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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 18 2013 5:45 p.m. MDT

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Captain Golgafrinchan
Pangea, UT

I remember the days when my Ute friends were always good for a free dozen doughnuts from a rivalry wager. It took them a few years to lose enough faith that they wouldn't put any on the line anymore. Still to this day they won't (except one Urban year) put the doughnut where their mouth is. I think I'll buy some for them after this weekend, just to console their flagging spirits.

Ogden, UT

@Cougfanin TX

Virginia isn't the bottom dweller of the ACC? Huh? Explain. They haven't even played a conference game yet. How would you know? They are ranked in the bottom twenty on both sides of the ball.

Oh! BYU is predicted to win? They'll win for sure! Kinda like last year, and the year before. Truth is BYU is almost always a favorite in this game. And they almost always lose it. Blame it on QB, coaching, turnovers what have you. Whitt gets his boys up for this game. Mendenhall, not so much.

Prediction #1 Utah will score a TD or Safety off a BYU high snap. C'mon it's tradition.

Prediction #2 Utah seniors undefeated vs BYU! Not too worried. Taysom can't throw, luckily for us, and our defense does exceptionally well at stopping the run.


Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


So you have lost 3 dozen the last three years; ouch! It's a good think you didn't bet the farm, you would be homeless!

Phoenix, AZ

From some of the Ute fans who have posted this week on the numerous articles, you'd think that BYU is going to be so overmatched and so out performed that the Utes don't even need to prep at all. In fact, all the Utes can spend their time this week dunking each other in cold water for laughs.

BC CougFan
Brigham City, UT

Bleed Crimson,

I dont know why people keep saying that Georgia Tech is such a bad team. I believe they are actually doing pretty well this year. In fact if you were to do some research you would see that they are consistantly receiving votes in the ap poll for the top 25. Seems to me they must be pretty good.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Keeping your starters in the whole game against such horrible competition [Oregon State] is how you really pad stats.


Then you would also agree that it's also how you "pad wins" (1984, 2011, 2012).


As we all know expert opinions are worthless because of the high emotions in this game it is really impossible to predict. There are a lot of story lines with two good quarterbacks, one QB better at passing, both having weak corners (BYU's corners are 3rd string at best, with the first four being out), both teams have a good run defense. I think the difference will be the pressure on Trevor from BYU's defense, but if Trevor gets time to pass it could just as easily be BYU's weak pass defense, as I said impossible to predict.

The one thing I can predict is it will be fun to watch, Go Cougars!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Hyrum, UT

@ Uteology:

One more thing you forget to mention involving the current Sagarin Rankings...
Texas (43) is still ranked better than Utah (47). I would think you would consequently feel that Texas must be pretty good. BYU (33) is ranked better than either.




Week 1: Texas AP #15
Week 2: Texas Sagarin #24
Week 3: Texas Sagarin #44
Week 4: vs Kansas State (they also lost to a D2 team).

I'm sure you are hoping they don't lose to Kansas State.

As far as BYU, you haven't played a real rush defense yet:

Utah #28
Virgina #120
Texas #126

I hope Hill's learned how to throw during the bye week.


Hyrum, UT

@ Spokane Ute:

I agree. Not all Utah fans are trolls. But there are a few that have earned the title with excessive obnoxiousness. You haven't been doing that. Sorry for the personal inference..

As far as whether the Virginia game will be meaningful as to qualifying for a bowl. It may, or it may not. Way too early to decide that.
And as far as rankings go, that Virginia game must not have been too meaningful, since BYU is still currently ranked higher than the Utes in most polls and rankings. Pundits saw the game for what it was... a first game of the season played under horrific conditions that BYU should've won had not coach Anae made a dumb call at the end of the game that led to that interception.

Personally, I think more emphasis should be put on how a team plays in their most recent games... since things do truly evolve one way or the other for most teams throughout the season. And I absolutely love how BYU responded in their last game. It even quieted Chris for a few days.

You have a good day too, Spokane.

Hyrum, UT

@ Uteology:

Doesn't change the fact that BYU (and yes, even Texas) are still currently ranked overall higher than Utah in the polls... regardless of whether you think things are overrated or not. It's a fact. Try spinning things with side issues all you want... but it's still a fact. Live with it.

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

@ CougFaninTX

"are calling GT a cupcake? This is the team that pummeled USC to finish off last season. They are 2 - 0 and looking better this year than last year"

Yep! Please explain how the Yellow Jackets lost to Middle Tennessee and BYU at home last year? Beating USC last year didn't prove anything. The Trojans lost Matt Barkley with an injury in the UCLA game. Their offense suffered ever since. Their performance in the bowl game looks a lot like how they're playing this year. USC is not good without Barkley!

"Houston is 2-0 and in 1st place in their conference and looking a lot better than Oregon St, Washington St, or Colorado"

Houston beat Southern and Temple in their first two games. Oregon State, Colorado, and Washington State could beat those cupcakes.

"Virginia is not a bottom dweller in the ACC - U may want to check the standings. Stick with the facts"

My mistake, Virginia finished second to last in their conference. Which means, BYU fans can no longer call Utah a Pac-12 bottom dweller because the Utes have never finished last in the Pac-12 since joining the conference.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Hyrum, UT

@ Uteology:

Doesn't change the fact that BYU (and yes, even Texas) are still currently ranked overall higher than Utah in the polls... regardless of whether you think things are overrated or not. It's a fact. Try spinning things with side issues all you want... but it's still a fact. Live with it.


It's not a fact, it's just one opinion that a 1-1 Texas and 1-1 BYU are better than a 2-1 Utah team. Are you saying 1-1 Virginia is better than 2-1 Oregon State? That was the question, please give us your opinion.

If you search "College Football Rankings Composite" you will find more opinions (aka polls). There you'll find the following average rankings:

#30 Utah State
#32 BYU
#39 Oregon State
#41 Utah
#51 Texas
#66 Virginia

So BYU is ranked just below a team we already beat.

And BYU is 1-1 against two teams that are horrible, as defined by BYU fans.

Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

When Chris B's self imposed moratorium kicks in Saturday night watch for him to resurface under a new name. Maybe "Darren B"" or "B Lucy" or something similar.

Hyrum, UT

@ Uteology:

Your own latest poll shows that BYU is still ranked better than the team that beat you... last week, and at home!

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