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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 24 2013 11:55 a.m. MDT

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Farmington, Utah

Many years ago my oldest daughter, then 16, was asked by the Stake President to speak in a Stake Priesthood meeting on scripture study. He said he really wanted the young men to pay attention and thought this beautiful, articulate girl could drive the message home. Because she was speaking I asked permission as her mother to attend the meeting and permission was granted. She did a superb job. I have reminded her of that experience and asked if she felt she wanted to be a priesthood holder, and her answer was priceless: "No, I'm too busy. I have other probably more important things to do." (She has four children that she home schools.)

Austin, TX

I can understand the perspective of Ordain Women. I do see mysogynistic practices occuring locally, and hegmeonic attitudes still seem to prevail among some members (both male and female).

For so long, our beliefs regarding gender identity matched our traditional American social values. It did not seem unreasonable in the 1920s for the curch to agree that only men should have the right to vote. It seemed harmless for church and social beliefs to be viewed as one and the same.

But as our social values have changed course, the church no longer has that luxury. And piece by piece, we see the church trying to sort through our practices to determine what we believe as being foundational to our doctrine, and what we can cast aside as an outdated social practice. My belief in the church and trust in our leaders has grown as I have watched them carefully mine our core doctrine from the decades-built mountain of Mormon dogma.

As for our more traditional members, I would be careful not to call anyone "shameful" or "apostate". This rhetoric has no persuasive value other than scare away those who are still trying to figure this whole thing out.

Bountiful, UT

It is nice to see that only a few women are petitioning to hold the priesthood. I myself have no desire to fulfill the roles of both genders. I am impressed when family and friends help shoulder the care of our youth in single parent households. I am SO grateful that I do not have to carry the responsibilities of both roles in my life. Hats off to the men who appreciate and cherish their wives. Kudos for the women who recognize, appreciate and support their husbands. And thanks to those who are not married who are patient, offering service when needed, and doing your best to buoy up your church family and communities.

Las Vegas, NV

There is such a sense of hostility within many of these comments. Obviously many are not going to agree with the idea of women having the Priesthood. But we can disagree civilly.
Ridiculing this woman is unbecoming.

Hey It's Me
Salt Lake City, UT

Let's face it, we live in the land of the "Free" which means we all have the right to our opinion! So. . . if you don't like or believe fully in your religion, go to a different church, or start your own. Why do all the small minorities in this country feel like they need to change the majority to their opinion. I've been a member of three different churches in my 57 years of life. I really love the one I'm at now. So if these women don't like the LDS belief's then they should probably move on and look at a church that accepts women in the Priesthood. Why do they want o try to change the views of everyone else who believes in the LDS church dpctrine? My impression of the church is that you sustain your leaders twice every year, if they don't believe or sustain their leaders go find a church that suits them. No one is forcing these women to go to the LDS church.

Carson City, NV

I so respect the priesthood holders and the power they represent. My son, after many years of inactivity is a priesthood holder, our Bishop is blessed with understanding and carries a heavy load. The prophet must be a Shepard to each one of us and is marvelous. Women with all that we do; teach the young, care for the ward members who need us, assist with Family History and support the priesthood, why do you want to do this?

Phoenix, AZ

This all has little to do with a Devine will, it is mostly about insecure chauvinist males afraid of losing their patriarch demigods authority to female competition .


Maybe a bunch of us men should go down to the local maternity ward of our hospital and demand equal bed space----so bizarre.

layton, UT

RE: zoar63 can anyone point out any examples from the scriptures where women held (authority)?

When the Israelites did earnestly turn back to God, God raised up a judge among them, who was strong, who would lead the Israelites, and continue to keep them faithful to the Lord their God. Deborah was this judge. Deborah would become the only woman to judge Israel. Not just a woman, Deborah was also described as a prophetess and a wife."Prophetess, the wife of Lapidoth who was judging Israel" (Judges 4:4).

Deborah is characterized as a prophetess. In Deborahs Song, her love for the Lord is described as "like the sun, when it comes in full strength" (Judges 5:31). Most probably this is the reason why God chose Deborah to communicate His Will to the Israelites. Deborah was considered by the people as Gods spokesperson and this helped to establish her respect among them. Though Deborah was the only Israelite woman to become a judge; other Israelite women were prophetesses such as Miriam and Huldah

Tanner Manor

The Lord has never made men and women equal from the very beginning. In the beginning he chose women to bare the children that he sends to this earth. He did not allow both men and women to bare a child. What an awesome responsibility he gave only to me as a woman. A responsibility that I would never forfeit. I believe that it is of a most divine calling and I wouldn't trade it for the world or to hold the priesthood. I love the fact that we have different responsibilites on this earth. It seems to me that these women do not understand the fullness of the gospel according to the scriptures.

