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Published: Friday, Sept. 20 2013 1:25 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

I was recently hired at General Dynamics as one of about 1,600 people who will, presumably, someday, be taught to try and explain this train wreck to the rest of the country.

Partly because I'm so much in the dark as to what Obamacare really is and how it is supposed to work, I'm anxious to undergo the training, which is supposed to start in two weeks.

Please note that the start of training is AFTER the Oct. 1 date when people are supposed to start bombarding the company with questions. This bumbling, already-behind-the-8-ball sort of performance is just to try and inform people of what is about to be dumped on them.

So far, it is very disturbing confirmation to me that the rest of it is going to be yet another example of big government, waste, inefficiency and general incompetence.

Little wonder that the fools who came up with this mess have already been compelled to give all sorts of waivers, exemptions and postponements to their favored constituents (congressional staffer, unions, big companies, etc.) while we, the solitary voters, will be forced to buckle under.


Bob K
porland, OR

Gee! Republicans, guided by rich hospital corporations, rich pharmaceutical interests, rich doctors, the Koch brothers ---- and sworn to do whatever it takes to make the President fail, with no regard to the damage to Americans who are not rich --- are refusing to move forward.

The States mentioned are mostly those who are still fighting the Civil War, have been taken over by the Tea Party, and Utah.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Is anyone surprised? Look at the list. A who's who of states that already demonstrate callous indifference toward their citizens.

Vancouver, WA

For once a federal program will benefit non-Republican states. The Southeast accounts for the lion's share of federal payments for disaster assistance and welfare programs because the pay is so much lower in the South than in the rest of the nation. One state doesn't even have a minimum wage to apply to employers that are too small to be covered by the federal minimum wage. Even the universal service charge on phones has primarily benefited the South and allowed unreasonably low phone rates given the high cost of maintaining the services. Apparently Republicans are not at all worried about losing their crucial foothold in the South or they would show more concern for their populations.

States gained nothing except choice in health plans by letting the federal government run their health exchanges. The working poor are the losers only in those states that did not expand Medicaid. In the Southeast it might even be the best choice given the base of public servants there who are willing to work for substandard pay. It takes a certain level of expertise to be involved in health care decision making.

Vancouver, WA

The federal government gave itself years of preparation time before the implementation date of the Affordable Care Act, so I anticipate that if anything goes wrong it won't be due to federal employees, but rather federal contractors. Health insurance companies have been doing this kind of work for decades now so it is wishful thinking for Republican partisans to think the program will run into serious problems. On the other hand, some start up problems are so statistically probably, like everyone trying to sign up the same day, that some relatively minor problems are almost certain.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Bob K,
Gee, republicans, aided by funding by the Koch brothers, and following the directions and wishes of their constituents, are doing everything they can to protect us from the trainwreck known as obamacare. Stopping BO’s policies IS the best thing we can do for the country, as the policies he espouses are damaging to our country.

Bob and old man
The tea party has taken over NJ and PA? since when? Still looking for the boogeyman?

tucson, az

Interesting poll I read said that 49% of undocumented immigrants in California think they will be eligible for Medi-Cal and 42% Obamacare. Medi-Cal is California's medicare plan and the Obamacare states they aren't eligible for either program. I wonder how many will be turned down.

Portland, OR

The Affordable Care Act does not "hang in limbo." It is the law of the land. At least 20 million Americans are newly insured under it. The most recent state to extend Medicaid under the ACA - Pennsylvania - did so Friday. All insured Americans have been benefitting from aspects of the ACA for years now. For example, no one can be denied health care insurance because of a preexisting condition.

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