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Published: Friday, Sept. 20 2013 8:50 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Who cares what Rove thinks......he is the embarrassment establishment of the GOP.....the one who walks in lock step with the liberals like McCain, McConnell and Graham.......dinosaurs all!

Cedar Hills, UT

this is the same Rove that suggested Romney NOT take off the gloves and attack Obama on his failures because the people would see Romney as a bully. Romney lost the election mainly because he went too lite on Obama. Rove now suggests that even though 74% of Americans HATE Obamacare and want it repealed somehow and someway if the Republicans will go along with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and FUND Obamacare then the public will then like them more and vote for them in 2014. So surrender your principles and somehow that translates into political victory at the polls?? Here is the reality - If the GOP goes along with Harry and Nancy and funds Obamacare then there is no way they can turn around in 2014 and tell the people of their states that they were against the law before they voted to fund it. This silliness is reminiscent of John Kerry. If the people of your state HATE this law and will be hurt by it then you win NO votes by funding the thing. It doesn't matter if you say you oppose it - if you fund it then you support it.

Heber City, UT

For those outside the Fox bubble, a little reality: " Fifty-seven percent of Americans disapprove of the idea of cutting off government funding to stop the ACA from being implemented, according to a new poll by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Of those who disapprove of defunding, 69 percent said using the budget process to stop a law is not the way government should work."

Oh, and Romney lost because there was a better candidate running.

Sandy, UT

When Karl Rove is being branded as a liberal sellout, it says something about just how far to the right the Republican base has shifted.

I wonder if anyone will notice come election time....

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

The GOP has been committing long slow political suicide for decades.

Rush Limbaugh, [and Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck] along with FoxNews has been the best thing EVER to happen for Democrats.

Silencing them would be political suicide for the Democrats.


There are times you have to stand for the things you believe in...PERIOD!!! Pres Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have pushed this country around enough. ObamaCare is an atrocity and should have never been enacted into law. The House is doing what it can to stop it. The 74% of the American people who don't like it should NEVER have voted for Obama and we would not have this mess.

Somewhere in Time, UT

At this point, the best way to get rid of Obamacare is to let it be implemented, let people live with it and hate it. Then get a new president and new Congress to repeal it. I fear that's our only hope. But, we'll have to suffer due to our foolishness in re-electing an incompetent leftist as president.

Salt Lake City, UT

"this is the same Rove that suggested Romney NOT take off the gloves and attack Obama on his failures because the people would see Romney as a bully. Romney lost the election mainly because he went too lite on Obama."

Interesting, I didn't know Rove was part of Governor Romney's election committee. Anyway, if you think the Republicans and Conservatives went too light on President Obama, well, I don't know what race you were watching.

"74% of Americans HATE Obamacare and want it repealed"

See, here is an example of what Krugman is talking about. Very definitely a comment made from an alternate reality. But, tell you what, prove me wrong and provide us with the poll that says this. I know if you are in the bubble only listening to Limbaugh and Hanitty you would want to believe this, but it just ain't true.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Romney lost the election mainly because he went too lite on Obama. "

Romney lost primarily because people thought he was out of touch with the concerns of average Americans.

Cedar Hills, UT


Romney lost because over 200000 republicans didn't even vote. The apathy that some have - complaining loudly about Obama then setting at home and not voting is inexcusable. The false narrative that team Obama ran during the campaign falsely showing Romney to be aloof and out of touch including Harry Reid and his lies regarding Romney's taxes is all based on one premise and that is a low information and dummed down voting public and I will sadly admit team Obama was correct in that assumption. Mitt would have been a really good president who had the experience to reverse this economic recession and lift EVERY American higher on the economic scale and also ridding America of this job killing Obamacare train wreck that even Baracks own unions have turned against. The embarrassment the US has suffered in Syria would have been averted as well. It is sad to see America in decline like this and our economy now turning to a part time worker economy due to the strangle hold Obamacare has on business. But I admit - the American people voted TWICE for Barack Obama and therin lies the problem.

Ogden, UT

Right-wing Republicans persistently joust at windmills and consistently distort reality, misstating and fabricating the polls.

They are as credible as Don Quixote, and those who believe their alternate reality have a whole lot to learn.

