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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 24 2013 11:55 a.m. MDT

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Lehi, UT

Please read this scripture as well as my comments below :)

Jacob 4:8,10:

"Behold, great and marvelous are the works of the Lord. How unsearchable are the depths of the mysteries of him; and it is impossible that man should find out all his ways. And no man knoweth of his ways save it be revealed unto him; wherefore, brethren, despise not the revelations of God.

Wherefore, brethren, seek not to counsel the Lord, but to take counsel from his hand. For behold, ye yourselves know that he counseleth in wisdom, and in justice, and in great mercy, over all his works."

My comments: If you believe this work is man's work, your petitions will eventually succeed and the priesthood will be granted to all. However, if you believe this work is the work of God, then no petitions are necessary, all will be done according to His will and timetable, whether that means priesthood authority is extended to all regardless of gender or exclusively authorized to all worthy males only.

In other words, by your actions, Ordain Women, you are revealing that you believe this great work to be the work of man, not the work of God!


The meeting of the Relief society is not a parallel meeting in any aspect. There are going to be men in the relief society meeting. There are not going to be women in the Priesthood meeting.

Las Vegas, NV

@Dennis: "If women were given the Priesthood they would get everything accomplished and the men would sit on their duffs and let them." You probably make the best point right there for why men have the priesthood and women do not and why it should stay that way.

@Brahmabull: I don't know what temple you go to with a second endowment session, my guess is none. That doesn't happen. However, anyone who is truly active in Temple attendance (male or female) would recognize that, while women do not have priesthood keys of leadership, they do have authority in the priesthood in the temple.

Further, they would also recognize that in the eternities all faithful, worthy women will have the priesthood.

Fl Cookie
Tangerine, FL

I am so surprised that she is not content to be blessed with her own identity, which is more than sufficient for her to get the eternal blessings she needs. I have been ordained and blessed with all I need as a woman. Sometimes I even wield more power than my husband on some subjects because that is my area of expertise. I do love to concede to his priesthood. He is a very wonderful, praying and humble man who lives the gospel of Christ and honors his priesthood.

These blessings are gender related and so is the heavy load that goes with them. I love being a woman. I am a very independent business woman who prepares taxes and accounting. I love being the nurturing mother type when life gives me that opportunity. I wonder why a woman would want all that male power....power that is only obtained through righteous living. Are you sure she is LDS?

Oh, and I have been watching the priesthood sessions on TV and the internet for years.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Let me try one more time to get a message past the censors.
Looking at the practice of denying blacks the priesthood prior to 1978, what has happened of late is instructive.
We don't know why they were denied the priesthood from Brigham Young to Harold B. Lee. It was the policy then. That is the official explanation.
Where is it written that women cannot have the priesthood? We'd best teach it from the scriptures or new revelation, sustained by the membership a la Official Declaration 3.

Centerville, UT

I have mixed feelings about what's going on here.

First of all, asking a question is what Joseph Smith did when he didn't know which Church to join. He asked, he received an answer, and many people ridiculed his account. There is nothing wrong with asking questions, and that is a basic principle of the gospel. Personally, I think it's important to trust the Prophet and follow his council, but it is each person's responsibility to ask God if what they are learning is true and verify it for themselves. I think it is perfectly acceptable and natural for these women and men to ask why women don't have the priesthood, and to seek and discover where the truth lies. And not just the truth according to what they want, but the real truth.

Political action is not the way to go, in my opinion, but it would be great to have a frank, open discussion at some point about women's roles in the Priesthood. In the meantime, finger pointing on either side needs to come to a hault. Let's love one another and try to honestly reach for common ground.

Fl Cookie
Tangerine, FL

I am a very strong business woman who has to, at times, be very persuasive in my dialog. When it comes to my home life I love being a woman. Why would a woman want the role of a man when she already choose to be a woman in her pre-earth life! That role comes with a lot of responsibility as well as a lot of blessings. We women have all the blessing we need for eternal life as it is, if we choose to accept them.

I question whether she is LDS. I know the church won't let that information out. A person like this cannot have a good understanding of the gospel or be living it to act like this.

Either it is the Lord's church and we accept his biding or it is the church of man and people determine what happens.

Lehi, UT

@cougarsare1 and brahmabull:

There is a second annointing, something sacred and holy and reserved for few. But the women who participate as Brahmabull described do so without having been ordained to the Priesthood, and that is completely fine. Many women participate in ordinances in the temple today, anyone endowed knows this, yet they don't have to be ordained to the Priesthood to administer such ordinances.

Salt Lake, UT

It is the feminist attitude that is the problem, you do not demand the Prophet of the Lord to do anything. You could ask him to pray to the Lord and ask if the Lords wishes to change a stance, but they need to be willing to accept at this time the Lord has not asked the prophet to change the priesthood to include woman holding it. They should be careful the Church has excommunicated feminists before that think they know better than the Lord and His prophet.

Appleton, WI

Perhaps if priesthood holders' plans, assignments, callings, etc. were subject to the approval and authority of the Relief Society, maybe the priesthood holders would pay attention to what is taught in the General Relief Society meetings. All who post that they couldn't care less what is said in the women's meetings speak volumes about how women are valued in the church.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Say No to BO,
To answer some of your questions...

RE "Where is it written that women cannot have the priesthood"
1. General Handbook of Instructions.
2. In the Bible (women were not given the priesthood from Adam and Eve to the end of the Bible).

