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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 24 2013 10:35 a.m. MDT

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Buena Vista, VA

Sure will be convenient, but it actually makes me kind of sad. Some of my best memories are attending this meeting (well, attending a broadcast of it in a stake center) with my dad, and later, with my sons. The priesthood session has always been my favorite, and there is something special about having it as a real meeting, rather than watching it at home. There is a sense of priesthood brotherhood. I plan on continuing to watch it at the church. I'm sure it helps those who live very long distance from meetinghouses.

Westbank, BC

Sounds like they are appeasing the feminist who plan on attending at the Conference Centre.

Salt Lake City, UT

Will the meeting still be broadcast at the churches? Or does this mean that I now just watch priesthood session at home?

Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

While I can appreciate RG's sentiment, this change will be wonderful for those of us who live in remote areas. Our stake center alone is over 2 hours away and we're 15 miles from our tiny branch.

Communion with the saints is wonderful, but back in the nineties, when we had to go to stake meetings, we would have to hire an all-day babysitter, pack at least two meals and be on the road for 5 hours total, just to attend inservice meetings. Now my husband just calls in. That sure helps our budget. And just think of how much our poor teen-aged children used to have to spend an entire day, sitting in a hall-way during stake meetings, waiting for an evening dance. They didn't attend many of them.

All these things being said, God doesn't cheat anyone. He has blessed our family continually with sons serving missions and all married in the temple. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. The family is the most important unit of the Church. Everything else is negotiable.

Orem, UT

I'm glad to see the influence that Ordain Women has had with their active petition to attend the meeting. I am doubly convinced now that when they line up for standby tickets they will both get them from the ticket office and will be allowed into the building without fuss. If anyone in the world, regardless of gender, can watch the proceedings over the Internet then it would be extremely odd to not allow the same privilege to those who wished to watch it in person. Which, if it happens, would be a fantastic change that almost certainly would not be happening without the pestering of OW. They've won!

Saratoga Springs, UT

Score! No getting dressed up!

Glendora, CA

I never could figure out why this wasn't done in the first place. It now makes it much more accessible to me, since I have a severely handicapped son who needs my help and cannot make it to the stake center.

west jordan, ut

This will make my wife very happy. She always wants a report when we get home of who spoke and what the talks were about. Now she will be able to watch with us. We can now make this a family affair, have a barbecue and spend the time together in the comforts of our home. I love the idea!

Paul H
West Valley, UT

Way to go!

Does this mean that the protest group of women will just watch on TV instead of standing in line and trying to get into the Conference center? ツ

California Steve
Hanford, CA

What? No more pizza with all the young men after the broadcast? I think that's a tradition we will continue.

Tucson, AZ

Just shows that EVERYONE is welcome, now I can watch with my husband at home if we like. It does kind of take some of the steam out of the OW petition and "let's all go to Priesthood meeting" event. I'm sure the Church will let them in.

Aurora, CO

How can I keep this information from my guys! "No, you need to go to the stake center, girl time here!" :P

Palmetto Bug
Columbia, SC

Even though we can watch at home my family still tries to go to the chapel for at least one session of conference. We think it helps distinguish Conference which helps our kids recognize that what we're doing is church and not just a TV program. I'll probably still attend priesthood at the chapel because the chapel has fewer distractions.

Lafayette, CA

Looks like Ordain Women won! It'd be silly for the ushers to bar them from attending in person if they could just pull out their iPhones and watch it anyways.

Rockledge, FL

RG - Ditto. Had good memories attending the broadcast with my sons at our Stake Center.

Lafayette, CA

It's great to know that the Church was already planning to have female prayers in Conference before the feminists asked about it and now the Church has opened up the Priesthood Session to everyone before Ordain Women made it an issue. It's great that the Church is making these changes even before others notice that they need to be done and I look forward to many great and important things yet to be revealed even before people begin agitating for them.

Lafayette, CA

And yes I am getting more than a little annoyed that my comments aren't apparently "civil" enough. I'm only saying that this is a great thing to have happen and I feel that this decision was not made in a vacuum. I'm not sure how that's uncivil or "solely meant to provoke". :-(

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Are we still encouraged to attend at a Stake Center when available? I like attending this meeting away from home, many fewer distractions and playing children to avoid that way.

andrew h
Twin Falls, ID

AND in a related press release - The BYU Creamery and ice cream shops all along the Wasatch Front just announced that they are predicting huge 3rd quarter losses!

Herriman, UT

Can we please do the same for "regional" stake conferences?

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