No worries, though. This fiasco that Republican congressmen waste time contriving will fail even worse that Mitt Romney's presidential campaign.

Ogden, UT

Addendum to previous comment:

At least Karl Rove recognizes the truth of my previous statement.

Bountiful, UT

It's telling that Republicans - who used to alternative offerings, such as the market-based healthcare approach that became Romneycare and Obamacare - now apparently have nothing to offer, except simply opposition to Obama.

Ted Cruz and company have whipped up support for a federal government shutdown in the name of defunding Obamacare, to the point where Gerry-mandered districts have enough right-wing voters who are expecting, and will celebrate, a shutdown, and perhaps even substantial economic damage, if it leads to 1. Obama looking bad, and 2. Somebody extreme on the right becoming the next President.

It is the 2013, uber-conservative version of "burn baby, burn".

Cedar Hills, UT


If you are going to accuse conservatives of poll fabrication it would at least lend some credibility to your statement if you backed up your claim with facts. Like a typical liberal there are no facts - no polls showing how the American people want Obamacare - no statements from any business owner and now union bosses as to how wonderful Obamacare is. All you have to do is go to Google and search for Obamacare and you will get an eyeful. Unfortunately for you your false bubble that all is well with Obamacare will pop with a loud BANG! Turn off MSNBC and do some research with statements from real business owners, school districts, etc... all across America who are being forced to layoff, cut their work force, eliminate future hiring plans, demote workers to part time status and finally boot them off their long time company health care plan and onto the dreadful health exchanges all due to Obamacare. Also add to this ugly picture the increase of health care premiums and you then have the COMPLETE LIE from Barack Obama. Again - don't be afraid to discover your emperor has no clothes!!

A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

@ patriot - Cedar Hills, UT 10:11 a.m. Sept. 21, 2013

Amen! Amen! AMEN to you, brother!!!

Ogden, UT


Ha, Ha, Ha. You're so funny.

Just remember, we have a representative form of government that upholds our democratic (lowercase d) Democracy (capital D) in this country.

When the majority vote elects a candidate, he becomes the President.

When Congress and the Senate vote for a bill, it becomes law.

Polls are at best interesting, but votes are all that count.

I suggest you look at the stats regarding the past presidential election and the vote of Congress and the Senate regarding Obamacare.

Then you might look over all the appeals to the Supreme Court submitted by those congressmen and senators who tried to get the Court to see things their way.

The End

Bob K
porland, OR

Cedar Hills, UT
"this is the same Rove that suggested Romney NOT take off the gloves and attack Obama on his failures because the people would see Romney as a bully. Romney lost the election mainly because he went too lite on Obama."

As a progressive, thanks for this attitude. Keep it up, because the Democrats will need help from folks like you next year.

If Mr Romney had "gone heavier" on Mr Obama:
1-- A person who advertises being steeped in his Christian religion will not gain by taking on an attacking pose, particularly when there is very little about the President's personal character to attack, unless you believe, as Romney does not, that he is bent on destroying America (Many commenters here have expressed that view, though)
2-- Mr Romney was quite vulnerable to attack -- the 47% thing, the imperious wife, the lack of military service in the family, the car elevator, the jumping around to various positions like a frog, etc. Not to mention that both Romneys described their tithing as "charity", rather than a requirement of their faith. etc

Romney earned his horrible beating in the Electoral College. No one else lost it for him

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Karl Rove began this bidding war over amnesty, failing to be creative enough to appeal to Latinos with genuine conservative principles.
Candidate Bush in 2000 decided to dangle legalization as bait and get 40% of the Latino vote. Then in 2004 GWB got 44%.
But that is a war we cannot win and the United States is much more than Texas in 2000.
If not for 9/11 Bush/Rove might have passed their amnesty plan. Gratefully it did not pass.
Rove is out-of-touch with the party platform but is arrogant enough to think he's the smartest guy in the room. Karl needs to move on and the party needs to return to its core principles.
The GOP must not be allowed to become the Democrat-Lite party.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

When he says your too extreme, you make Cheney look like a liberal. He is saying, get a clue. In our country you do not stage a coup for power.

Far East USA, SC

"At this point, the best way to get rid of Obamacare is to let it be implemented, let people live with it and hate it."

You mean, just like Medicare and Social Security?

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