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Published: Thursday, Sept. 19 2013 10:45 p.m. MDT

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Frannie, WY

Once again, admiration for BYU and its coaches for upholding the Honor Code. Sad for Hadley 1) that he did the deed and 2) that it hurts his college career. One must wonder about the timing, however.

Richmond, VA

If only Hadley had used some common sense! It's just too bad and so sad that he's put himself in this position! I'm sure he's sorry and hope he'll be a better man for it. As for the snitch that rad on him, well, what can I say? Some fans do the craziest things! I'm hoping it'll be a great game anyways. And may the better team win!

Go Cougars! And good luck Utes too, after tomorrow's day of reckoning!!!

City, Ut

1. Who is Darren Lucy and why was HE at that party?
Seems a little disingenuous to be complaining about someone doing what he himself was doing.
2. How did Darren even know who Hadley was?

There's more to this that a "helpful" whistle blower.

Go Utes!
Springville, UT

Hold on just a minute BYU fans.
What is classless about this? The article seems to state that the U forwarded the email to BYU minutes after receiving it, they didn't want it in their hands so they passed it along to BYU personnel so they could handle it. as for the fan taking the picture then sending it to the University of Utah when he could have just as easily made it public and posted it all over the internet and made this really embarrassing for BYU he kept it withing a small circle by sending it to the U's athletic department who did exactly what they should have done and forwarded it directly to BYU.

The BYU fan base is full of hypocrites, you scream foul and cry and whine about a video of some Utah players goofing off in the ice tub then turn around and call a privately, discretely handled NCAA rules infraction by one of your players a low blow.

Cant wait till next year when we don't have to play you any more.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Brace yourselves, Ute fans.

The tide of self-righteous hypocrisy coming out of Utah County is about to reach flood stage.

Orem, UT

I'm a big BYU fan. Let's remember that it's Hadley that showed lack of class. Blaming this problem on anyone else is wrong.

Woods Cross, UT

Slow down there cougar fans. This wouldn't be an issue if had not done it in the first place. He has no one to blame but himself. As I tell my second graders. "Don't think you are going to get away with anything, some one will always see you do it and report it." In the day and age of advanced electronics do you really think you can be out in public and get away with things like that? It is sad to see this happen to anyone. I don't care what school you go to. He also puts the football program in a bad light by partying with a booster. (If that is true). It all boils down to personal responsibility. He should have to live up to the NCAA rules and Honor Code just like the rest of his team. The egos of some of the athletes these days in unreal. I'm not just talking about BYU I'm talking about everywhere.

Iowa City, IA

Re;Tomahawk Red
You don't get it do you. He wasn't breaking the law, he wasn't hurting anyone. The "die hard ute fan" could have walked away telling his friends he has no respect for Hadley's behavior but to take him down?! To take pictures? When did it become his business to help enforce the honor code at school he hates?

Since you're are talking double standard should we bring up "U swim gate"? Since the honor code is really the Mormon code, does you friend follow around mormon ute players and take pictures of them breaking their religious code of conduct and them send them to his Bishop?

Stop defending YOUR GUY. He's no better than the player trying to take down Bo Pellini.

Utes home for the holidays
Sandy, UT


Breaking the law with a DUI is a a crime against society that should be punished.

You are in no way shape of form impacted by Hadley's decision to obey or not obey the honor code

Provo, UT

It's easy to throw accusations at the University of Utah compliance dept and Darren Lucy, and some of those are probably valid, but I hope no BYU fans feel that Spencer Hadley shouldn't be suspended. No matter who the snitch was, he broke the Honor Code and has to face the consequences. Whether this happened this week or the first week of the season, a 5 game suspension means he would be out for the Utah game anyway. Just some perspective...

Provo, UT

I am just grateful we get a break for two years from the childish behavior of thousands all in the name of rivalry. Both sides are equally wrong. It is too bad that a few good fans on both sides have to be lumped with the majority of bad fans on each side. Maybe BYU WILL BECOME like BYU Idaho and give up all sports. Hoping I get to see that day. I believe it is coming.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Contrary to many of the BYU posters above. I do NOT have a problem with the U fan sending the pix to the U administration. The timing was selfish and motivated purely by hatred for BYU but even if it was reported earlier he would probably be sitting out this game. If Hadley was in the wrong with his choices it should be reported. What I am upset about is that Hadley violated the Honor Code and didn't report it himself until he was faced with the evidence. A lack of judgement on both issues.

We will miss Hadley in Saturdays game. Hopefully the young man will learn something from this experience and become a better person for it.

Go Cougars!

Pleasant Grove, UT

Way to go classy Utes. BYU should return the "professional courtesy" by allowing Hadley to play tomorrow and then serving a 4-game suspension.

Cedar Rapids, IA

As if BYU needed more incentive to win this game.

Let's not fool ourselves. The U administrators knew exactly what the were doing when they received the information. Perhaps they had been alerted several weeks ago that some information detrimental to their oppoent was on its way, coincidentally just prior to the rivalry game.

Wrong is wrong and the player should sit. No issue there at all. But motives of those at U suggest they did the right thing for the wrong reasons. Sounds like the old "this is going to hurt me than it will hurt you" with the revelation.

Cedar Rapids, IA


Not a great bit of reasoning since the snitching came just prior to the big game. Timing is everything and for the U, it was perfect. Again, who knew what when has great impact on motives.

And let's let the player exercise his right to repentance. I can look back in my past and see plenty of things I should have done differently. Or is everyone else perfect and I'm the only one not?

Cedar Hills, UT

I'm with motorbike on this one. I wanted these kids to play straight up and not have this hanging. Too bad.

Could the stache have been the problem though?

West Point , UT

Another way of looking at this is accountability. Why didn't Spencer Hadley report and confess to the violations when they occurred if he was truly sorry for them? He didn't come forth at the time, and was therefore hoping to get away with it. Mendenhall & Hadley would probably agree that regardless of timing, Hadley broke the honor code and his trust with his teammates.

The fact Lucy came forward during rivalry week is pretty weak and ridiculous, but lets not pretend that he represents the majority of ute fans. Utah has a few clowns for fans just as BYU does...I mean remember suspenders boy last year acting tough and stupid until he realized Bronco wasn't just going to take his verbal abuse? I love this rivalry but maybe it needs a break for awhile. Classlessness and the hatred emanating from it are assenine and I'm getting tired if it.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Hadley made a mistake, now he and his team, and to a very small extent, BYU fans, will no realize the consequences. If at the end of the day, Hadley becomes a better man for it, then the ute booster, inadvertently, will have done all of us a good deed.

I hope that most, if not all of us, care more for the life of one man than we do for the outcome of a game. That is a standard of truth that, I believe, will be applied to each of us. I hope we each will be able to measure up. Those are consequences that are eternal.

Anaheim, CA

Regardless of the source of the information, it's nice to see that BYU handled Hadley's case expeditiously, particularly in light of the timeline for other recent cases:

U of U Athletic Adminstration Scandal Response Time (in minutes)

Internet tip regarding a player on your rival's football team (12 minutes)

Letters and phone calls from parents alleging abuse of student-athletes representing your university (five years)

Provo, UT

I don't think you read what I said about some of the accusations being valid. Fact is, he broke the rules, and just like Brandon Davies, he's being given a chance to repent and rejoin the team after he pays the consequences. Who knows, maybe he'll be grateful one day that he was found out.

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