I'm like you... if the policy changed tomorrow... I'd have no problem with that. But like with the earlier priesthood revelation... it should come from a unanimous outpouring of the spirit to the Christ's apostles and his prophet... not from an activist.

Springville, UT

Any Brethren care to join me for the General Relief Society meeting?

At this rate with Kate Kelly, an Elder should be at the head of the General Relief Society Presidency.

...Oh, I thought this was 'opposite' of the Restored Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

My bad.

reno, NV

Hmmmm... Maybe you missed it. There are several scriptural references fromt he old testament where women used or held the priesthood, so I don't know where you are getting the statement "women were not given the priesthood from Adam and Eve to the end of the Bible" as it is false.

Also, aren't you awar that your church ordained women in the 1830's?? apparantly not.

HouTexan Lass

I was still a young member of the church when my Spanish class instructor revealed that I was a member of this church and thus had peculiar beliefs about the native cultures of Mexico which we were about to study. After class, I was approached by another student, a member of NOW, who asked me why, as an intelligent woman, I'd belong to a church which didn't value women. I had no idea what to say to her, and then I opened my mouth and words came out - and I knew that what I was saying was true. What I said was encompassed by the RS General President's statement. I said that men and women were simply given different roles to fulfill, with one not being inferior or superior to the other and with God not believing either incapable of filling the role of the other. - And, incidentally, I often took my sons to our stake center for priesthood meeting & remained outside, not because the messages were different but because the spirit, the bonding time of the meeting was not intended for me just as the RS general meeting was intended for women to be together.

1.96 Standard Deviations


Women were never ordained to the priesthood in the 1830s in the church. Prophetesses in the Bible never held Priesthood keys of authority as well. Don't make it look like it was otherwise.

At a time, the prophet Joseph Smith allowed sisters to lay hands on others in the prayer of faith. This was likely related to the church being extremely small at the time and many men called away to serve missions. Don't mistake the laying of hands as the priesthood -- the women never received it then and never did priesthood ordinances or priesthood blessings.

Mint Julip

@cougarsare1: "I don't know what temple you go to with a second endowment session, my guess is none. That doesn't happen."
You need to research your religion a little more thoroughly..

To everyone making arguments that the priesthood is to keep men in check, and that women don't need it because they have differing roles, etc. According to your doctrine, the priesthood is actually the authority to act in the name of God. I can understand faithful women, mothers and sisters wanting this authority. Many women don't have a priesthood holder in their home. Their children wake up sick, they need special blessings, they desire the guidance, counsel and blessings that their priesthood-holder-blessed female neighbors have constant access to in their homes.

It is confusing how women can act in the name of God in the temple rituals without holding the priesthood, but can't perform a healing blessing for their own child in their home. It is confusing that they are ordained to be "priestesses" and wear the robes of the priesthood in the endowment when they don't have the priesthood.

Layton, UT

I personally find it kind of sad that a group of women feel such a great need to take on the role of a man in being a priesthood holder. To me, that says that these women are not grasping the concept of how important their individual role as a woman is. I don't think any of us can quite comprehend how sacred women are to our loving Father in Heaven.

If we as women can learn to recognize what an important and vital role we hold, because we are a woman, I don't think there would be such a great desire for some women to feel as if they need to be equal in every way as man. We are different from men, and for good reasons.

Ladies, we are a vital part of this church.. There is no other calling or responsibility on this Earth that is more important than that of being a mom. What an awesome responsibility it is to bring into this world a human life, to care for them, to nurture them, and to teach them. We are the key to all of the future generations. Now that is amazing!

Orange County, CA

The Ordain Women organizers say on their Web site that if they are refused admission at the door they will leave peacefully and politely.

They have already asked for admission and their request for tickets has already been peacefully and politely refused.

So why are they going to the door of the Conference Center knowing that they will again be refused admission?

It's obvious that they seek more than admission (no tickets were given) or to have their request heard (already heard) or to demonstrate their faithfulness to the Gospel and willingness to serve (that's done better in other ways).

It appears that they want at the least more publicity, which they have calculated to get.

It also seems to me, with all due respect to them, that they are trying to provoke a negative public response to heighten the publicity.

FYI, a woman attended our stake center broadcast of the Priesthood session for several years; our stake leaders never denied her admission.


How about we let Heavenly Father run HIS church HIS way and forget about changing things around until HIS SPOKESPERSON (the Prophet, who at this time is Thomas S. Monson)is told to change things BY HIM? Since that hasn't happened yet, I am content to attend the meetings I'm supposed to attend and let those who are ELIGIBLE hold the priesthood. I have plenty of responsibility to satisfy me. I don't need the added responsibilities of the Priesthood on my plate. It's already full enough with all the other responsibilities that go with being a Latter Day Saint woman.

Susan C.
Orangevale, CA

Silly Kelly! For a lifelong Mormon and a returned missionary, you have a very limited understanding of the roles of men and women. This is the Priesthood of the Lord, not of a very small bunch of silly women who cannot seem to feel comfortable in their gender role. My suggestion would be to buckle down and pay a little more attention about why God assigns roles the way He does, and to realize that women share in the priesthood much more than you realize, even though they do not perform ordinances. Stop intellectual-izing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and look with your heart, will real intent...the same as you taught on your mission. I love being a Mormon woman!

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