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Published: Sunday, Sept. 22 2013 9:00 p.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT


In the Texas game, the team marched down the field running the ball and then kicked a field goal instead of going for the 1st down with inches to go. Whatever the motives were, I know not, but this shows a lack of confidence in coaches and the team. This srategy will come back to haunt the coaches as it did again in the UTAH game.

In the UTAH game, there were a couple of times when Hill was short of the first down by inches and the coaches either kicked a field goal or punted.

Please don't play a football game where you play "NOT TO LOSE", you will lose every close game. Play a game to WIN.

Develop the plays and confidence in the players to execute those plays on 4th AND INCHES.

Las Vegas, NV

Hill is a lot like Tebow, except Tebow threw for 68% (career). He also had a passer rating of 170+ and rushed for just under 3000 yards. So other than that, yes, they are the same.

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

The thing the Y fans always forget is when the Y had great QB's/Teams is when Lavell Coached there. Mendinhall is no Lavell as much as he tries to be like him on the sidelines and in post game interviews.

You guys have talked yourself into thinking the players go to the school because it's BYU. Some maybe, but for most part nothing could be further from the truth. College athletes end up at the schools they do because of the coaches and what they can promise them. These kids could care less about facilities, conferences and TV contracts. They want to be coached to be better players and widen their chances of getting into the NFL or having their education paid for.

Lavells secret was he and his coaching staff had the ability to take good players and turn them in to great players. He also very rarely recruited out of the state of Utah. Sounds like what is happening up on the hill right now. Of course it's no small coincidence that Kyle played for Lavell and knows the system.

BYU needs new coaches. Ones who are more concerned with coaching then lip service.

Eric Samuelsen
Provo, UT

Taysom Hill is young, inexperienced, talented but unseasoned. Give him time to grow. But the hurry up is silly. It just puts unnecessary pressure on our defense.

podunk utah

Taysom Hill is a running back, plain and simple.. they need to run effectively, they don't have the tools for the pass happy good old days

Bakersfield, CA

As a former BYU quarterback commented after the game, "I always thought the first criteria of a BYU quarterback was to able to throw the football!"

how low we have gone...:(

Anchorage, AK

Last in the NCAA in passing??? I never thought I'd hear that phrase at BYU...that is blaspheme!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU coaches blew it on that 4th and one when they had the momentum going. Terrible coaching. I don't know what is going on down there in Provo but I think the BYU football team is destined to be MEDIOCRE at best. I hope we BYU fans have the stomach for it?

Frisco, TX

BYU's passing game has got to improve. If we continue with pass percentage below 50%, we're going to find ourselves siting home in December.

Danbury, CT

Forget Ammon Olsen or Tanner what's-his-name. BYU could have Superman at QB and manage to make him sub-human. Plays that were too predictable, no adjustments against the D, overthrowing guys. We were flat out-coached and out-played AGAIN by our rivals who recruit basically the same LDS and Californians that BYU does. But they know how to get the best out of these kids. Why in the world we would invite Anae to bring his same train wreck around for a second time, I'll never know.

Please no more "hurry-up" offense. It's just stupid when we can't even run plays that we're rushing the whole thing. What's the point??

I agree with an earlier poster, the fact that BYU is the lowest rated passing team in the whole country is reason enough to FIRE ANAE TODAY!!! These coaches should all fall on their swords. Dead last in the USA...sheesh!!

Beverly Hills, CA

Taysom Hill is playing on behalf of BYU, fans, the community and his church but BYU fans deem it fit to savage this young man with their words. For shame.

Park City, UT

There are several local high school QB's that could light up the U secondary. It's utterly amazing that the much talked about awesome Taysom Hill couldn't do it. Watching his performance was so much fun for me as a Ute fan, I couldn't believe the balls that he was throwing! Some missed targets by 10 yards and 10 feet in the air. Reminded me of my inebriated brother in law trying to throw darts at ballons at the state fair. LOL!

blue & white
Boise, ID

Bulletin board material, a writer and talk show host on KTIK the ticket in Boise, the meat ball Mike Prater, said today Tayson Hill is the worse quarter back in division 1 football. He inferred BYU is nothing to worry about for Boise State. I wonder, but don't think he is the worst however rain or shine Taysom is 33 % in passing. is the OC calling the wrong plays? so many other teams do a simple pitch and catch to a crossing route, or running back out of the back field. I was at the Utah game and didn't have confidence we could get it done in passing. what has the coach been looking at since last spring? what is the percentage completion in practice? very frustrated in the play calling. wake up!

Adin, CA

It is really hard to see how far BYU has fallen. Losing to teams like Utah and Virginia who are bottom of the barrel in their conferences is shameful. Both teams will likey have losing records. Sad...really sad.

Orange County, CA

sid 6.7 wrote: "(Lavell) also very rarely recruited out of the state of Utah."

Here's a sample of his top QB recruits:

Young - Connecticut
Detmer - Texas
Bosco - California
Wilson - Washington
Shiede - California
Sarkisian - California
Feterik - California
McMahon - Utah
Nielson - Utah

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Anae is the problem. His offense has jr high technicallity. His rehire was a mistake and may cost bronco his job too. You fired a dc in the middle of the year for lack of performance, time to do it with this OC.

Cedar Hills, UT

passsing game?? I was at the Utah game and I didn't see a 'passing game'. I saw an option running game and that's about it. The only passing was more like something you would see from Air Force Academy. Pathetic. Hill can't throw ... period. The Y is no fun to watch anymore. Very sub par program ...and getting worse... but the food is good and the pregame and half time are fun for the kids so who cares about football anyway?

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