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Published: Thursday, Sept. 19 2013 10:45 p.m. MDT

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IA Cougar
West Des Moines, IA

To me, this is a non event. Who cares how it came to light. I violation of the Honor Code is a violation of the Honor Code regardless of how or how quickly it gets reported. I think no less of Utah at all. I'm sure the fan who turned it in had all kinds on giddiness about it but who cares. Bottom line is, the BYU player made a bad decision and will pay the price...a 5 game suspension. The price/reputation will go on and on, unfortunately. Fans need to chill out. This is a game between two teams who respect each other a great deal. I hope it's a great game with great plays on both sides of the ball. Yes, I hope BYU wins! GO COUGS!

Syracuse, ut

Hadley messed up, no problem with what BYU did. I have no problem with what the U did. As for the Ute fan who dimed him out.....get a life. I can't imagine how anyone could take pleasure in sticking it to somebody like that. We all make mistakes, myself included.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

And this is why I'm glad we won't have this balogna to mess with NEXT year.

Doing away with the "rivalry" and all the associated antics from the fans... was the best thing to come out of BYU and Utah going to different conferences.

Utah and BYU fans don't get along. That's fine, but some of the stuff lately is ridiculous. It feels like having to separate two kids who can't get along and can't leave each other alone in Sunday School class (separating the fans that is).

I wish we could all grow up and be more mature about it.

Fort Benning, GA

@Stringer Bell
Of course this guy is a Ute fan. Why in the world would a UNLV fan (or any other school for that matter) see a BYU football player and send pictures to the University of Utah?

Max Hall (IMO) had every right to say what he did because of his experiences. At two functions in which BYU played Utah, his fiance and later wife had beer thrown over her and verbally abused. What happens with some Ute fans, is y'all make this into a "Mormon vs. Non-mormon" thing. Say what you will, but when alcohol is poored on someone or your players make moc-baptism videos, profanity laced slurs and abhorrent LDS related comments (that in my profession (Military) would warrant military judicial punishment)it tends to make you feel sick. What I just described was not necessarily Max Hall's experiences, but my own from attending two BYU vs Utah games at Rice Eccles (2006 and 2008). I know that these fans are in the minority, but it doesn't make it any better. It feels like because you don't have an Honor Code, your fans have to rub it in to feel better.

Far East USA, SC

So much for "don't shoot the messenger"

Fort Benning, GA

@sid 6.7

Thanks for your positive comments. You are obviously a fan that is not part of the 1% that ruin the rivalry with spewed hatred and ugliness. Thanks again! Oh, and please let our "undermanned" BYU team beat you tomorrow so we can all have two years to dwell on it, haha!

Las Vegas, NV

First, nobody knows who the "snitch" really is. I find it suspicious that a Ute fan would claim to the Utah compliance officer that he/she was a "Utah Utes fan". That is like saying "a San Francisco Forty Niners fan" when writing to the Niners office. It just doesn't ring true, but I may be wrong.

Second, if there is no actual NCAA violations with what he was doing, I think the "snitch" should have kept their mouth shut, be it Utah fan or otherwise.

Third, if there is an NCAA violation, byu fans should be happy byu was given the case so they can self report. Unlike what byu did to King Louie in 2008 when byu turned him in to the NCAA directly for the "bachelor auction" he participated in.

Fourth, the Utah compliance officer was just doing her job. To wish harm on her or to hope she gets "cervical cancer" (Cougarboard post), is beyond sickening. This goes for Utah and well as byu fans. You can interpret that she took pleasure in reporting it to byu, and she may have personally (I don't know), but she was just doing her job.

South Jordan, Utah

The issue with Hadley is clear - he broke the honor code and now must deal with the consequences. 99% of BYU agree with this - regardless of what Utah fans claim.

My feelings regarding the I'll-do-anything-to-bring-BYU-down Utah fan are crystal clear as well - but the D. News won't allow me to state them.

I for one wish the rivalry would simply go away.

Layton, UT

Maybe we should just live our standards and stop bragging about them and judging those that we consider to have lesser standards.

Go Utes! Beat byu in their most important game in 4 years.
Go Utes! Beat UCLA and win the PAC12 South.

Las Vegas, NV

Utes home for the holidays:

"Can you imagine the hysteria on the hill if a byu fan tattled on a ute for doing something legal(although albeit against honor code)?"

2008 - Louie Sakoda and a bachelor auction for charity. Except byU didn't have the courtesy to report the minor incident to the Utah compliance officer, they turned it in directly to the NCAA. Luckily, Utah didn't make a big deal about it, they just took care of it before any NCAA repercussions.

"The holier than thou self righteous hypocrisy has never been more prevalent than" watching byU "fans" respond to this story. Rail on your own player for breaking the rules and potentially getting the school in trouble with the NCAA. Don't blame it on the Utah fan base or the Utah compliance officer who was just doing her job. Why aren't you all mad at the byU compliance officer who turned him in to school authorities or the Cougarboard poster who outlined all of the facts of this case BEFORE the suspension was even announced or Hadley himself?

Go Utes! Glad this lunacy will be over for two years!

