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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 18 2013 11:35 a.m. MDT

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Cottonwood Heights, UT


"Cougars blamed for embarassing video embarassing the Utes."

First of all that has nothing to do with the comment I made. Secondly, Ute fans don't care about how the video came to be in the spotlight, we simply care how ridiculous it is that BYU fans think it has anything to do with them.

Apparently I missed the part of the video where the players said, "yeah, take that BYU!" Obviously the Utah players would have realized it could equally offend half of their own team if this was a blatant attempt to mock BYU or the LDS church.

You guys that are offended and take this as a Utah/BYU thing are quite obviously just looking for anything you can to be upset about. If you need it that badly, run with it. But don't cry when you get the "persecution complex" comments in return.

Enid, OK

A dare to see if they would go all the way under the water in the "ice tub"?

I didn't see any "ice" in the picture.

No offense may have been meant, but's it's still tacky, tacky, tacky.....

Centerville, UT

People who are always offended offend me.

Hyrum, UT

@ Mormon Ute:

When the video was made is irrelevant. It was just shown and made public in the news within the last day or so.
I can't see how anyone could keep a straight face when saying they can't tell whether the players were simulating a baptism or not. Obvious is obvious.
There is a reason one of the key people involved covered his face. It wasn't because he was cold or proud of what he was doing.
If the video didn't intend anything at all, then why was it ever posted on You-Tube.
And if the video wasn't offensive, then why did Whittingham feel the need to make an apology statement in behalf of his players?

And lastly... quit trying to make this a BYU football fan thing just to appease yourself in apparent defense of Ute football players who happened to have made the video. Many of those apparently offended are religious people who could care less about football, but do about religious rituals. Show some respect.

Mount Pleasant, UT

Do they not have anything better to do with their time and energy? I am so thankful I do not have children being raised in this generation. I definitely worry about our grandchildren and great-grandchildren..what will it be like when they become of age? It's a terrifying thought.

Sports Are Great
Salt Lake City, UT

2 bits - Those Mormon missionaries were sent home, so if you're trying to compare the two then obviously you think this situation is also very serious?

And no, the boys throwing bombs are not on missions right now. Wrong again.

Sports Are Great
Salt Lake City, UT


If byu fans shouldn't think the players meant it as in a way directed to byu then likewise Utah fans/players shouldn't get bothered when Bronco or others bring religion into football and life, as it clearly then obviously reflect on all the Mormon Utes also, right? Surely you wouldn't be hypocritical? A lot of self righteousness on the hill these days.

Salt Lake City, UT

No offense taken here, but WOW to poster boy Jake Murphy's Twitter, saying " . . .it was a dare to see if the player would go all the way under the water in the ice tub." I am so surprised and frankly disappointed that he justified this "dare".

I guess this means the captain would also condone anything else that takes place on a "dare" on campus such as hazing, unethical, or illegal activities. WOW

Sandy, UT


"Ute Haters" are only using this as an excuse to make the Utes look bad or another reason to hate them"

I'm a Utah fan and alum and, frankly, it's embarrassing to see fellow Utah fans, especially those who are LDS, blindly defending this video and pretending that it is anything other than a mock baptism.

Ute apologists just don't get it.

The Utes made themselves look bad!

The Utes made the video.
The Utes posted the video.
The Utes were embarrassed by the video.
The Utes made a statement that the "issue" had been "addressed".
The Utes deleted the video from YouTube.

And the Utes are are burying their heads in the sand and pretending that it's BYU's fault that the Utes embarrassed themselves by creating a video that obviously mocks a rite that is sacred to others.

Enough excuses. It's time for Whittingham to step up and take responsibility and hold those players who were responsible accountable for their actions. At the very least they should be expected to make a public apology.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

No offense taken.

I realize it's just another classless move by a little brother.

Sandy, UT

2 bits

Nice dodge, but this isn't an LDS kids are perfect and non-LDS kids aren't discussion.

This is about personal accountability and Kyle Whittingham refusing to hold his players accountable for making and posting an obviously offensive video.

According to your juvenile view of the world, since nobody is perfect, nobody should be held accountable for anything.

By "giving this story a rest", what you're really suggesting is sweeping the story under the rug and pretending that it never happened.

Lincoln Park, IL

Theme of the day:

Utah fans mock BYU for disciplining a player for breaking BYU's Honor Code, the complain when BYU fans suggest that Utah should hold its own players accountable for creating and posting a video that mocks a sacred religious sacrament.


Veritas Aequitas,

Strong character to suspend a player...? Even stronger character to suspend a player that is injured after doing absolutely nothing wrong. Dont be silly.



Actual theme of the day:
People looking for a reason to be offended, get over yourself if you are offended.

Bountiful, UT

A previous comment about the Utah's core values got me thinking. Um...what exactly is the problem with the University of Utah's core values? Honesty, that's a good thing to strive for. Treat women with respect, something all men should strive for, especially college age men. No stealing, that's a commandment. No drugs and no DUI's. What is wrong with that? I think all of these values are (good ones). Consider for a moment that most of these players are over 21 and are not LDS. At least the University is trying to protect others from the potentially harmful affects of drinking, i.e. drinking and driving. If they want to drink alcohol that is their right, unless we want to change our beliefs about free agency. Yes, I am LDS and a die hard Utah football fan. I am disappointed in this content of this video but do not believe it was directed at any one group or religion. In fact I don't think it was directed towards anyone. Just a bunch of guys acting stupid in an ice pool.

Draper, UT

Can we actually look at this objectively?

1) This is not an ice pool (or at least it's highly doubtful). I have been in quite a few ice pools, and, as a previous post mentioned, ice pools do not produce foam. So Whit's and Jake's explanations don't hold much "water".
2) If this is an innocent dare, why is one of them hiding his face with a towel?
3) There is no denying what this looks like. Seriously, if you have any doubt, show the picture, without any context, to ten different people and tell me what they think it looks like.
4) This was not posted by a BYU fan. It was posted by someone from the U (why did they take it down and why did Whit say it was poor judgment if it was just a simple dare?)

Draper, UT


I'm actually not upset about the incident. Stupid things happen in locker rooms all the time (I saw stupid things in BYU's locker room). The upsetting part is "Coach" Whittingham's response. Would it have been so hard to say that his players did something insensitive, that he has talked to them and they understand why their actions were inappropriate? You've heard of helicopter parents who won't let their kids face the consequences of life? He's a helicopter coach.

Syracuse, UT

@ ND95CA:

"Utah fans mock BYU for disciplining a player for breaking BYU's Honor Code, the complain when BYU fans suggest that Utah should hold its own players accountable for creating and posting a video that mocks a sacred religious sacrament."

I only saw one classless Ute fan post on the Hadley article yesterday. All other posts were classy. I went back and read the comments posted when Blechen was suspended and there were many classless comments coming from BYU fans.

I wish the video hadn't happened just like I'm sure we all wish Hadley hadn't violated the Honor Code at BYU. We can watch the video and make assumptions and also read the BYU blog from the day prior to the Hadley suspension and make assumptions, but we don't know the true facts to either situation. If the information is true for both young men then there will be no question which incident will be the focal point. It certainly won't be a couple of young men horsing around at the practice facility.

Utah is a state university and BYU is a religious university, their rules of conduct are very different.


Love skiing
Salt Lake City, UT

Religion have rotted the brains of the offended. Get help now. Who made you judge and jury of others?


To UtahUte91: Thank you for your honesty which for 99% of the time was lacking here by UU fans.

To other uu fans: I'm not offended. I found much humor in reading the responses that tried to downplay the situation. Coach w didn't do a sincere job in his response either. Keep it up, LOL.

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