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Published: Thursday, Sept. 19 2013 10:15 a.m. MDT

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Hyrum, UT

I am not a fan of Putin or the Russian government.
But when I tired to objectively compare both Putin's message to Americans and McCain's response message to Russians, it became obvious Putin was much more civil than McCain. Even Russia's official response to McCain's temper tantrum was much more civil.

Again, I'm not a Putin fan, but I am disappointed in this latest episode between the USA and Russia not being helped whatsoever by McCain.

McCain chose to take the low road in his response to Putin's message and gave no proof or examples whatsoever with his accusations, and thus did absolutely nothing to help the current relations between our two countries.

Showing your opponent he is getting under your skin is a weakness recently unthinkingly shown by both Obama and now McCain.


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Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Senator McCain should be sent home. He is a disgrace to America. He attacked the messenger, not the message. Whatever Putin is, he was civil and he pointed out some of the problems that Obama has brought on America without personally attacking anyone.

Even bad men can make good observations. Putin did that. McCain disgraced himself and this nation by acting like a 2-year-old having a tantrum. Who needs a Senator who acts like a bully? It is none of McCain's business how the Russians select their leaders. It is none of his business whether the Russians allow Putin to stay in office.

McCain, like Obama, has a very thin skin. He takes offense when someone points out something that he doesn't want to hear. Maybe he should re-read Putin's op-ed. Perhaps he should ask himself why the world sees America as a bully. But that might not work. He personally acted the part of a bully. He needs help before he gets us into a war with Russia.


Mr McCain's rant would be valid if spoken to a mirror in front of him --- or any number of our own "leaders".

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

BO made similar rants against the GOP, yet he is worshipped by the press. oh well, we all know how the press feels dem=good, GOP=bad

Salt Lake City, UT

IMO Senator McCain is not the sharpest knife in the senate drawer, nor in many silverware drawers. If I recall, his academic standing at USNA was not top tier.

We have a weird habit of electing men and women who are notable in one area of life to government expecting great things of them. McCain is an example. His time in the Hanoi Hilton was the path to elected office. Had he not been a POW of long duration, and his father a flag officer in the Navy he might not have remained in the public eye for so long.

Bravery and courage in one area, sports, the arts or academia do not necessarily translate to quality and sterling leadership or political sense.

I think he has long passed his time of quality service and should retire, but he will not as the perks and prestige of political office are as powerful an opiate to the ego as alkaloids are to the brain. The same thought goes for the senior senator from Utah.

clearfield, UT

It's time for McCain to retire from the Senate. He should have left public life after the 2008 election.

Bob K
porland, OR

The article appears under "News", not "Opinion", but the headline is clearly a negative opinion. (If it said "skirts diplomacy" or some such, it would be factual)

The last paragraph quotes Glenn Beck, who would not be high on many folks' list of reliable and temperate commentators, and seems to be a way to slip in Beck's desire to impeach the President.

I must say that I personally think that a media outlet owned by a reputable Christian church ought to be more careful about catering to the folks who are not exactly filled with love, as their comments indicate.

DN might lose a bit of popularity with some, particularly some elderly folks living in isolated areas, if they eliminated calling opinion fact.

The church has Jesus in its name -- I think it is a good idea for the DN, its public voice, to pay attention to how He commanded us to treat one another.

Everett, 00

@Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Senator McCain should be sent home. He is a disgrace to America. He attacked the messenger, not the message.


Nothing new here folks, move along.
Senator McCain is pushing the same agenda he always has.

Speaking of disgrace to America - as the Republican nominee, didn't you vote for him for the most powerful position in America a few years ago?

Genola, UT

Well, John, it looks like America is not so exceptional after all.

Ivins, UT


There was not much to choose from in that election. Mc Cain's days are over. He has made his statement and served the armed forces well, making great sacrifices for us all. Now, he should rest his case and retire. Maybe look after grand kids, or go fishing.

Putin is pure trouble in the long term for America and the middle east, watch and see.

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