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Published: Thursday, Sept. 19 2013 10:45 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT


The contrast is startling, considering the seriousness of the allegations in the swimming team abuse case versus the victimless nature of Hadley's case.

It's sad that Spencer didn't use better judgement, but at least BYU didn't try to sweep the incident under the rug as so many other institutions would have done.

Pleasant Grove, UT

If the University of Utah does not report an alleged NCAA violation and chooses to do nothing in response to the email from whomever, they are in the wrong, and in violation themselves. They did the right thing in handing it over to BYU. Blame Hadley and the booster (if the booster part is true). Hadley apparently copped to it, even with sketchy evidence.

Tie Detmersh
Pleasant Grove, UT

Darren Lucy!! You got some splainin' to do.

The Middle Of, UT

Wow, reading these comments I guess the world now knows how the kitties regard the honor code. Explain to me how this has anything to do with the University of Utah, other than the schools actually respect each other. Utah received information, regardless of the source, and sent it directly to the correct party at BYU. There should be legitimate outrage if the University of Utah hid the information and sent it directly to NCAA, that would be underhanded and dastardly.

Hopefully D4 will start soon and U and Y will never play again!

Pleasant Grove, UT

If an Honor Code violation is committed and no pictures exist, is it truly an Honor Code violation?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

LOL at all of the Y fans for trying to place the blame of Hadley's mistake on the shoulders of this tattling Ute fan.

Yeah the timing is bad and in my opinion no coincidence, but this is what these players signed up for. Remember?

Integrity = Doing the right thing when you assume no one is watching. Hadley forgot this lesson. I wish him the best and hopefully he can get back on track soon.

West Jordan, UT

To all Y fans: don't blame the messenger.


I am sick and tired of this hate filled rivalry.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

What the article failed to mention is how the writer found out about the e-mails and photo of Hadley (which is noticably absent), or any efforts to seek comment from y officials about what they'd do in similar circumstances. In fact, is anyone else still waiting for a pre-game story on which y "fan" found a month-old video online, shortened it to 12 seconds and posted it to YouTube the week before the game so the DNews could link it to another pre-game story?

We'll be up all night waiting to find out why.

South Jordan, UT

Let him play. There is enough out there on everyone that if all our pasts were put out there, nobody would be innocent.

Danbury, CT

I have no problem with Hadley being suspended if he really did what was alleged.

Baltimore, MD


Not blaming the UofU for Hadley's mistake, the U was correct in forwarding the information to BYU as soon as possible, but the speed with which they handled this case versus the deliberate foot-dragging in cleaning up their own swimming scandal, does raise questions about the double-standard they seem to have on the hill.

Tough lesson for Hadley, but hopefully, he'll learn from his mistake and come out of this a better man.

Omaha, NE

This is plain and simple. Hadley did not follow HIS obligation to follow the honor code. HE had a choice. There was no date stamp on the photo so it could have been during the bye week for all we know. DO NOT take a double standard and place this upon the U. For all we know this was a concerned fan who was his brother's keeper and helping him out. I bet Hadley is grateful that someone brought this to light because now he can repent and improve. This is NOT about BYU and Utah, this is about Hadley, his decisions and now hopefully repairing what he needs to to move on.


The Solution
Las Cruces, NM

The thing that I really don't like about this is why did the papers get ahold of it? Why is this public? Why are we causing more speculation about what happened?

Did Hadley, and only he, get invited to a booster's party? Not likely. So what's the real violation, because "partying" (BYU style) in and of itself is no problem? See where this leads... to none of our business.

I'm not mad at the U or even the shady way this was brought to BYU's attention before the not-so-Holy War. But I don't like how the news exploits this.

Spencer I will pray for you that you will have the strength to repent and overcome whatever challenge you're dealing with. I encourage everyone else to do the same.

Genola, UT

I will miss the BYU-Utah football game. Players on both teams fight hard to win and it is apparent that most respect each other as do the fans. There are an unfortunate few who lack respect and sportsmanship but they can be ignored so the rest of us can enjoy the game. As far as Hadley is concerned--I don't know what happened and it is none of my business to know what happened.


I think everyone just needs to calm down. Both BYU and Utah offices have way more on their mind than some meaningless football game. Don't get me wrong, I am super pumped for the game and love football. But when you talk to administration of both schools, they don't have ANY hatred or ill-will for the other school. What's done is done and I think we can ALL agree that what Hadley did was wrong because it broke the honor code that he signed. Both schools have strengths and weaknesses and people choose which school to attend based on the experience they wish to have. Let's keep things civil and level headed. Hopefully other fans won't be as stupid as making a big deal about an old video, and sending an old picture during rivalry week. In both cases there were questionable judgement and motives. It takes away from having a fun rivalry.

Go Utes!!!

That's A Good One
Salt Lake City, UT

"People who wonder why this rivalry has turned ugly need look no further than this very newspaper."

Good one SoonerUte. The DesNews was about the last journalistic organization in the world to report this or the Blechen 'baptism'. It was old news at the SLTRIB and sports radio before DesNews ever added it.

Had the DesNews left it out you'd be ragging on them for that today too. Don't blame this on the DesNews.

South Jordan, Utah

So what are the alleged NCAA violations? Assuming Hadley is of age, which I think he is, I don't believe any NCAA rules were broken.

What really bothers me here is that a fan can send a photo and allege that NCAA violations took place - thus requiring the U to notify BYU. However, we all know that this was simply a desperate act of a desperate fan to get a player suspended for an honor code violation, thus gaining an edge in the upcoming rivalry game. And you want to know why I can't stand fans of the opposing team?

As far as Hadley, however, he got what he deserved. When he chose to "party" - whatever that means, he knew what was at risk. He got caught and now has to pay the price, along with all his teammates and all BYU fans everywhere. Hopefully he learns from this situation.

Good luck to BYU. I am pulling for Tyler Beck to have a great game!

Salt Lake City, UT

I hope the University of Utah fans who comment here can accept that it is just a few BYU fans who blame the U of U for what they did. Ethically speaking they did the right thing.
Also I hope they recognize it is only a few BYU fan's who haven't acknowledged that Spencer Hadley was wrong and it was good he was held to the Y's standards.

Yes, I have seen a little hypocrisy in some of the comments. But for the most part the BYU commentors have supported the school in it's actions. Few have blamed the U of U for anything wrong.

I have noticed a few Utah fans who support Darran Lucy and his timing, but most do not.
I hope Utah fans can hold Mr. Lucy to the standards of ethical behavior you would want Y fans to hold.

It's a sad note for both schools at an important time in the two schools relationships.

Let's put an end to it now and be neighbors.
I know, why don't we get together tomorrow and just have a friendly football game to put this behind us. Want to come?

Lehi, UT

As a BYU fan I am surprised people are upset with this situation on our side. The honor code is part of BYU and it's one of the things that I love about the school. To compete at this level and expect people to uphold a certain standard is cool. This is not a bad thing at all.
I have always loved the rivalry, it's usually the fans on both sides that are the only bad thing about it. Everyone needs to chill, it's just a game.
Go Cougs.

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