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Published: Thursday, Sept. 19 2013 5:35 p.m. MDT

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Taylorsville, ut

It would be nice if the DN would quit with rankings of literally everything using meaningless data and statistical processes.

Mcallen, TX

Schools were about education, teaching, and learning.

Now it's a political game of scores, rankings, and micro-managing.

Is it any wonder why our students are bored, and the economy is declining?

Does our country reflect an educated society?

Do we have honest, and responsible leaders?

Mcallen, TX

* How many times does a person stand behind a mule, and get kicked before standing somewhere else?

* How many times does a person use a bad mechanic before making a change?

* How many times do we go to a bad doctor before finding some one else?

Look at the American lifestyle/economy, and ask yourself if our education system is good? How much money do we spend on all this mess?

When do we, the employer of political leaders,--come up with a score, and boot them out?

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