Tooele, UT

As a woman I have the same opportunity to receive the blessings of the priesthood through worthy priesthood holders. We have a responsibility to support our men in being righteous, not fight them for so called equality we perceive we are missing out on. I have my role as a wife, mother, grandmother, Young Women president, Visiting Teacher, and daughter of God. My husband has his role as husband, father, grandfather, provider, counselor in the bishopric, Home Teacher, and son of God. We compliment and support each other, and he does all he can to support me both financially as well as cheer lead me in my endeavors as an artist. I support him in his musical endeavors.
Where's the inequality? What am I missing out on? If I need a blessing I ask. If he sees I might need one, he offers. I can work in the temple, the same as he does, we are a team. Sorry these women seem to be missing out on that part of their lives, or have overlooked that. We need to be grateful and appreciative of our respective roles in life and stop trying to compete or bring down men.

Mike in Salem
Salem, UT

For those of us who are active members of the church, we know that almost all of us have no problems with women being at priesthood meetings and as far as general priesthood meeting goes, if a women were to show up at a stake center to watch the priesthood broadcast, no one would object.

I think the obvious reason that the church doesn't want an activist women's group attending general priesthood at the conference center is they have a legitimate fear that they intend to disrupt the meeting in some way. Accordingly, it believe it is appropriate to deny their request.

As far as the question of should women receive the priesthood goes, that question is above all our pay grades. If the priesthood is real--and if someone doesn't believe it is, why would they want it?--this is a change that can only happen through revelation given to the prophet and the quorum of the twelve.


Why would females want to attend a males-only priesthood session so they could hear the men being counseled and instructed to go home and listen to their wives?

Gilbert, AZ

All Church doctrine and practices are received from the Lord via the authorized ordained Prophet. It is not up to the Church membership to lobby or petition the Brethren for change. It is dangerous to the health of the Church when factions or groups start to question and challenge church practices. When the Lord decrees something it is not for the members to challenge it. Whatever the reasons , the Lord decreed that the Priesthood is for worthy male members only! When a change is required it will be by the hand of the Lord through his authorized servants, and not until then. Factions or "political" groups are dangerous and will work to the downfall of the Church. One only needs to look at other major Christian denominations to see that.

Riverdale, UT

There are issues beyond the traditional about women holding the Priesthood. Some are doctrinal, some are practical.

One purpose of the Priesthood in a family is to receive revelations. The Lord has always established an order to this, in families, in the Church, and so on. But imagine if both husband and wife held the Priesthood. I suppose it would be convenient for giving blessings; it would not be necessary to bother anyone else with blessing a sick child etc. But, what if one parent receives a prompting that a sick child will be OK, while the other believes they've been prompted to rush to the hospital. Who wins? Just what we need - another pressure on the marriage relationship.

Not enough room here to expound more. Great societies have followed similar paths to failure. One sign of a failing society is matriarchy becoming dominant. And us?

God created the mortal bodies of Adam and Eve, but not their intelligences. They have always existed, and our prophets have taught us that their genders have always been male/female. It doesn't take rocket science to imagine many other potential conflicts which would make families fail.

Huntington, Utah

What is the big whoop. If they want the priesthood it is simple enough to start their own religion and ordain themselves. To press this issue like this borders on silliness.

sandy, ut


To you and others claiming women will NEVER hold the priesthood and never have... you may want to check your facts. There is strong evidence and numerous statments of women being ordained and holding priesthoods in the church in the 1830's. So don't be so quick to throw out your blanket statements of NEVER.

Also, in the second endowment ceremony in temples, women lay their hands on the head of their husbands and give them a blessing... How can this be done without some kind of priesthood power?

sandy, ut


That was just that general authorities opinion, not doctrine. It isn't in the scriptures, so don't quote it as doctrine.


I feel for those women who can't see that they are already equal to men. I feel sorry that they see themselves as subservient to others. I'm FURIOUS that they feel the need to include me. I hope many understand that is it not "Women" who feel this way. Most of us honestly understand the role of the Priesthood, understand how we already do exercise it, and do not want or need worldly recognition. I do not for one minute believe that the decision to broadcast this session of conference was or is for the sisters. It is for men like my grandfather, who are housebound. Or those who do not have a meeting house. My boys may watch from home, but I will not be there. I will be allowing my husband to have those critical father and son teaching moments alone. And after, we will do as we have always done - sit as a family and they will share with us what they learned, and what they found inspiring and enlightening. Just like we do after the RS and YW broadcasts.

Tucson, AZ

@sharrona You are correct in that Deborah was a prophetess and even a "judge in Isreal" for whatever that entailed--but there is no validation that she held the priesthood. From "The Guide to the Scriptures:"

See also Prophecy, Prophesy

A woman who has received a testimony of Jesus and enjoys the spirit of revelation. A prophetess does not hold the priesthood or its keys. Though only a few women in the scriptures are called prophetesses, many prophesied, such as Rebekah, Hannah, Elisabeth, and Mary.

Miriam was called a prophetess:Ex. 15:20;
Deborah was called a prophetess:Judg. 4:4;
Huldah was called a prophetess:2 Kgs. 22:14; ( 2 Chr. 34:22; )
Anna was called a prophetess:Luke 2:36;

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