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Published: Monday, Sept. 23 2013 7:05 p.m. MDT

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scottsdale, AZ

@Tenn 12
It is not a reasonable goal, for the foreseeable future, to get "to the next level" if you mean a more prestigious conference. The fact remains that USU is a mid level university in terms of enrollment, endowment, budget, and resources. We are right where we belong, competitive with our peers, and an occasional threat to those above us. What mid level team do you see as better than the Aggies? I would be very interested. We have made huge strides, and I hope we can continue. But we don't belong in, say, the PAC 12 where we would be like Utah, hoping not to be the doormat each year. And we are not going to be a national football powerhouse football program. Better chance of that happening in basketball, don't you think?

Smithfield, UT

Deseret News

I'm not sure how the following comment can be considered off topic considering the other comments posted on this article. Frankly I find it troubling that you disallow someone from extending a friendly hand to Stang who most people question and ridicule.

Please re-review the following post.



I for one appreciate your comments much of the time. While sometimes extreme, I do think you represent a group of people(how big of a group is debatable) who have ill feelings towards usu. May I invite you to come discuss Aggie issues at the usufans website? It is a forum where Aggie fans go to discuss all things Aggies. An outside opinion there is always appreciated.

Southern, UT


So you agree with me.


We haven't beaten a "power" team. We've beaten WAC 2.0 UNLV. Which USU hasn't done in recent memory. That's not really the point thouugh. Do you dispute the fact that USU hasn't beaten a big team or not? And we haven't played Utah or BYU so I can't answer that question. But you already knew that didn't you?


What's the website? I may consider it if it will finally get you aggies to see the error of your ways. And I believe that's the first time you've said anything nice to someone who isn't an aggie.

Smithfield, UT


If I've said something bad about another fan base I ask you to find it. Do a google search for "usufans" to find the website. Sorry, DesNews won't let me post a link.

Also, USU beat UNLV last year 35-13.

Btw, well written article DesNews! Keep it up!

Southern, UT

Ok so they did beat UNLV. What's that say? You are no better than SUU. On another website yes you have. And it's always about me. It's a newspaper website based in Logan. You know what I'm talking about so you can see for yourself if you are in denial.

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