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Published: Friday, Sept. 20 2013 12:35 p.m. MDT

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Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


Thanks for the great story!! I wish more Y fans were more like you and I wish more Ute fans were like the ones you have at your rivalry game party every year. You're a great example of keeping the gospel separate from football and not letting football get in the way of friendship. You've made my day.

Virginia Beach, Va

I wish there were more Vai articles in the DN. Great guy. Great article.

Austin, TX


You have a gift for writing! Wonderful story. I will also be watching the game tomorrow night with dear friends; some wearing blue and some, red. GO COUGARS!


Great story!

As I type this, NFL network is showing this thing on Andy Reid and you can see his G's hanging out of his shorts. Vai and Reid, two classy Y guys!

Go Utes!

San Antonio, TX

Great story! As a BYU fan, I couldn't agree more with "Mormon Ute". Some of my best friends are Ute fans and we've always had a great time together. Sad to see some fans from both sides bring bitterness into such a great rivalry. I am most happy for Via's neighbor and glad he has found that joy and peace again! When you have hope in what's important, it's easy to call each other "brothers" regardless of any differences.


This Ute regular season ticket holder ALWAYS loves your columns. Vai, thanks for sharing with us. Keep up the great work! Utes by 7.

Gillette, WY

There is nothing like a Vai Sikahema column to brighten my day! THANKS! GO COUGS!!

Salem, UT

I hate Vai stories for some reason I always have to wipe my eyes while reading them- allergies I suppose

Apo, AP

I think plenty of BYU fans are like Vai...we love our Cougars but also love our neighbors. I think the message boards create more bitterness than just about anything else, because people can be anonymously rude to each other.

Vai is a great example. Great story.

Spanish Fork, UT

Sports is for fun. A win means your team won the game. Not much else. Who wins the battles of life matter. Vai and Lee have things in perspective.

I do keep hearing two stories about people who aren't LDS living in Utah. 1) I was shunned. 2) I was inundated with gospel requests. Tough to have both stories. There's a third: 3) My neighbors were great neighbors. I went to some of their events. They went to some of mine. Love it here. My neighbor who said that was a VP with Stouffers and they had great sorrow when Stouffers transferred them.

Carpe Diem.

Orange County, CA

I'm a third generation Ute, but some of my favorite children are Y grads!

None of my kids made it to the U - they fell in with the wrong crowd in CA. We don't decorate the house or fly flags, we just try to be objective and enjoy the games of both schools.

We're so ecumenical that we even root for USU, so we can't wait to see the USC game and watch our neighbors get nervous. Then we root for the grads of all the Utah schools to do well in the pros - especially those from SUU playing for the Chargers. It should be a fun weekend.

Remember it's only football and life goes on after Sports Center gives way to SNL!

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

I want to go eat at your house.

Plano, TX

"I allowed people to offend me". Truer words never spoken, and applies far beyond LDS Church related issues. I loved the conference talk of Bednar several years ago; "You have to choose to take offense". I read it a couple of times a year as an attitude self-check because it lays it all bare - it's not what happens or is said to you, action is up to you. Beat Utah !

Provo, 00

Thanks for the story, Vai. You're a good writer! I think each of us has one or more redemption stories - definitely humbling for all of us!

Mission Viejo, CA

Great article Vai !

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Great article Bro Sikahema. The security guard (non-member) in the office building where I'm located grew up in SLC graduated from West High and is a red-blooded Ute and ravenous sports fan. I visit with him nearly everyday and you'll never guess what we always talk about. Go Cougars!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Ha Ha! Bested the Ute. I was out of the Church for only 38 years. ;) Another wonderful and reaffirming story from Vai.

common twit
Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks Vai for the story. I am a less than active mormon. Stories like this make me want to be better. I get "looks" when I go to church. I have a long beard and I don't have a white shirt that fits me. And I abhor ties. I am also the guy that wants to help others and shows up at service projects whenever possible. I just wish I could feel welcome in the chapel.
I am not trying to make anybody feel sorry for me. I am fine with these things. I am just pointing out that sometimes we do get offended. I believe that some try to make us all fit a certain mold. I am glad that there are some sane, compassionate LDS people out there like Vai and Tommy Monsen.

Lifelong Republican
Orem, UT


Thanks for the story and you look great in BLUE!

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

Vai, where you been? I've missed your articles. I thought, perhaps, you had been reprimanded by DN editorial staff! :o) Great article, as all of yours are. Look forward to the next one. Great story.

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