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Published: Monday, Sept. 23 2013 6:30 p.m. MDT

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Scott Farcus
Beaver, UT

Dick Harmon: Will BYU quarterback Taysom Hill develop into an accurate passer?


Provo, UT

Yes he will, but other components of the offense need to improve as well: receivers not drop passes, offensive line give him more protection.

Cedar Hills, UT

I think you give Hill this year and then sort it out after the season. Hill is not a traditional drop back passer and thus he doesn't see the field as well as he should. Hill was recruited to be in the Doman offense and he does fit that perfectly...but that offense is gone (thank goodness) but it seems like some of it remains for Hills sake...to maximize his effectiveness you have to use him as a runner first and thrower second. BYU has a problem obviously. Either they return to being a drop back pass offense or they continue with this hybrid thing. To be a good drop back pass offense again they need the talent at the QB position and I don't know yet if they have such a kid in the program. Anae is a good coach but he is handicapped trying to make the best use of what he has. John Beck was pretty inconsistent until his senior year and then he blossomed. Can the Hill kid do the same as Beck? Is BYU willing to wait and risk it?

Beaver, UT

@ trueblue87
"Yes he will, but other components of the offense need to improve as well: receivers not drop passes, offensive line give him more protection."

Hill has had plenty of time and protection. Here is a common sense look at the Cougs problem; Is it just one receiver or a number of them dropping the ball?

If its just one, its that receivers problem but, if all your receivers are dropping the ball you need to look at the Q. Something is wrong with his delivery, he may have to much pepper on it, if thats the case the coaching staff needs to work with him on "touch" oh yes and on over throws.

Sign Bronco for 10 more years

west jordan , UT


I agree give the kid some time to get better. The last year of Beck and then the good four year of hall made us spoiled as BYU fans. Wilson has all last year to get experience and look at the pay off for the U. If we as a football team want to ever have a good or great year we need to let Hill and those that follow him develop and stop all this we what a championship ever year, there are going to be some rough years to let our player get experience and improve.


It takes time to develop into a good passer. As mentioned in the article Steve Young wasn't very good until his Senior year, even though he started a couple of games as a Sophomore (when McMahon was hurt). As a Junior, Steve threw SIX interceptions against Georgia.

What I'm saying is if Taysom does become a good passer it isn't likely to happen this year and maybe not even next year. We also need to remember that BYU doesn't have as much emphasis on passing as it did in the past which might slow down the development of Taysom's passing skills.

Salt Lake City, UT

re: Kralon

If there is hope for Taysom; there is hope for Tebow? Disagree on both counts.

Lehi, UT

Let's be realistic, if the Utes were the powerhouse they think themselves to be they would have run all over BYU. An outstanding defense kept the Utes at bay and keep the offense in the game. Remember the unstoppable Colin Kapernick? Remember Urban Meyer? They turned out to be human. Taysom Hill will continue to learn under the scrutiny of "fans". Robert Anae inherited a mess, Doman had a good college career but he was no offensive coordinator. Anae will adjust and Mendenhall will continue to evolve into a head coach. The team needs to win the mental game against Utah, Kyle knows the self-destruct buttons to push and his teams beat BYU. On occasion Utah managed some impressive wins, even over good teams, so has BYU ans so will BYU. Don't abandon ship, I can guarantee that USC, UCLA Oregon and Stanford are not re-thinking their game plans in fear of Utah; and I don't think anyone if planning on the U in Pasadena in January. Take a deep breath, we've already seen the sun come back up, have some faith in these people who are under so much pressure to succeed.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I'm a little more optimistic about Hill. He has the running ability few quarterbacks have. It also seems that the deficiencies in his throwing game are mental, not athletic. Maybe backing off the "go fast go hard" philosophy a little until hill and his receivers are on the same page will pay dividends. Running 90 offensive plays a game sounds impressive until you factor in all the incompletes and passes for short yardage and little gain after the catch. Right now "go fast go hard" is doing little more than speeding up the mess.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Hill can't get any worse. Today he is rated #120, dead last, in the nation according to ESPN. If he can learn to throw like Tebow, it will be an improvement.

Kearns, UT

"...and Mendenhall will continue to evolve into a head coach."

