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Published: Friday, Sept. 20 2013 4:30 p.m. MDT

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Logan, UT

The Aggies took those crucial steps against Auburn and Wisconsin. We have been transitioning from doormat to contender, and we needed to learn that we can compete.

We can compete. We weren't blown out in either of those games, nor have we been blown out by Utah or BYU in a few years as well.

It's time to stop talking about those games as though they were positive things. This Aggie team needs to take the next step and close out a solid performance with a win. I believe we can.

Let's go, Aggies. This is our chance to prove we are a contender.

Southern, UT

Want it all you want aggies. Talk is cheap. Even though that's whay your fan's do 24/7/365.


A contender for what?

Logan, UT


A contender for in-state respect by proving we can beat BYU.

A contender for the MWC championship by proving we can beat Boise State.

A win on the road against USC would certainly prove that those two goals are achievable to me. But something tells me you don't think we can do it. It's all right big fella, I still love you. Be negative on the Aggies and Aggie fans all you like. We'll keep being Aggie fans anyway. ;)

Salt Lake City, UT

Man oh man, I really hope we pull this one out. Gotta bring our A game.

Springville, UT

Good luck today against USC!

Mcallen, TX

No close win today:

Utah State 42
USC 17

Southern, UT

Sorry it was supposed to say what your fan's do 24/7/365. Again my apologize for that. But as I said before talk is cheap and that's all the aggie fan's do. Not saying I do, but those fan's really don't know what it's like to actually put on the pads and play a powerhouse school knowing your backs against the wall. As far as worf's score goes that's a huge dream. It won't be a contest but not in that way my friend. This has nothing to do with BYU Mars. The headline clearly says they want to beat USC. That's who they are playing this week.

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