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Published: Friday, Sept. 20 2013 1:55 p.m. MDT

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san mateo, CA

This is really the last stand for econommic freedom in this country. It doesn't look good. If they cave then it's over.

Dr. Thom
Long Beach, CA

Before something can be defended, doesn't it first have to be funded?

Wasatch Front, UT

ObamaCare is a rope around America's neck. Rather than fix the problems with our current healthcare system, it simply extended a broken system to more people.

Let's see, if you have something that costs too much, is it reasonable to try and fix it by jacking up costs further???!

Informed Voter
South Jordan, UT

This can and should be reality, not simply a statement as the writer begins the article. Three cheers for those who voted to,defund this monstrosity of a law. The majority (70%) want to cancel obamacare; most of those who support it have no idea of what is in it and the disastrous effects. Hatch says he opposes obamacare. Now is his chance to prove it by voting to defund it.

DN Subscriber 2

It appears the the liberals have convince a lot of people that they are incapable of planning for their needs, or save to meet emergencies. And, that all government money is "free!" and should be used to provide free health care, free phones, free cars, free housing, free food, and whatever else potential voters might like so the politicians will win reelection.

Obamcare is already throwing hundreds of thousands of worker off their previously provided health care insurance; raising the costs for individuals and employers; limiting the range of insurance choices; forcing people to by something they may not want; driving doctors out of the profession; and forcing tens of thousands of workers (so far) to be cut to less than 30 hours work per week.

"Old" Health care was not perfect, but no one was denied care, and most people could afford insurance. Now the number of uninsured is rising, along with the costs for those who buy insurance- that is a major failing, not a success story, now that we can "see what is in it."

Wasatch Front, UT

America's promise was a guarantee that everyone had a right to pursue happiness, based on the protection of God-given freedom of choice. The left continues to try and take away those individual freedoms by guaranteeing more elements of a minimum standard of living (food, housing, utilities, and now healthcare).

One by one, the rights to our own time and property are being stripped from us by an ever increasingly heavy handed government. What's the answer? Taking care of the poor should be a VOLUNTARY charitable act, not forced through taxation and redistribution. Under the charity model, both giver and receiver can win. Under forced redistribution, both giver and receiver are worse off: The giver loses the benefit that results from the joy of giving and helping others. And the receiver gains a sense of entitlement rather than a sense of gratitude.

Kearns, UT

Interesting TRUTH. Personal attacks on the First Lady because you don't like the ACA.

These kinds ad hominem attacks are the reason we can't take your rants seriously.

The ACA isn't great legislation, but there are many parts of it that are good and that are needed. Remember, the original idea to make everyone buy insurance came from a conservative think tank, was supported by many Republicans (including our own Bob Bennett), was in whole or part written by lobbyists of major corporations, and was actually implemented in Massachusetts by Gov. Romney. Keep the good, fix the bad. Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater.

I didn't realize that all the major players were "exempt" from the ACA. That's because they aren't. Example: One of the misrepresentations being thrown about on these boards is that Congress is exempt. Wrong. They are still required to have health insurance. But they already have health insurance through the government, therefore, they aren't forced into searching for it through exchanges.

Try arguing the points rather than making personal attacks, if that's possible. It would make you appear more intelligent in your posts.

Onion Daze
Payson, UT

Here is little paraphrasing of a popular saying here in Payson.

The Republic Party is the t-r-u-e political party in spite of some of the members.

Salt Lake, UT

70 percent of the people do not want the train wreck called Obamacare. Junk it and start over.

Cutting food stamps by 5 percent is a joke. At least five times that amount are scammers. A nanny state of unlimited spending to keep people dependent on the government is not in America's best interests.

Bob K
porland, OR

"Utah congressmen vote to defund Obamacare"

In other news, the water in the Great Salt Lake is found to be salty.

Everybody knows that American healthcare is a hugely over expensive swamp, created over decades, but made much worse by greed in the past 30 years.
However, people who are in good financial situations, like many lds members, may not have taken the time to see that the lower income groups are poorly covered, and that taxpayer expenditures to help them have nearly bankrupted many cities and States, besides the Federal impact.

Wasatch Front, UT
"Old" Health care was not perfect, but no one was denied care, and most people could afford insurance. Now the number of uninsured is rising, along with the costs for those who buy insurance- that is a major failing, not a success story, now that we can "see what is in it."

Sorry -- you have swallowed the lies. Not a bit of what you wrote is completely true, once we allow that the "not denied" healthcare to inner city poor people was expensive emergency room and ambulance care at your expense.

Saint George, UT

Those who claim that you can't be Christian and be against food stamps need to pause. The Democratic dream is not about giving people food stamps; it is a cover up for keeping them dependent and poor. Go ahead, Democratic and Republican supporters, continue to abuse your neighbor, take care of yourself, and then point the finger at those who haven't delegated their individual charity to government. It is you that have dehumanized the poor, given them food stamps, and turned your head. Who are the hypocrites? Those who actually help their neighbor believe in themselves without government dependency, or those who want to have others pay the taxes for food stamps,keep them dependent and poor, and then run off to an exotic vacation and patronizingly throw a few tax scraps to the government, all the while, of course, getting offended at those who want charity returned to its rightful place, in the hearts and pockets of individuals.

Mr. Plate
Lindon, UT

You cannot be a Christian and encourage to poor to live perpetually on the dole. You can smooze it anyway you want but God knows.

one old man
Ogden, UT

It's pathetic that a whole lot of people posting here have been hooked by the GOP propaganda machine and are being reeled into the boat.

Bountiful, UT

If house members are against government involved health care, I challenge them to lead by example.

Defund Congressional health care first.

Informed Voter
South Jordan, UT

Three cheers for Chavetz and all who sided with the majority of citizens who fear and dislike Obamacare! So will you print this comment because I didn't challenge Sen. Hatch to defund it?

Kings Court
Alpine, UT

The Republican Party under the control of usurpers (The RINO Tea Party) is committing suicide in choosing this path. The amateurish Tea Party is not fit to govern and thankfully this will be a final nail in their coffin. It is good to get this over with and perhaps return to more seasoned and skilled politicians that refrain from practicing a scorched earth policy on themselves.

Cedar Hills, UT

Jason is listening to the people of Utah. Jason knows he can't claim he is against Obamacare if he votes to fund it. Once the law is funded it is set in stone for ever and Jason will be blamed - rightly so - by the people of Utah for voting to fund it. The GOP has voted to FUND EVERY SINGLE part of the budget except Obamacare. That means the military is funded - medicare is funded - food stamps are funded and so on. It will be Barack "the demagog" that shuts the government down not the GOP. Congress controls the purse strings from a rouge president who steps out side the bounds of his power - this is stated in the constitution. Obama has already illegally exempted his political buddies from having to swallow this ugly law including BIG business and member of congress so Barack IS outside the law. Congress has the duty to reel him in.

Mcallen, TX

Why are the Obamas exempt from the health care plan?

Heber City, UT

"Fifty-seven percent of Americans disapprove of the idea of cutting off government funding to stop the ACA from being implemented, according to a new poll by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Of those who disapprove of defunding, 69 percent said using the budget process to stop a law is not the way government should work."

To tell the truth is not merely to state facts, but to leave a true impression. Please stop saying "70 percent don't like obamacare" without admitting "Half of those think it's too conservative and want a single-payer system."

durwood kirby
South Jordan, UT

Defund Congressional health care first. If the people can live without it, so can they.

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