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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 18 2013 11:35 a.m. MDT

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Don't Feed the Trolls
Salt Lake City, UT


Las Vegas, NV

- Hoping byU wins six to qualify for the Kraft whatever bowl


How did the Utes do in their bowl game last year?

Fashion Police
Olympus Cove, Utah


Stop expecting everybody to accept your particular interpretation and post the entire video to the internet; then each of us can judge whether we're personally offended by a mock baptism performed, recorded and posted to the internet by Utah football players.

Las Vegas, NV

Don't Feed the Trolls:

Utah did have a one year anomaly. But in the nine straight years before that, Utah went 8-1 in their bowl games including a Fiesta Bowl Championship and a Sugar Bowl Championship against Alabama - just in case you were curious about that too. How did byU do during that period?

Reno Cougs Fan 68:

"How many times have you posted on other teams articles in their main newspaper, or fan blog, or anything else not related to BYU?"

Asks the byU fan posting on a Utah article.

Oh the irony!! But I still like you.

Go Utes!

Las Vegas, NV

Fashion Police:

Read my prior post:

"I personally don't have a cached copy of the video because I never thought anybody would think anything of it because of the fact it IS so innocuous. But even if I did, why would I care about how people "judged" it? You have done that already."

Asked and answered.

Go Utes! On to victory Saturday and to denying KVN his "Super Bowl" victory yet AGAIN!

medford, OR

Okay, I am fine with kids doing stupid things and that is what this is. But innocently? I don't recall ever having to hide my identity when I did something"innocently". So Whit, don't insult my intelligence. Just tell it for what it is. They were making fun and they are dumb college kids. Not sure there are any college kids that didn't do something stupid.

Christian 24-7
Murray, UT

Isn't there a guy in jail in California for posting a religiously offensive video? The US Federal Government put him there. Hmmm. So how innocent is it?

I have never picked a side in this stupid rivalry, but after hearing the lamest excuses for stupid offensive behavior from the Utah coach and fans, I hope the Y wins by a ton, while I am watching the ReAL game!

Go all blue, USU and BYU!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Christian 24-7
Murray, UT

Isn't there a guy in jail in California for posting a religiously offensive video? The US Federal Government put him there. Hmmm. So how innocent is it?


Nope. The government did not, he did it to himself. He had a criminal record and he broke the terms of his probation.

"Nakoula was ordered to jail without bail...with the judge citing probation violations."

Like the Danish Cartoons this isn't a controversy, move on.

Orem, UT

I honestly believe these two incidents highlights the difference between BYU and any other college. At BYU, the honor code is the honor code. If a BYU player was photographed in this manner, he would be at least suspended for a game. At Utah or most any other college really, the coach could care less and probably shared a laugh with the players.

I'm not blaming Whit, but he is part of the reason why anti-Mormon stuff is so acceptable. If this were remotely about Jewish rite, or a mocking of the Catholics, then the National media as well as the local guys, would be in a frenzie...but once again anti-Mormon postings are waved off as "boys being boys."

I wonder how President Monson feels about his alma mater now?

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

"I'm just shocked that the LDS players for the utes are ok with this. It is total mockery and disrespect. We all know what the non-LDS and mormon haters think, but for the LDS players it that play there is just dissapointing. It is too bad to see that the utes are going away from their roots and falling into the way of the world. Come on guys, where's the respect."

He was being baptized in the name of "LGI" or "Lets get it". It's a motto used heavily around the U football team. And this video was made right in the middle of fall camp. These kids were clearly just messing around in a cold tub and were excited to start playing for real. People who are offended by this are so, because they are trying to be offended. Complete non-story.

Las Vegas, NV


"I wonder how President Monson feels about his alma mater now?"

I'm sure he has lost no sleep over it and has REAL issues to deal with. I highly doubt he will stop singing "Utah Man" anytime soon.

"A Utah man sir and will be 'til I die"

Go Utes!!

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


Yes, I saw the video. I saw nothing offensive at all. I saw a player being lowered into what we are told by those who were there was ice cold water taking a dare to immerse himself in the water. Then the player's reactions to that. I saw no attempt to mock anything sacred or special. It certainly was a stupid stunt, given the affect ice cold water can have on the brain, but I saw nothing that indicated something disrespectful was intended towards BYU or any religion. The press and BYU fans haved revealed their thin skin by making up something to take offense at.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Two For Flinching,

Really?! Tell me what in this video is offensive? The way Blechen is standing with his arms folded across his chest is the same way they have you stand in team building exercises as you fall backwards trusting the others in your group will catch you. So are those team building exercises simulating baptisms? Get over it BYU fans. You didn't really find anything and your continued attempts to make something out of nothing are only being believed and fueled by the press. The press love controversy and we are all feeding their hunger for it.

Spider Rico
Greeley, CO

From a big time BYU fan for decades and a BYU alum I plead with everybody on this board to talk with a neighbor who is of the other team's fan based and do so with respect. Become friends, get over the rivalry. Look past it. It's a football game! We are all the same deep down. This isn't a way to live. Please. To borrow from MLK - I have a dream that someday a man will not be judged by the color of his team's mascot, but by his character. It is sad that a rivalry between Universities can cause such hurt, division, and anger between people that really should be good friends. I have many friends and family that are red. To all those fans that can't get past it on both sides I plead with you to stop the hatred.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

There can be little doubt about what was intend. I am very disappointed in the coach's attitude and comments. Apparently his time in Utah has changed him quite bit. He did not apologize as he should have and he certainly should have taken some disciplinary action toward the players involved. He should have named all the players that participated. I found this shocking and totally uncalled for. I'm not surprised that the players would do something like this, after all they are enrolled at Utah, but things have slipped a lot in the administration of that university to allow this to pass without corrective action. We've lowered the standards once again.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Mormon Ute

Um, this is awkward. Give my post another read and try again.

West Jordan, Utah

I saw the youtube video. I don't see it as a big deal. People are all too often looking to get offended. As a Ute fan I think it's not funny but so what. If anything it hurts Utah having to be slightly distracted in preparation for the rivalry game. With the bye week, BYU has had more time to prepare and maybe this adds a little motivation on top of what is already there.

The Utah fan exposing Hadley was the far more low blow. There are always fans who do insane things. Will Hadley be missed? I guess we will see. The honor code is what it is and players/students at BYU sign on. Speculating on the booster part of the story is the bigger concern for BYU, just not in this game.

Santa Monica, CA

I'm a guy who's not crazy about BYU and I really don't like religion all that much---but you know who I'm starting to like even less? Brian Blechen. His immaturity is becoming legendary. Grow up.

Lincoln City, OR

And this is why my favorite school is any of them that are not called the University of Utah... And my favorite team will always be who ever is playing utah regardless of the sport...

Lack of class is an understatement.

Lincoln City, OR

I wonder if it's too late for Max to retract his apology...

If I were a Utah citizen I would actively protest any of my money going to that University.

Lincoln City, OR

I can not even imagine KW being considered for the Head Coaching Job at BYU... Those who conducted the search need to be removed from the selection committee...

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