worthy males."

So if it's God's priesthood why isn't she petitioning God himself?

How does she know the time has come? Does she profess to know the will of Christ concerning His Priesthood?

Does she believe Christ changes doctrine based on public opinion? Sure sounds that way.

It didn't happen in 1978 when the Priesthood was expanded to all worth males. Criticism of the Church for not ordaining blacks peaked in the '50s and '60s. By 1978 the issue had pretty much died out and nobody in the realm of public opinion was petitioning church leaders to change. The change happened when Christ wanted it to happen, not when some of His children wanted it.

Kate sounds like a whiny spoiled brat, nagging her baby sitter to give her something that her parents don't want her to have and that her sitter doesn't have the authority to give her.

gambier, oh

Pride is an awful thing. It creates schism and opposition. If you believe, what is being taught in the Priesthood session then you would believe the Prophet when he speaks. If you do not believe then you do not really need to go because it is not for you. This is all about Pride and getting your name and face in the news. Nothing to do about sharing the words of the Lord. Christ taught in meetings separated by sex, when it was right and taught in mixed groups when right so whoever tries to say Christ would not want this has not read the scriptures closely. This is a decision made by the Lord and whichever way he tells us to do it I am glad to obey

Nate the skate
Clearfield, UT

The priesthood is the authority from Jesus Christ, a man, to perform baptisms and bestow gifts of the Holy Ghost upon members of the church. Jesus Christ redeemed man from the fall of Adam and Eve. The woman partook of the forbidden fruit, introduced death into the world. Most women have the ability to bring spirits into the testing world, the first birth. Men, if they live worthily, have the ability to bring baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost and marriage to all, a second birth in the Kingdom of God. Men get to experience priesthood, women get to experience giving physical birth and nurturing.

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