Las Vegas, NV

Thank you thebigsamoan for being the voice of reason.

Best of luck to you and your Cougars, after Saturday of course.

Go Utes!!

Tie Detmersh
Pleasant Grove, UT

Why is everyone mad at the Ute fan? He is just supporting his team. I know many Cougar fans that would have done exactly the same. Hanging with a booster in a party environment is a "where there's smoke there's a fire" situation. The blame for this is squarely on the shoulders of Hadley and the booster. On a lighter note . . . How are we not all talking about Hadley's stylin' mustache?

That's A Good One
Salt Lake City, UT

JohnInSLC, you got it wrong my friend. Again, both this story AND the 'poor judgement' Blechen being baptized story were old news on the SLTribulation and sports radio before the DNews ever published them.

GameTheory, take the comments of one, maybe two fans here who referenced Max Hall and lump the entire BYU fanbase into that mentality. What a display of ignorance. It's really OK to come out of the sand for air once in a while. Oxygen helps occasionally.

Like most others, I have no beef with the UofU's handling of this situation, only disgust for the Lucy weasel who makes himself, as a Ute fan, look quite desperate and petty with his choice of compliance offices to send his e-mail to and his timing.

Spider Rico
Greeley, CO

From a big time BYU fan for decades and a BYU alum I plead with everybody on this board to talk with a neighbor who is of the other team's fan based and do so with respect. Become friends, get over the rivalry. Look past it. It's a football game! We are all the same deep down. This isn't a way to live. Please. To borrow from MLK - I have a dream that someday a man will not be judged by the color of his team's mascot, but by his character. It is sad that a rivalry between Universities can cause such hurt, division, and anger between people that really should be good friends. I have many friends and family that are red. To all those fans that can't get past it on both sides I plead with you to stop the hatred.

Mesa, AZ

I neither have interest nor time to read through every comment, yet, although it's initially the most logical conclusion based entirely 100% on hearsay, alone, but I've not seen anything 100% conclusive surface which in fact actually identifies this alleged "snitch who happens to be a U Fan"?

I understand why the tds fanbase, in particular, would presume it fact w/out question, merely due to the formal report having been brought to U Compliance, initially, before being rightfully forwarded to their tds counterpart.

Worst case scenario, it's an isolated, fringe, self-proclaimed U fan who cowardly did what sh should have not been equally so cowardly to procrastinate diclosing, himself, instead! I generally don't judge young people and their youthful mistakes, but all of us are forced to learn this invaluable lesson in life, either way, and I wish this young man nothing but good luck!

However, knowing the tds/fanbase generally would never be mistaken for contending to win any popularity contest, some deserved/some not, it literally could've been anybody, including a person affiliated exclusively w/byu, holding some sort of grudge! Or rather, somebody entirely unaffiliated w/either school!

Vancouver, WA

That a Utah fan would disclose this picture on the Monday before the rivalry game fits right in with the classless Ute fan stereotype. I wouldn't expect honorable behavior from anyone claiming to be a Utah fan.

The focus of this issue rests squarely on the shoulders of this individual who chooses to take cheap shots at a rival team's player. This brings shame upon Mr. Lucy, his family and, by association, the red team he roots for.

BYU fans would NEVER stoop to such unethical behavior. That's why they have the honor code!

Phoenix, AZ

This is exactly why utah will never do well in Pac 12. They can't count of the honor code violations to try and gain a competitive advantage. Outside of UC they won't win a single game in the Pac 12 south.

Newbury Park, CA

Just texted my son, a BYU student and an avid Cougar fan. "What do you think of all this Hadley stuff?"

His reply, "What's Hadley?"

So proud of you, son!



"that in my profession (Military) would warrant military judicial punishment"

Actually, having been in the millitary for 5 years, I have on many occasion been berated because of my religious beliefs (LDS) ever since basic training. I know that warrants military judicial punishment, but most of us aren't tattle tails (unlike my fellow utah fan in this story). But I'm enlisted, if you are an officer you might not see this kind of garbage.

I for one am not inclined to believe Max Halls story, it sounds very made up and just used to get himself out of hot water. I'm sure some BYU fan got doused with beer at some time, but his story sounds false. I'll be at LES this weekend for the first holy war so I'll be able to see just how much class the other side has.

Saratoga Springs, UT

First of all, lets clear some things up. To party with a booster is not a NCAA Rules Infraction. The article doesn't mention Hadley receiving some form of benefit from this so called booster. So people keep talking about a NCAA Infraction, it is not against NCAA rules to hang out with a booster, it is only if Improper Benefits are received. The article didn't say anything about that. So it doesn't matter. Until proven, its a false alegation.

Second, if it is Hadley that was partying, to what extent I don't know. Then he did violate the Honor Code and should justly be suspended, punished, however you want to say it. He made his bed now sleep in it.

Third, if you are a Ute fan and don't think that what this guy did was classless, c'mon, really? It takes the cake of classless.

Fourth, if you are a BYU fan and you don't think that the way the U handled it was classy, c'mon, really? They could have gone directly to the NCAAA and let them investigate it. Instead they are letting BYU deal with it direct.


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