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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 24 2013 8:45 a.m. MDT

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Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

And to think that the people in Utah would vote for Lee over Bob Bennett is incredulous.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Will Utah succeed from the Union with Texas when the attempt to defund the Affordable Healthcare Act fails. Will Cruz and Lee benefit for attempt to shut down the government?

St.George, Utah

Definitely two peas in one terribly confused and misdirected pod.

Cache county, USA

Not really.
It's called fight fire with fire.
The Chicago way! ;)

Hyrum, UT

The facts:

1) Obamacare has unquestionally been declared the most expensive "tax" (per the Supreme Court) in the history of our country.

2) Obamacare amounts to a redistribution of wealth... the primary characteristic of socialism.

3) Obamacare is opposed by the majority of Americans as shown by virtually all major polls.

As such, Lee is doing the right thing in helping represent what the majority of Americans want... though the liberal press are doing their level best to denigrate Cruiz and Lee... regardless of what people actually want. It's refreshing to see politicians stand up for correct principles instead of cow-towing to other politicians who are more interested in their political careers than doing what they know in their hearts to be the right thing for our country.

south jordan, UT

Please can't we impeach Lee or even better let him run for president.

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

Doesn't anyone in this country get it? We are spending money like a drunken sailor on bureaucrats, welfare, medicaid, medicare, you name it, with high taxes, huge unemployment as people withdraw from the work force. These two men are fighting a losing battle it is true.

Providence, UT

Good for them! More people need to do what is right regardless of the political consequences. The Republican party has been spineless and has been pummelled over by the strong armed democrats and liberal media machine for long enough. It is time we draw a line in the sand and don't erase it when the going gets tough. If this were about egos like Obama's 'red line' I would say don't draw it in the first place, but it is about what is best for the country. Good for them!

Spanish Fork, UT

I'm grateful for Lee's leadership and strongly support him. Senator Hatch blows every which way depending on where popular misunderstanding lands one day or well-connected lobbyists dictate the next. Lee reads widely, studies the issues, can explain his votes, and has a connection to reality. And the reality is that Federal government is way way overgrown and out-of-control regardless of political ideology. That's a fact. And if some Federal trimming and short vacations need to happen to start talking about those facts then that is something that perhaps we should welcome. I wish both our Senators were on that page. *Senator* Obama talked eloquently in 2006 about the failure of Federal leadership. He declared it was immoral and unconscionable to keep kicking the can down the road and heap un-repayable debts on our children and grandchildren. He was right. But then he stopped caring and just started playing along like Senator Hatch. Thank goodness for Freshman Senators.

Redding, CA

Sen Lee has so far done nothing for the people of Utah. The tea party likewise is a nothing group. So called obamacare has several good points, 1. requires us to purchase health insurance instead of becoming a ward of the state, 2. requires health insurance providers to provide to all instead of denying any coverage to the sickest among us, 3. caps the profit of health insurance companies. The anti's could start with coming up with good modifications to the aca, such as further capping compensation to health insurance company execs (down to $300k would be my suggestion), such as requiring employers of any person (not just those 40 hr per weekers) to provide a health insurance policy, such as requiring employers of any person (above) to pay a living wage which would include enough to purchase a health insurance plan, and otherwise to live near that employer's place of business. Change the tax code, schedule A, to reduce the threshhold of 7.5% before a taxpayer can deduct the cost of health insurance.
Got more ideas.
Senator Lee, go there, Texas, with Cruz, they'll like you there. Not here.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Called "wack-o birds" by members of their own party,
with friends like that, who needs enemies?

gotta love it...

one old man
Ogden, UT

Two nuts in one shell.


"1) Obamacare has unquestionally been declared the most expensive "tax" (per the Supreme Court) in the history of our country"

Using “constant” dollars — all adjusted to equal the value of a dollar in 2009 — the ACA drops to fourth place, and the tax increase signed in 1982 by President Reagan becomes the largest since 1968.

