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Published: Thursday, Sept. 19 2013 10:45 p.m. MDT

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Spanish Fork, UT

And all along I thought Max Hall was wrong...

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Pretty lame of my so called fellow Ute fan if you ask me. Whether the honor code or even if the booster rumor has legs, I still think it's dumb for fans to get involved and start tattling on players.
Personally I'd have preferred seeing BYU at their absolute best with Hadley in the lineup.

Provo, UT

Hm.. Seems like someone needs to get a life

Salem, UT

Nice to see that the U doesn't worry about BYU....Oh wait! Thanks for helping keep the Y in line, how pathetic!!!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Is it a coincidence that a GRAMA request was granted and information sent within 3 hours? That is the fastest in human history. I'm sure it was simply a coincidence.

Check out Kate's twitter page. She did not send this to BYU for altruistic reasons. I can't believe how quickly the U circles the wagons....including the swim team.

Max was right!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

IRS Agent

"I wonder why the administration at the U didn't show the same "professional courtesy" to the girls on their swim and diving teams when a possible issue was brought to their attention. Makes you wonder what the real intention was with jumping right on the courtesy this time. Just sayin'."

Your comment makes zero sense. Investigation your own program versus notifying other institutions of something you've been made aware of are two entirely different situations. If you really wish to whine about timing issues and people who are out to get the other team, where were you when the cougar fans picked this week to make a giant deal of the "baptism" video even though it was something done a month ago and had zero to do with BYU? I love how you Cougar fans pick and choose what's convenient for yourselves to justify your hatred of all things UofU.

Park City, UT

So last year I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus, only Santa wasn't mommy's hubby. Would you call me classless if I reported what I saw? Maybe by doing so, I saved a marriage, and maybe by this young man getting outed, he can receive some help.. I'm kinda kidding there, because the only ones thinking a kid partying is wrong, is the Y. Anyway, Y fans said the same about Blechen, IF he could stay clean, then there wouldn't be a need to suspend him. Don't try and go back now and say you didn't. I don't agree with the way whoever did this, if fact, I wish they would let the kid play at least just this game. I don't want a black cloud hanging over the U victory on Saturday.

Salt Lake City, UT

People who wonder why this rivalry has turned ugly need look no further than this very newspaper. Cougar fans weren't upset about a video made in August until this week, when the paper told them they should be upset. Now they're doing it again, with this newspaper trying to upset Cougar fans with tales of a photograph. We can't celebrate any good things about a rivalry, because those stories don't sell. Yellow journalism at its finest, on display here.

Holladay, UT

Just like the video of a potential mock baptism, posted over the summer, becomes an issue now during rivalry week. College kids make stupid choices. Always have, always will. If Hadley had not done something wrong (by BYU standards), there would be nothing to photograph. This all detracts from what most likely will be an awesome game. Cougs are favored by 7. I like my Utes underdog role!

Tucson, AZ

The U did the right thing. As a college professor, I see kids cheat all the time and think it's okay as long as they don't get caught. As much as I love BYU, I'd rather they play clean--regardless of where the information came from that led to the suspension of a player.

Enid, OK

I have no problem with the U of U sending the pix to BYU.

They kind of have to, especially since they were told the pix 'might' have involved partying with a booster, an NCAA violation, I'm sure. At that point, if the UofU knew about a violation but didn't do anything about it, the NCAA could possibly come after them as well.

What I DO have a problem with (a huge problem!) is the UofU supporter who sent the pix to Utah.

That is beyond dirty. Coincidence on the timing? Yeah, right....

I hope BYU beats the living tar out of Utah now...the Utes deserve to be beat, and beat badly.

Salt Lake City, UT

If the alligation sent in the email is verified as apparently it was, BYU did the proper thing by their standards and Spencer Hadley knew it would be the result when he engaged in the improper conduct. That says it all for BYU and Hadley.

Does this Mr. Darran Lucy feel good about having revealed this grave error, in time for the rivalry game? Does he think he is on moral high ground now? If he had it for some time it appears his motive wasn't in exposing the error so much as in causing the most harm with it. Why didn't he months ago send it to BYU rather than the U? The moral relativism that he has displayed is pathetic and worthy of disdain. I don't find fault with the U of U in this, just in one individual that does not deserve the label, "Die hard Utah Utes fan"

Utah fan's, hit like if you think he should be kicked out of the "Die Hard Utah Ute fan club".

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

You BYU fans are unbelievable.

If you don't like the fact that Hadley got suspended, why don't you place the blame on HIS shoulders? After all, wasn't HE the one who committed the violation of BYU's team rules and honor code?

Is it really okay as long as you get away with it? You guys look ridiculous falling all over yourselves trying to string up the Ute fan who sent the photo of YOUR GUY breaking a team/university rule.

So if a Utah player got a DUI but didn't get caught by the team, should he remain on the team in light of committing a serious violation?

My guess is the double-standard BYU crowd would say no.

Utes home for the holidays
Sandy, UT

Can you imagine the hysteria on the hill if a byu fan tattled on a ute for doing something legal(although albeit against honor code)?
For a "fan" base that rails so much about the honor code, are they now the enforcers?

The holier than thou self righteous hypocrisy has never been more prevalent than it is in the hill. This has little brother screaming "MOMMY" all over it.

Lifelong Republican
Orem, UT

Just a sad, sad chapter in this rivalry. I'll be so glad to not play Utah for a few years. In fact I'd be happy to never play them again. I think this is the most pathetic incident of them all.

Lifelong Republican
Orem, UT

Anyone ever notice that every time Utah is the underdog something like this happens so that all of the attention is on everything BUT the actual game? Some clown holds on to these pictures until the week of the game them spreads them around on the internet. Truly pathetic.

San Diego
Orem, UT

The issue could have been handled long back when it occurred. To give Utah an advantage by getting him suspended right before their game with BYU is really disgraceful and certainly a worse act than whatever Hadley did. Hopefully such a classless act will motivate the team to whip the Utes badly.

Virginia Beach, Va

Wow this takes it to the gutter.

Cedar City, UT

The timing of all of this is suspect but there is only one person to blame.

Preston, ID

Come on Y fans, who cares how it came out. The honor code is the honor code, if you care more about the game than the young man's integrity that is a shame. Yes people make mistakes, but when you make them at the Y it becomes national news and you let your team and your faith down.

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