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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 18 2013 11:35 a.m. MDT

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Layton, UT

Guaranteed, every year as soon as byu loses it's first game the only thing it's "fans" have left is to bag on Utah.

Las Vegas, NV

If any of you Utah haters had actually seen the entire video rather than the 12 second cougar edited joke that was posted, you would KNOW that this whole thing had nothing to do with any religion or the mockery thereof. But, when has reality or truth ever deterred the byU "fan" (Utah hater) from forming an opinion to further their own righteous indignation? Just a sad and desperate attempt to take the attention away from the byU problem plaguing their own campus!! Sad that this character assassination comes at the cost of some very good kids.

The thought that occurs to me the most while reading these hate filled posts from byU "fan" is this: What do these posts represent - Honor or Spirit? I guess Spirit Honor and Tradition is just another byU slogan that is printed and chanted, but not lived!

Go Utes! Onward and Upward!!

Gilbert, AZ

Guess we hit a never with ekute - when U can see that you've clearly lost the argument, change the subject.

Love the latest "Blood Runs Blue" comic depicting the Ute response to Videogate - classic rebuttal.

Las Vegas, NV

snack WAC:

Utah's "program" did not create or post the video either. It was a bunch of kids who were doing something that involved no particular religion and no malice towards ANY religion. It was, however, edited into a 12 second video that does not show what the whole process was about. byU "fans" are choosing to be upset about it. Why? My guess is because if you can't beat a team on the field, the best thing to do is find something -- ANYTHING -- to displace your anger with your won team.S

My advice to you is not worry about what those kids were doing months ago, but to worry about the damage that Hadley has done to your team and your program. Isn't what this whole video is about anyway, classic byU deflection?

If Utah was looking forward towards UCLA, even in the slightest, this whole misplaced anger by byU "fan" has surely got them 100%+ focused on byU. Lights out early and often at LES this week. byU "fan" will be leaving for the parking lot by third quarter AGAIN!!

Go Utes! 44-21.

Anaheim, CA


The only "joke" here is Utah fans trying to blame BYU fans for Utah's embarrassing video.

Las Vegas, NV

It will be great and fun to watch this weekend as Utah gives KVN his fourth and final loss in his "Super Bowl".

After the Utah victory on Saturday, byU "fan" can go back to:

- Making up excuses to why Utah didn't really win the game
- Calling for the firing of Bronco and/or Anae
- Making up other deflection stories about Utah
- Looking forward to Mid Tn St and Idaho St
- Hoping byU wins six to qualify for the Kraft whatever bowl
- Looking forward to another WAC schedule for 2014

Go Utes!! Onward and Upward above the byU "fan" minutia!!

Las Vegas, NV

@ Troy Town:

Thanks for proving my point: "when has reality or truth ever deterred the byU "fan" (Utah hater) from forming an opinion to further their own righteous indignation?"

Go Utes! Onward and Upward above the byU "fan" minutia!!

Salt Lake City, Utah


Talk about distorting the truth... there's been very little, if any, "righteous indignation" from BYU fans. In fact, the vast majority of comments from BYU fans have simply been rebuttals to the Utah fan narrative that BYU fans are somehow responsible for the Utes embarassing themselves.

Las Vegas, NV

Draper, UT

"Can we actually look at this objectively?" Yes. The video you saw was a 12 second edit of a longer video. You cannot possibly be objective only seeing the 12 seconds. But,

1) Not technically an "ice" pool, but temperatures in the 40s - 50s. The water takes his breath away as he is going under. Another player is shivering in the water.
2) Do you know for sure he was "hiding his face"? How many times do you see football players with towels over their heads? Every week at every football game. Hiding was an assumption and speculation on your part. The player's name is Radley, ask him if he was "hiding".
3) Show the video, within it's context, to ten different people. Showing a picture, taken way out of context, is not a way of being "objective".
4) How do you know who posted the edited version? This was originally posted in August before Utah even played a game. Are you "objectively" saying this edited video just happened to show up in the media the week of Holy War?

Go Utes!!

2 bit
Cottonwood Heights, UT

RE: "Stop blaming BYU fans for simply reacting to it" (Snack Pac)

I'm not BLAMING anybody for it. That's my whole point. Blaming and judging are not my job.

It's not my place to judge them (the kids in the video, Utah fans in general, BYU, you name it). But there is a LOT of judging and hate being displayed here. That's the angle of the rivalry I don't like (especially from LDS people who worship the God who said "judge not" and "turn the other cheek").

If you will remember to judge not, and only cast your stone when YOU are perfect... then go for it.

And no... The Utes being to blame for it does not justify reacting the way many are reacting (the hate that's coming out, the judging, the anger, the contention). I think we could all do without it.

It doesn't matter what they were doing or why they were doing it (to me). I'm not perfect yet... so I can't judge them, hate them, or sow contention, and rationalize it saying, "I'm just reacting to what THEY did".

west jordan, ut

Oh people, get over it. I see nothing offensive about this at all. It happened before the season even started. It was a dare, how can that be offensive. People will just interpret what they want to just to find a reason to blow things out of proportion. Kyle Whittingham is still one of my favorite defensive players of all tme. What he stated satifies my curiosity. GO BYU.

