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Published: Sunday, Sept. 22 2013 12:50 a.m. MDT

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Ask the players, Brad. No games are easy. It's hard work for the 20 hours of the week, and 60 minutes of game time. It comes down to preparation. Kudos to the Cougars on a great game and classic defensive battle.

Sandy, UT

Ah, worf. What can be done, my man? Your presence and thoughtful commentary will be missed.

West Jordan, UT

What if's get coaches fired. Looks like both teams are not very good (AGAIN). Utah may win only 3 more games this year. leaving them without a bowl game again. BYU may make it to another game because they have some winnable games left. I think they will lose to USU and Wisconsin but will win the rest of their games. I think that Bosie State and Notre Dame are winnable games and so are the rest of the scheduled games. Utah has a much tougher schedule. I don't see them winning against the tougher teams. USC is beatable but the rest of their games are a gauntlet. And if you cant beat a poor Oregon State team, at home, it's going to be tough to beat anyone else. This is one poor state for college football

2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0
Ogden, UT

Yes we are!

West Jordan, Utah

No it's not that easy Brad Rock but Utah has yet another win against BYU.

Go Utes
Salt Lake City, UT

Great game tonight! I've got my Ute tie (and white shirt, of course) ready to go for tomorrow. Ugh, wish I didn't have 9 o'clock church.

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

We just don't lose to BYU anymore.

Lots of pain in Provo tonight.

Lots of jubilation in SLC.

Glad I'm on the winning side.


West Jordan, Utah

Game, set and match. See you in 2016. No Utah is not afraid to play you BYU. What they are is tired of beating you and never getting the credit. Oh the calls were bad, the turnovers were flukes, we finished with the better record and Sagarin ratings excuses. Utah is the better team and has been for LONG time. BYU was better in 1984. Yippy.

Quit making excuses Bronco. I was glad to see Coach Anae own the loss and calling Utah the better team on both sides of the ball.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

After losing to Utah four years its pretty obvious the Cougars are no match for the Utes in the one on one match up in football. However, the Utes haven't really been able to do anything these last few years either besides beat BYU. Both teams have been underachievers since this decade began.

Utah needs to beat a team in their league this year that is at least 5-4 AND make a bowl game, and BYU needs to get to ten wins and be ranked. Both objectives are tall orders but doable.

Herndon, VA

One drive summed up the difference in coaching. I've never been so infuriated.

BYU down 13-6, very end of 3rd quarter, ball on BYU 40, 4th and 1. Coach Mendenhall punts! We had the momentum not only in that drive but in the whole 3rd quarter, having driven and kicked two field goals. We knew Utah's offense is dangerous. Sure enough, Utah drives all the way down the field and scores, putting the game out of reach.

Then, incredibly, on the next drive BYU calls running plays on the first two downs, while two touchdowns behind and only 10 minutes left in the game!

Didn't we want to win? We were on our field. What kind of lack-of-confidence message did it send the players, that we can't make one stinking yard in a key series?

And then Coach Mendenhall says after the game that the missed field goal was a turning point. No, the turning point was when the players first took the field and looked like they didn't understand they were on their own home field and that every play counted, while their opponent understood perfectly and executed.

Salt Lake City, UT

Whitingham is a better coach. Plan and simple.


"What if Adam Hine’s 100-yard kick return hadn’t been reversed on a penalty? And what if the play by Michael Alisa had been ruled a fumble recovery for a touchdown? What if they’d called a penalty on the game’s final play?...A questionable moment came when Utah’s Jason Whittingham came crashing into view at the end of a play"

Nice blue spin on all of those, Brad. Let's see, IF BYU doesn't hold on the kick return, Hine gets tackled at around BYU's 20. IF Michael Alisa was awarded a fumble recovery for a TD, Larry Scott would have called in and fired the refs on the spot; even if it was muffed (which it's clear it wasn't), muffed punts are downed at the spot they were recovered, not returnable. And Whittingham's "questionable moment"...watch the replay. Kearsley (the one so even-keeled on the rivalry he publicly burned a letter from Utah--oooooohhhhhh!!) uses Whittingham like a blocking sled after the play was over, crashing him into some BYU players. But go ahead, supply the fans with 3 years of excuses.

Riverdale, UT

I'll never understand, Rock, why sportswriters and fans read so much more into the coaches and player's character than is warranted by the game. It is OK to whoop and holler and talk talk talk about the game itself, about how one player beat another down the field for a winning catch, for example, but is it really necessary to make the player who was beat seem like a bone-headed idiot who ought to be deported to the moon because he stumbled, or didn't get turned quite in the right direction, or simply wasn't blessed with huge leg muscles to run down the opposing player. I am writing this now because I know what is going to show up here once we all get up in the morning and the keyboards start to rattle. Go ahead, guys, have a lot of fun sticking your tongues out at each other, predicting the rest of the year's games, reading impossible conclusions into a simple football game. But PLEASE, don't tear down the men in blue or red or stripes as though they are criminals. It takes BOTH teams to make a game!

Central, UT

I wouldn't say at all that this game means more to BYU than Utah, simply because BYU is independent. I would argue that Utah has more to play for since this is turning out to be one of the few teams that Utah feels comfortable playing and for them, that is a good thing. Utah needs to have this win, since it is one of the few they have had each year in recent years, so they put more emphasis on this one game. Having said that, I think that BYU does come in with more angst and Utah plays looser. It shows on the field and in the result.

South Jordan, UT

Here come the excuses!

Plano, TX

Lopsided win-loss ratio, yes. Dominance - not really. Too many of the games are too close and many decided or up for grabs to the end. Good local rivalry, it'll turn the other way at some point like it was in the mid-70's to mid-90's, count on it.


1000 days until this game is played again. It sounds like the biggest losers this morning are everyone that loves great football.

No more Texas v.Texas AM, Oklahoma v Nebraska, BYU v. Utah. Great games with real meaning are gone.

I wish Utah good luck in the years to come.

(and secretly hope Utah places sixth in the PAC for one last chance in San Francisco - no one I would rather see us play and no lose hurts more. That is why we all love the game.)

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Rockarolla

If Utah wins three more games it will be bowling.

Eden, UT

The highlight of the game for BYU fans was when freshman O-lineman Kearsley got into the face of his Ute opponent! At least he was "fully invested", unlike the rest of the overmatched O-line.

Looks like we BYU fans have 2.5 more years of Riley Nelson, Jr at QB.

How come the Utes always have quick and capable receivers and the Y has tons of guys with bricks for hands? I get tired of hearing what nice routes they run--what difference does it make if they can't catch a soap bubble in a peach basket?? BTW, it's time to bench Apo and start developing someone else during the remainder of this lost season. Same for QB; let's w see what Ammon Olsen can do.

Syracuse, UT

BYU had the defense to win this game if it would have had an offense. Any offense should be expected to score at least 21 points a game. I blame Bronco for not being able to recruit a QB that can pass. I like Hill but isn't this just Riley 2.0? I maintain that Bronco is a great DC but average head coach.

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