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Published: Monday, Sept. 23 2013 6:30 p.m. MDT

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Farmington, UT

So they were so concerned that a judge granted bail to this sick person. He needs treatment, not unlimited access to weapons and public places. Does he have to actually go through with it to be committed or arrested and not just turned out onto the streets?

Something's fishy with our legal system when psychopaths can murder at will and we don't do thing one about it. At least they didn't wait until Sept 26 and then decide the guy was serious.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

How does a guy in this mental state and with this goal in mind buy two automatic hand guns and silencers?

Obviously the screening system doesn't work (if guys like this can still buy guns).

I'm glad they caught him in time.. but we have to make the screening process better if he got screened and approved to buy these guns. You can't get silencers at a gun show. They are highly regulated and you have to have a SERIOUSLY good reason to own one.


A West Valley police officer interviewed this suspect of August 12 and he is just now being charged? Sam Gill is the DA? The suspect was planning to buy guns? This story has too many holes in it!

Wasatch Front, UT

This is why sane, law-abiding citizens should always and forever have the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. We have the right in a free society to protect ourselves from the thugs and scum who will always be around.

Farmington, UT

Yes, carman, let's give everybody a gun and then we'll all be safer. I get it.

Provo, UT

Yes, Carman, I, too, love the peace of mind I get when I have to pack heat while shopping at Nordstroms.

Murray, Utah

toosmartforyou....see what just happened in the Nairobi, Kenya mall and look up their gun laws.

Omaha, NE

Why devote so much airtime to a sick criminal's plan? Isn't it enough to say it was a detailed plan, rather than unfolding every detail? What will the next idle, sick mind think when reading such things? And I would add a little more praise for the law enforcement who stopped it.

DN Subscriber 2

People like this are out there, along with actual terrorists.

Some people think that a "no guns allowed" sign will keep killers out, but that was a dismal failure at Trolley Square.

Other people recognize that there are wolves, sheep and sheep dogs, and prudently prepare to act as sheep dogs in case wolves attack. Police officers are clearly sheep dogs, and so are private citizens who have taken the steps to legally carry a self defense weapon.

Given this case, and the Kenya attack, and Trolley Square killings, people really should think about possible dangers, and possible countermeasures for their own protection. And, those who choose to do nothing are welcome to make that choice, but please do not take away the choice from those who chose to have a means of self defense.

Salt Lake City, UT

"You can't get silencers at a gun show. They are highly regulated and you have to have a SERIOUSLY good reason to own one."

2bits, sorry to break it to you, but you don't have to have a reason, serious or otherwise, to own a silencer in Utah (or many other states). There is a small amount of paperwork, you'll have to submit fingerprints, and the signature of your local police chief, but no specific reason. And yes, it is relatively easy to do. (If you can't get your police chief signature, contact an attorney that can set up a special trust for you that will allow you to get the silencer.) I guess "highly regulated" is relative. You want a suppressor? You don't have a crimanal record? You are a citizen? Start the process to get one.

DN subscriber? You think you and your little concealed weapon could have stopped what happened in Kenya? Really? Yeah, you and John McClane. Yippie ki yay. . .

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Good guys become bad guys by pulling triggers.

Auburn, MA

So this guy goes to a hospital with "issues",,, talks with a "crisis" worker, and he get's arrested.

Uhhmm,, the guy wants to talk rather than act on his urges so he seeks help, and gets arrested,,,

I'm trying to wrap my head around this.

If someone is at witts end and knows he needs help, but also knows he'll get arrested if he seeks help why should he try to get help?

Where does one go when they need help?

South Jordan, UT

Carman and DNS2: AMEN! Protect our 2nd Amendment rights.

Patchogue, NY

Often times a guy like this has no mental health record because he hasn't quite "snapped" yet but has simmered and plotted his big event for years while staying under the radar. This is why AR-15's and other high capacity killing machines should be banned.

I am for the Second Amendent, but I also interpret "well-regulated militia" as meaning it should not be possible for one-day mass murderers like him to plot and carry out a mass shooting with a gun he bought legally. There's nothing "well-regulated" about that.

Lone Eagle
Aurora, CO

Hey Des News: just what is an "automatic handgun"? Did you mean semi-automatic? I thought automatic weapons of any kind were highly restricted. What is the dealer doing selling automatic weapons?

Cache, UT

@2bits He only had planned to purchased the guns. It doesn't say that he actually succeeded in purchasing the guns. So, the background check didn't fail in this instance.

@toosmart... Hopefully it won't happen, but someday, you may be very grateful for the guy next to you who is carrying a weapon...

This guy said that he would surrender if the police showed up because they are "faster shots" than him. From the girth of his neck, I would say most of us would be faster shots. One opposing gun may bring this guy to surrender way sooner than waiting for a cop to show up. Waiting sure didn't help our disarmed military members, on base, from having many killed. How about arming our military, allowing the rest of us our inalienable right to bear arms, and providing mental health care for those who are truly crazy?

Here, UT

What is wrong with people?

@DN Subscriber 2 & GiuseppeG;

It is because we allow people like this to have guns in the first place that you need a gun to protect yourself.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Sounds like a dangerous adverse reactions to his anti-depressant meds to me.

BTW - carman
8:14 p.m. Sept. 23, 2013
[and the rest of you pro-gun 2nd amendment Chuck Norris wanna bes...]

This is America - Not the Gaza Strip or Somalia.

I shouldn't HAVE to be carrying ANYTHING to protect myself and my family to go to City Creek to go shopping, ride TRAX, or the movies!

A universal background check would have been sufficient to stop this guy.

A simple interview in a hospital was enough to stop this guy, and guys like you are against even THAT!

Layton, UT

This guy sounds like a really mean man.

metamora, IL

A study, recently released by the Harvard Law School, provides a very broad perspective and how useless gun laws are. Those areas that have the strictest gun laws are also those that have the highest murder rates -- see Luxembourg and Russia. The same is true within a country. Those places with the strictest gun laws are also the ones with the highest murder rates. The liberal authors of the study confessed it was not what they expected to find.

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