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Published: Saturday, Sept. 21 2013 4:50 p.m. MDT

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2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0
Ogden, UT

I would like to congratulate our PAC 12 brothers on their win over our WAC brothers Utah state.

I like usu, but I support Utah first, then my PAC 12 brothers next.


Dang, another game against a well known team where the Aggies just barely lost. USC's defense just seemed a tad faster than the Aggies. Hope the Aggies win next time!

Salt Lake City, UT

Tough loss, but the better team did in fact win. That Trojan defense is ridiculous. Still proud of my Ags. They never quit for a second.

And I bet we can still win the Mountain West, especially considering Boise fell to Fresno last night. Team still has that goal well within reach.

And for pete's sake, let's tone down these stupid comment wars. I bet we're all much happier if we do that.

Stango... good luck against the hornets. You've got a decent team there.

2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0
Ogden, UT

Second best team in the state. No doubt.

Both Utah and usu will beat byu.

Usu and byu will be great rivals going forward as they fight for being second best in Utah

Cache county, USA

I thought coach was about to get tossed early in the game.

Sterling, VA

A Ute salute to the Aggies; I REALLY wish you would've beaten those guys. I'm guessing that USC is hoping not to see you again in a long while. Here's to hoping you all go undefeated from here forward.

Provo, UT

Great effort Aggies but with over three minutes left, three timeouts left and fourth and 10, they should have punted it away, changed the field position. No need to panic there when down just three points.

Orem, UT

This is a bad loss. That USC team was one of the worst USC teams I have ever seen and Utah State couldn't capitalize. I was so very unimpressed with the offensive play calling. Way too many first and second down passes, virtually no roll outs with your athletic quarterback. The offensive line is poorly coached with bad technique even with all their experience. Defense played tough as expected. But wow, there has definitely been a drop off in coaching.

Tucson, AZ

@2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0
As a life long member of the Trojan family I accept your congratulations my PAC-12 brother....but our team is so poorly coached it may be our last victory of the season. Here's to hoping the Kiffin era is a short one. Good luck to your Utes this seaason!

North Logan, UT

Offense and defense once again played well enough to win this game but special teams always seem to kill us. Punting teams kept us in a hole and gave them good field position, and then another missed field goal! If the Aggies could ever get a positive contribution in one of these big games from special teams we would come out on top. That and something other than PAC-12 officials and their phantom calls. I was really proud of how the Aggies tried to overcome that terrific USC defense and showed a terrific defense themselves. In spite of a sub-par offense output we still out gained the Trojans. Aggies are for real and wil keep making noise in the MWC.

Go Aggies!

Southern, UT

Oh look at Sambone trying to cover his tracks again. Even though they are the best team in state history. Even though they have the greatest QB to ever put on pads they still lost the game. Thanks for the well wishes Sambone. I'll bet we can win the game. And I'm not just talking like you guys did before tonight.

North Logan, UT

Nice of the D-News to give us such one-sided highlights of the game. From these highlights u would think the Aggies were never in the game. We really would think we would get a little more objectivity here.

Plano, TX

Great showing against USC, USU !

Salt Lake City, UT


I am not covering my tracks. USC beat us fair and square.

And I am also going to make a concerted effort to be nicer to everyone around here, you included. As such, I challenge you to follow suit.

Logan, UT


I accept that challenge.

We did just get outplayed. I too wonder why we passed so often on 1st down, but maybe there's a reason I don't work on a college football coaching staff. ;)

The truth is, we're still where we were last year. We're just not quite there yet. I think we still have a great shot at the MWC title game, as we get both Wyo and Boise State at home. A win over BYU would be great for in-state respect, but ultimately matters zilch for the primary goal of the season: A MWC title.

Let's go Aggies, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and let's go get pillage San Jose on Friday.

Salt Lake City, UT


Yeah, man. I mean, I just read this quote the other day:

"I have watched sports fans vilify and demonize their rivals. They look for any flaw and magnify it. They justify their hatred with broad generalizations and apply them to everyone associated with the other team. When ill fortune afflicts their rival they rejoice..." -Dieter F. Uchtdorf

And it hit me. I don't want to be "that guy" in the quote. I can be nicer. We'll all be better off for it.

I'm sure Stang can agree with this.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

@ Sweep...
not sure USC or UCLA look at you as brothers... I was at BOTH games saturday and talked to both teams fans... if anything they see little brothers at the most.

Even in USC's game program it said Utah barely squeaked by USU.

All that being said, nice win against byu.

Southern, UT


Forgive me if I don't believe you. Don't take it personal. It's a general rule for me not to believe the aggies.

Salt Lake City, UT


That general rule could potentially get you into some serious trouble someday. I'm going to try and be nicer.

And I still challenge you to follow suit.

Southern, UT


What exactly do you mean by "That general rule could potentially get you into some serious trouble someday"? I really don't like that comment but you can say it. Now you just need to clarify for me.

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