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Published: Thursday, Sept. 19 2013 10:45 p.m. MDT

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Roy, UT

As I've said before, Utes will to win is immeasurable. Football is just a game, and everyone I like stated priorities of Coach Mendenhall, & BYU's honor code. Cougs must, honorably, match their desire to win, their intensity, even their trickery, strategically speaking, as the game progresses.

Layton, UT

Y grad pumping gas:

A question to U and the U faithful: When did U and your fellow fans realize that you didn't leave BYU behind?

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Can't wait till this is all over and we can stop trying to find fault with each other.

SomewhereIn, UT

...embarrassed yesterday to admit i ever attended the U...even more so today.

I like that BYU has an "Honor" code - and that they will act on it when there are verified cases of those having broken their pledge of honor. Sad that the U cannot make similar pledges or claims.

...for this game...GO COUGS!

Syracuse, UT

At least BYU has an honor code. What Spradely did was likely a very typical weekend for most utah players.

Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

U Grad Manning a Cell Phone Kiosk in Fashion Place Mall, what would I do? For starters I wouldn't go to the Utah compliance office with it since it has no earthly thing to do with East Salt Lake in the first place, and #2 I sure wouldn't wait until BYU-Utah game week to act...unless of course I was a frantic U fan hoping to salvage something to cheer about in what will most likely be a repeat of last year's PAC standings and bowl invitations.

south jordan, UT

Please end this rivalry. With each passing year the hype gets crazier and more obnoxious. Let Utah go away and deal with their pac 12 mediocrity.

Portland, OR

If BYU athletes want to be normal college kids and party & fool around (and by all means they should, they are still young adults after all) they should not choose to go to BYU. I would never play for a school where the silly actions of one can harm the entire team. Look at the B. Davies incident. He probably cost Jimmer & BYU a shot at the elite 8 and possible final 4! They need to find another way to punish the individual w/o punishing the team. Reduce their scholarship or something (i have no idea what would be fair). I know other schools have suspensions, but usually only for criminal behavior not completely legal and normal actions for a college student.

New to Utah

The suspension of Spencer Hadley is a blow that hurts BYU. The possible dirty trick by a UofU fan should energize BYU. Since I'm new to Utah I have no idea about Max Hall. I'm guessing its about Utah doing virtually anything for them to win.Could someone explain what Max Hall said?

Park City, UT

re: email from Darren Lucy to Kate Charipar

Darren Criss and Lucy Hale hosted the 2013 Teen Choice Awards on August 12, 2013...


It's doubtful a real "Darren Lucy" even exists.

Anybody chasing him/her, is chasing a ghost.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Before y "fans" comment further about what they don't know, and to anyone else who would like to see the actual photo (which shows Hadley holding up a bottle of champagne) and the original e-mail that identifies the booster he was partying with (along with a lot of other people) and raises NCAA issues, go to Deadspin.

Las Vegas, NV


"By for Utah fans to now turn to spying on rivals, holding onto the evidence until rivalry week is low - very low."

For someone to put this on all Utah fans is also uncalled for and unfair. As far as anybody knows, it is one person and nobody really knows who that person is. Nobody knows this ONE person's motivations and what their affiliations are.

Keep it in perspective

West Jordan, UT

So sad that some BYU fans care more about a young man getting away with a mistake he made than taking responsability for his actions. what kind of civility is that? It doesnt matter if it was reported by a Utah fan, an aggie fan, or a notre dame fan. What he did (allegedly) was against the rules, so there needs to be consequences. Im sure he understood that when he did it. To hear some BYU fans say, "the guy should have left him alone, and minded his own business" this makes me absolutely sick!! people need to take accountability for their own actions!!

I don't say this to stick up for the guy who ratted him out, I say as a human being who wants people to grow up and be responsible. Our society is going down hill, fast.

GO UTES! and best of luck to BYU the rest of the year!

Springville, UT

Let me start by saying I'm an absolutely die hard BYU fan. True blue, through and through.

As far as this goes, I don't care how or when it came out. If Hadley is guilty of the alleged offenses, he deserves to be suspended, and probably for longer than 5 games. He chose to represent a school and a coach with high moral standards, and if the allegations are true, he failed to do that. Bronco was right to suspend him. Stop worrying about who "tattled" on him and when and why. He broke the rules. He deserves the suspension, and I sincerely hope he can get things straightened out. There are things bigger than football.

Now, on to Saturday. Let's re-focus and get the "W", Cougars!!

Hey It's Me
Salt Lake City, UT

I didn't see it say if he was LDS in the article. Yes he broke the honor code but some people are referring to his faith or religious beliefs . . . You can play for the Y and be non-member.

Hey It's Me
Salt Lake City, UT

When was the picture taken? Just weird that it came out this week. Still he is the only one to blame.

Las Vegas, NV


The story that was first reported on Cougarboard, before Hadley was suspended, stated that Hadley had accepted benefits from the booster. Anybody from L.A. would know that this is an NCAA violation. The person that sent the first picture claimed to have further evidence that was never sent. Being in Las Vegas with a booster sure has implications of NCAA violations, even if there are none. If I am BYU, I would certainly want to make sure that the "partying with a booster" was only that. The NCAA held an investigation against UNLV for YEARS based on photos of basketball players hanging with gamblers, boosters, etc. The NCAA never proved anything, but it wasn't for lack of trying.

Woods Cross, UT

We know nothing of the person who sent the pictures and information other then the name they wrote. There is no concrete evidence that it was even a Ute fan. You can put anything you want when sending a message like that. For all we know it could have been a member of the media doing this just to stir the pot before the game. Who do you think is responsible for most of the UU BYU hype anyway? Most of you are being very obnoxious over something you have little to no information on. There are pics and that can't be denied. At this point we do not know, the who and why of it. So try and stay classy. I believe we are all tired of that line. Please lay the classless stuff to rest. Maxy is history and forgotten. Find something else to bring up.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I don't often agree with Duckhunter, but I must agree with him on this issue. Including his what he said about the U fan who blew the whistle on Hadley.

Vancouver, WA

@Game Theory

Reporting the Hadley incident isn't the issue. It's the improper motive.

1) If the picture was taken back in August, why wait until this week to send it out?

2) Did the photographer inform Hadley he would be taking his picture?

3) Did Lucy inform Hadley he had it and would be sending it to Utah's compliance office?

To inform him first would have been the classy thing to do. You don't spring it on him unexpectedly and you don't wait until your sure to derive some personal benefit from it. That's the unethical part of all of this.

Never said I was a BYU fan. GO AGGIES!

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