Hyrum, UT

@ Truthseeker:

We have yet to see the total financial ramifications from Obamacare. You may try to hide the likely truth with "constant" dollars (lipstick on a pig), but Obama isn't thru with this yet. He keeps adding exemptions and changes to his own bill (unconstitutionally, since it's already been declared law... meaning only Congress should be able to change it).

Before Obama is thru with this, even ardent liberals will have to admit what a train-wreck Obamacare is. Watch and learn.

Saint George, UT

The irony of it all. When you actually have someone standing for something, whether Tea-party or Communist, the status quo goes berserk. You can either go with the status quo, Republican or Democrat (the naive and deluded), or you can go with someone who actually has a different approach to making government work (Maybe defending the Constitution, supporting free enterprise, and limiting government would work better than war, welfare dependency, and socialism). It's really simple. Mike Lee doesn't believe in European style socialism. He actually believes in liberty, Individual rights, and the Constitution. It's not surprising that those who are against him don't. Their Utopia is somewhere between a marxist death camp and the welfare state, both of which Lee rejects. Studying history and the Constitution would be a good beginning point to understanding why liberty is the foundation for anything good. Republicans and Democrats routinely reject liberty and throw everybody who doesn't go along with them overboard. When I see the vitriol directed toward Senator Lee, I'm certain he must be doing something right.

Deep Space 9, Ut

To "dave4197" you realize that everything else from the ACA has been a huge failure.

Lets look at the primary reasons why it was implemented. The biggest argument for the ACA was that it would lower the cost of insurance. Since implementation it has only increased the cost of insurance and pushed insurance companies to decrease benefits as a cost savings measure.

The other argument was that it would increase the number of insured people in the US. Since its implementation companies like McDonalds that had limited healthcare benefits are dropping health insurance programs or are cutting employee hours so they don't qualify for insurance.

We were also told that it would reduce the deficit. Now, it will raise the deficit.

We can go into all of the taxes that were raised and the expensive mandates too if you want to, but the problem is that the ACA has failed in its primary goal.



1. Not much will be different as the law is put into place for those who get insurance through their employers, and that’s the bulk of Americans.

2. New minimum benefit standards will mean more generous insurance plans for many of those who buy health coverage on their own on the individual market, which has been able to offer cheap, bare-bones plans.

3. A report released by the Lewin Group, notes that the costs will vary by state. States that already limit premium variability based on age or health status will not seeing much of an increase. In fact, costs could decrease, as “younger and healthier individuals will enroll due to the reduced cost from the premium subsidies,” the report says. Other states without community rating will experience an increase in costs.

4. The CBO reported the average premium per person in the individual market would go up by 10-13% because of the health care law, but for most, subsidies would push their costs “well below” what they would have been charged without the law.

Reasonable Person
Layton, UT

Thank you, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz.
Because of your constant, anti-American efforts to ruin the US Economy, we Democrats will take control of the House of Representatives in 2014 and 2016 (when another Democrat will be elected).

Even the right-wing Supreme Court upheld the ACA (what/s that? If you don't know....you shouldn't be screaming "Obamacare").

Not only will the ACA HELP the economy by insuring that the users of health facilities PAY for it, but it will provide jobs in that industry.
What else do we do, that cannot be off-shored? Build homes? We know how that worked out.

Let's pull together, fix what needs fixed in the ACA....and get on with our wonderful country.
Tea Partiers, get off Medicare and Social Security if you don't like "socialism".

Salt Lake City, UT

"Since implementation it has only increased the cost of insurance and pushed insurance companies to decrease benefits as a cost savings measure."

Costs have increased at the slowest rate in half a century (this is attributed mostly to the recession) so that idea is incorrect. Also most of Obamacare hasn't even gone into effect yet. Once the subsidies, ban on preexisting condition denial for adults (its' been in effect for children for years), and exchanges kick in then we'll see what the effect of Obamacare is.

As for companies... some of them are dropping benefits because the exchanges are a cheaper system for their employees than what the employees were paying under company plans.

Bluffdale, UT

what about coporate welfare why dont ant of you say anthing about it. or spending on weapons the army says it doe not want and the air force says it does not want.

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