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Published: Saturday, Sept. 21 2013 11:50 p.m. MDT

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Sparkley Briefs
New York, NY

Ah, church is so lovely after a big win over BYU. Sleep well all!

OC Fan
Orange County, CA

Is there a passer in the house?

West Jordan, UT

Four in a row, baby! How sweet it is.

Congrats to the Utes. More importantly, I hope Williams and Murphy will both be OK.

Saint George, UT

Good game all around, here's hoping Williams is ok.

Go Utes!

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

4-0 streak
9-5 since this century began
56-34-4 since 1896

Looks like we own ya'all...See ya in 2016...

Indianapolis, IN

There is something called the endzone guys. I realize the uprights are easier to see, be the endzone is where the points are. Regardless of the ruling on the field, we didn't score a single LEGIT touchdown tonight.

Layton, Utah

Utah's run defense is pretty good. BYU's hope was the pass game, but Hill just isn't a good enough passer. BYU's defense was fairly strong and Utah had a mediocre offensive output. But the game was won on BYU's inability to pass consistently and accurately. The key to shutting down BYU is to focus on their run game because they are mainly one-dimensional.

Nice win for the Utes.

Sparkley Briefs
New York, NY

Awwww, didums go down and go boom?

South Jordan, UT

Hard to imagine a more inept offense and special team in college football.


Remember last week when someone posted:

EWU beats Oregon State - Oregon State beats Utah - EWU greater than Utah. See how that works? Let's add another factor

Indianapolis, IN

After a game like this, many will be calling for Ammon Olsen to replace Hill. I say bring Ammon in and move Taysom out to the slot to get some of our receivers to the bench. Aside from Cody, defenses have no more to fear from our receivers than if I was out there.

Indianapolis, IN

How do you hold an opponent to 1-14 on 3rd down conversions and still not muster enough offense to win the game?

Indianapolis, IN

Here's to hoping Jamaal is okay. Great kid with a great future. It would be horrible to see it all end like that.

Salt Lake City, UT

Wow - BYU has the momentum going on their side and on that fourth and one they punt? The punt didn't hurt Utah's field position that much. If you were going to trust your defense, trust them if they don't make the first down. The game's momentum clearly shifted with that punt and the Cougars never recovered. I don't know who made the call but it was a costly one. Can I borrow some pepper sauce to put on the crow I'm going to be eating now for three long years!. Congrats to Coach Whitingham for showing some passion and leadership in the game - well done Coach. This is one BYU fan that appreciates good coaching,Utah's Coaches fits the bill.

Chris from Rose Park
Hartford, CT

Good game. The Utes definitely played better. I wish we had done better in the red zone. That was the big difference.

There you go, Chris B, here is a BYU fan saying the Utes played better. They deserved the win.


Tough loss for the Cougars. Utah played well and did what they had to do to eek out a win. BYU drops too many passes and can't reach the overthrown balls that come from Taysom Hill. The Cougars can't complete a pass when it is crunch time. Are there any other QB's that might be able to throw a better ball? Hill is a great runner, but his passing leaves something to be desired. I'm still a Cougar fan, but a frustrated one at present.

Iowa City, IA

Another exciting game in this rivalry. While many of us won't miss all the vitriol associated with this series, I'm definitely going to miss the fottball. Seems like it always comes down to the end.

Game Ball #1: Travis Wilson. Stood in and took some shots, particularly from KVN, but held firm on that long sustained drive in the early 4th quarter to put them on top by 2 TDs. He was 7/7 on that drive.

Game Ball #2: Dres Anderson. Other than the missed catch he had at the end to keep the clock running, he played awesome.

Game Ball #3: Utah's D. Way to come back after last week. Here's hoping Eric Rowe learned his lesson, though. Keep the taunts out of the game! Let your play do the talking.

Nice win. Hoping the Cougs can bounce back and have a good season.

Go Utes!

Frozen Chosen
Savage, MN

BYU needs a good offensive coordinator, plain and simple. The utterly predictable play calling is just killing them.

Saint George, UT

Utah, congrats on the win. Congrats for not wetting your pants every time you play BYU. Congrats on recruiting QBs that can throw the ball.

There is a philisophical coaching problem (on the field) at BYU. Losing to utah 4-in a row and 9-13 (I may be wrong) is not acceptable.

Stop trying to develop running QBs that can not consistently throw the ball. Stop. Stop calling plays that your QB can't make the throw on.

Just stop.

Beverly Hills, CA

A Utah man am I, I am also a temple recommend holder, hold 2 callings, 100% home teaching record. Such a heathen am I. Go Utes!!!

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