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Published: Sunday, Sept. 22 2013 9:15 p.m. MDT

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Saint George, UT

A few thoughts...
1. Mike Honeycutt is some sort of beast-man hybrid.
2. We need to get much much better on converting 3rd downs.
3. Dres, stay humble and the world is your oyster.

Cinci Man

And I have a huge smile for them too. What a great win! They deserve a downtown parade for this accomplishment. Beating a great BYU team that had all the potential to destroy the Red Machine is no small accomplishment. It sent a resounding message that the Utes are number one in football in the state. It also tells BYU that they have a long way to go to be in the same league. Many doubted the team on the hill. But what little they had was magnified into a great team with energy, heart, stamina, and precision effort. What a superb victory! I couldn't be more impressed. Best wishes for the remainder of the season. Congratulations Coach Kyle for bringing it to the field. You are a great coach and it showed in Provo for certain.

Salt Lake City, UT

With guys like Andy Reid, Billick and Holmgren in the wings, why is BYU married to Bronco? The recievers are a QB dream....but Hill couldn't t hit a mile high and wide wall from ten feet....get rid of bronco....NOW!


Dres is the guy I've been the most impressed with this season, by far. His dedication in the weight room has definitely showed in his burst off the line of scrimmage, and in this game in his ability to break through arm tackles, and even dragged Sorensen for five yards! That 74 yard reception last night likely would've been a 40 yard reception last year.

This is absolutely no disrespect to Cody Hoffman, who I think is a great player and future pro, but Dres showed last night that he was the best receiver on the field, and the numbers back that up. He's currently 9th in the nation in receiving yardage, 13th in the nation in yards per reception (while all but one player ahead of him has fewer catches), and has already surpassed his yardage total from last season, which led the team. I'd be very surprised if he doesn't consider turning pro at the end of the year, but selfishly I hope he comes back.

salt lake city, UT

this is awesome, Dres man let it shine!

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

BYU seems to like to rehire people (Anae)...so maybe Crowton is an option to replace Bronco??

And if you want a QB that can throw it over a wall that is a mile high, you gotta go with Uncle Rico!! He's got 4 years remaining...

The Solution
Las Cruces, NM

Congratulations Utes for winning... again. U were the better team on Saturday.

What I can say about the game:
Officiating was good--well at least for BYU; our only TD was very questionable; so was BM's challenged tipped pass

Travis Wilson > Taysom Hill; I was very impressed

Dres is good; so is Poole--can't say that they are better than BYU players yet, because we lost the war in the trenches, and Taysom can't pass, but Hoffman still got over 100 yards

Utah had better schemes and knows how to play against BYU. BYU does not know how to play against Utah. They still have no confidence in this game.

I hope U have a better season than last year with a good run in the PAC. If we were in the PAC, we would be at the bottom too, currently below Utah.

That is all.

Orem, UT

Good game for the U. Wish we could do it again next year... :|

Omaha, NE

Truly, if you are a talented football player, LDS, wanted to stay in Utah, and hoping to play professional football, why would you chose not to play for the Utes? Granted it'll take about 2-3 more years before they will compete in the PAC-12 but the spotlight will be hard to deny.

Anyway, thank you for the fun game and the win.


Salt Lake, UT

Yes we did!

I love my Pac 12 membership and being better than WAC teams usu and byu!


As usual the Cougar team shows up every other week if that. Been that way for as long as I was there in the late 70's early 80's. They could always beat weaker teams. Though they best Texas a few weeks back, the Cougars can't maintain it against a better team any longer than a week. BUY will never beat Utah again.

San Diego, CA

Congrats on the nice win UTES. Should be a good game against my Bruins next week.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Have been saying this since both teams left the MWC. It's time for the rivalry to die off. This game benefits neither team. Utah did not move up in the rankings and will still be lucky to win 6. BYU lost to a mediocre Pac12 team and wouldn't have benefited much with a win. Let the games die off so we can end animosity in this state, it's the real detractor of this game. People hate each other due to school affiliation, what a shame. Let it die off, the U showed its true affinity for BYU by 1)leaving BYU to join the Pac12 and 2)refusing to schedule games the next two years. It's time for BYU (who had dragged Utah along through the WAC and early MWC years) to let the U go.

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Re: Truth
"With guys like Andy Reid, Billick and Holmgren in the wings, why is BYU married to Bronco? The recievers are a QB dream.."

Not sure whether to respond to your comments because they're so "out there" they must be satirical.

If not, what does "out there" mean? Do you think that ever, one of them would leave what they're doing and come to a team that can't even get into a conference? Receivers are a QB dream?? More of a nightmare. You must be kidding. Sorry, but there's no Truth in what you say.

Riverton, UT

How is Bronco somehow the reason why BYU lost? If anything, he brings defensive expertise that leads the defense in stopping a potent Utah defense on 3rd down for most of the game. There definitely were some questionable calls, but I'm going to do the right thing and admit that Utah played better the entire game and executed for the most part well on offense against a tough pass rush. The score would have been different if the pass offense was at the level it should be at, but it is still a work in progress and cannot be completely blamed on Taysom.

Some BYU fans are really whiny when it comes to football. Real fans stick behind the team whether they win or lose!

Cedar Hills, UT

It is 4 games in row now and I suspect that count is only going to climb higher and higher in the future. It will be a long long time before the Y is able to beat the U again. Utah has passed BYU overall in Football and that is easy to see. BYU seems to be declining as a program overall and I suspect it has alot to do with recruiting since they have no conference now. Being in the PAC12 has helped Utah land recruits they never would have gotten before. BYU seems to be on the level of a Tulane or Tulsa or Bowling Green type program now. A small D1 program that can't compete with the majors. I suspect Bronco is reluctant to sign anything long term at the Y because he wants to move on to bigger and better things when opportunity knocks. Maybe the Y ought to just bow out of the NCAA and concentrate on academics going forward.

Shire, 00

Good win Utah! I found it funny that Y fans were ragging on you because you only beat USU at home by 4. Then when I mentioned that you were much better and were going to take care of this game pretty easy, I got ragged on by them. There is no greater truth then the game played!

Go Aggies!
Go Utes!

Layton, UT

I'm still smiling, and smile some more when I read the ynee comments. You guys are right, byu needs a break from getting beat up every year, but next time...Utah will be 2 years better...
and byu will still be byu. lol.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Dres Anderson knows how to light up a room doesn't he? I love listening to him. He brings a lot of energy and joy to the game.

Provo, UT

After reading all of the anti ute comments the last couple of weeks, The haters have put a good two year smile om my face.

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