Las Vegas, NV


Oh really?

“Yes this is a religious slam, offensive to every Christian who values their baptism. It is in poor taste, inappropriate, and the coach is wrong to pretend it is otherwise.”

“Which is more egregious:
Getting in a fight or insulting an entire class of people?”

“I'm just shocked that the LDS players for the utes are ok with this. It is total mockery and disrespect. We all know what the non-LDS and mormon haters think, but for the LDS players it that play there is just dissapointing. It is too bad to see that the utes are going away from their roots and falling into the way of the world.”

“producing and posting a video mocking a sacred religious ceremony”

“Shame on other LDS Utah fans who place their hatred and contempt for anything BYU above standing up for what is right - even sacred rites of their own religion.”

“For a person like I assumed you were, your comments are very dissapointing.”

Tell me again there is no righteous indignation!

Go Utes! Onward and Upward above byU minutia!

Salt Lake City, Utah


IF the un-edited, "non-offensive" video was really so innocuous, why was it deleted from YouTube or InstaGram or wherever it was originally posted, and why did Kyle feel the need to make a statement that it was "poor judgment" and "we have addressed this issue with our players"?

What issue? If this was just some harmless horsing around.
What poor judgement? If this was just a silly video.

Obviously, even the un-edited video raised so many concerns that it was immediately deleted as soon as the public was made aware of it.

IF, as you say, the full version wasn't offensive, then repost it and let everyone judge for themselves. Otherwise, just admit that the Utes are entirely responsible for this whole embarrassing fiasco and move on.

Stop trying to blame BYU fans for embarrassing U. You embarrassing yourselves.

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV


In case you have not noticed but the WAC is dead and gone so how can BYU have a WAC schedule in 2014?
Care to remind us how many conference titles did Utah have while a member of the WAC?
If you will look at Utah's schedule for next year you will see that the Utes have Idaho State on the schedule! Did BYU get replaced with another former WAC team?
Remind us again how many times the MUSS stormed the field last year of the team you no longer have a rivalry with?
How many times have you posted on other teams articles in their main newspaper, or fan blog, or anything else not related to BYU?
I am LDS and a huge BYU fan!!! I am not offended by the video this stuff comes out on both sides before the games between our two schools!!! Hoping for a good clean hard fought game from both sides with no one getting hurt including the fans!!!
Go Cougs!!!
Go Aggies beat USC!!!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Mocking a religion?

Like the Danish Cartoons controversy?

SomewhereIn, UT

...embarrassed to admit that I attended the U...and cheered for them and even went so far as to join in with the BYU-haters...

...oh, the errors of our youth

Go Cougars!

Salt Lake City, Utah


Simply acknowledging what the vidoe portrays doesn't prove that the individual was personnally offended.

When are you going to post the entire video so fans can judge for themselves whether it was really as innocuous as you claim?

While you're out there on the web, take a peak at the Blood Runs Blue comic.


Las Vegas, NV

Reno Cougs Fan 68:

I never said we didn't have a rivalry with byU. I also never said that this game is our Super Bowl like KVN did. So, not sure your point there.

The WAC doesn't have to still be in existance for byU to go back to a WAC schedule, it was for making a point. byU has one semi-big-boy schedule this year, them back to bottom half of SOS again in 2014. byU was moved out for Michigan, BTW.

Why do you have to go back decades to try to make a point? We are here now - 2013. Utah is 3-0 in the last 3 games, 7-3 at Provo in that last twenty years.

"How many times have you posted on other teams articles in their main newspaper, or fan blog, or anything else not related to BYU?" I don't post on articles that don't deal directly with Utah. Nice try.

"Hoping for a good clean hard fought game from both sides with no one getting hurt including the fans!" - Amen and ditto.

Go Utes!
Go Aggies beat USC!!!

Las Vegas, NV


No rebuttal on the "righteous indignation" claim?

"Simply acknowledging what the vidoe portrays doesn't prove that the individual was personnally offended."

Choosing to interpret the video how you choose doesn't give anybody the right to determine how all Christians should feel or the right to judge. If you choose to be offended by your interpretation and you judge the people involved and the entire University, that is on you. I highly doubt that questioning the moral integrity of such religious people as Kyle Whittingham and Jake Murphy falls under the teachings of the church or of byU.

"When are you going to post the entire video so fans can judge for themselves whether it was really as innocuous as you claim?"

I personally don't have a cached copy of the video because I never thought anybody would think anything of it because of the fact it IS so innocuous. But even if I did, why would I care about how people "judged" it? You have done that already.

"take a peak at the Blood Runs Blue comic"

Why? So that I can show righteous indignation too? No thanks, too much of that already!

Go Utes!!

AZ Ute
Scottsdale, AZ

Not an LDS baptism without a prayer invoking the priesthood. And I don't know in what church baptizers cover their heads with a towel. How do you know the difference between fully immersed and drowning?!

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