This is his 9th year as head coach at BYU. How long should it take to "evolve into a head coach?" His 12th year? His 20th?

He doesn't have that much time. If he doesn't win some of the big games THIS season (having lost to Utah again), BYU fans calling for his head are going to get louder and louder. Especially if what was once one of the most pass dominant teams in the nation continues to have a quarterback that ranks dead last.

He has a great defense. One that can hang with 85-90% of teams in the country. But you've got to put points on the board to win, and you can't count on the D to always do that for you. If he can't step up above being the defensive coordinator, reign in Anae's lackadaisical play calling, and make the tough decisions about QB's, he's going to end up back at the DC position. You can't be so focused on one or two things (ie. Crowton) that you lose control of the rest.

Springville, UT

Can't believe what I'm reading from both Dick and the commenters. This is the same article we read last year defending not replacing Nelson. I have read this before. Hill is not a starting QB. If he ever develops into one, then start him. Put him on the bench until then. He should never have been the starter. Should have been Olsen from the beginning. The only reason he is starting is because Bronco feels bad about his injury last year. He's not ready. Yank him.


O line is a mess. Receivers are unstable. Should have hired Ben Cahoon to be the receivers coach. That guy could catch a falling star. If that guy touched a ball it was caught. Best hands I have ever seen at BYU. Not convinced that the QB coach is good. More time will tell. I am surprised Utah wasn't up by 20 at the end of the game. Game wasn't secure until the time read 0:00. BYU is the best defense Utah will see all year. BYU is the worse offense Utah will see outside of Weber State. All that adds up to a 7 point win which wasn't secure until the clock was at 0:00. Utah has a right to be happy but no right to brag or feel secure. They just beat the worst quarterback in the country by a mere 7 points and he was knocking on the doorstep all game long... none of BYU quarterbacks were great when they came to BYU. They were made great by BYU. We need to resurrect some of that ability in Provo. Making diamonds out of coal is what BYU has a tradition of doing at QB.

Rock Springs, WY

BYU hardly ever develops a quarterback. Young may be the exception. If the QB had it before they showed up to BYU then they succeeded. If they were average they were average when they left. This has been a problem dating back to LaVell's era, Shoemaker, Covey, Feterick, Engaman, etc. Even our beloved Chow could not develop average into great. Its either they can't develop or they cannot evaluate talent. Hopefully Hill is like Young.

Kearns, UT

"Making diamonds out of coal is what BYU has a tradition of doing at QB."

Yes, but...


BYU's own web page called, "Quarterback Factory" stops in 2009 at Max Hall.

You've got to have two things to make diamonds from coal: heat and pressure, or in this case, talent and coaching.

Which one is lacking?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Taysom would be much better playing on the other side of the ball.

Provo, UT

I thought that a QB strength was suppose to be his passing game. Looks like we have a QB who can't really pass and a goal kicker who can't kick field goals. It's like saying I'm a linebacker but I can't tackle.

Frisco, TX

In limited action last year, Hill looked like a much better passer than he does this year. I didn't put a lot of weight on the QB rating after game 1 because of the weather, and I wrote off game 2 because Hill "took what the defense gave him" which was the run.

But after game 3 . . . I'm starting to wonder. Let's face it, Utah's defense is not what it's been the past decade. Even an average QB, should have completed 50% against them.

Sure the O line isn't the brick wall it's been in some prior seasons, and sure the receivers are dropping some balls, and sure the coaching could be better, but the majority of this is on Hill. I give him one more game against MTSU. If his accuracy is still below 50%, it's time to give Ammon a try.

Now, if I'm the coach, I give Hill a lot more short passes. They're easier to complete, and the routes are more predictable to run. Let's get this turned around.

Albany, NY

Wow. After the TX game BYU fans were ready to market this kid as a Heisman Finalist. Now they want him fired? Which is it Provo?

West Jordan, Utah

Sure Hill could develop but I am highly doubtful he will. He seems like a high character guy. He will get humbled this year even more. But it's not all his fault. His coaches aren't putting him in positions to succeed and the O line is still a question mark to me. It's hard for a passer so inaccurate to become a legit thrower of the football, but bad mechanics, and especially inconsistent footwork might be doable to correct.

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